Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ready for Summer

The bathroom is now 90% repainted. I bought the stuff for it before hubby left for Lake Charles, but I put it off until about five o'clock yesterday. I worked on the wip for a while, cooked supper, then decided to go ahead and do a coat over everything. The walls are half fake-tile, half paneling - good grief, gotta love the 70s. I painted the paneling stark white, and bought this vinyl wall paper that you can paint to go over the lower half of the walls. I plan to paint it once I get it up on the walls, but I haven't chosen what color yet. Probably that "ghost white" color, which is a very faint powder blue. Or an antique white. The border trim I bought has a beach scene with an old saltbox style cottage and a lighthouse. Lots of pale colors in the border, light blues and mauve, etc. I typically don't go for wall border, but there is such a blatant seam on the wall where the tile and paneling meet, it needs something there.

I talked to hubby on the phone a bit this morning and he asked how much I'd written today. Well...I painted rather than wrote today. He threatened to come home and glue my rump to the desk chair. :P He's right of course. I should be writing. So, after I got off the phone with him, I left the paint to dry and did a bit of plotting. Once Mini goes for his nap, I'll write for a bit.

If you haven't checked the Midnight Moon Cafe today, I'm giving away a random book from the gift vault. All you have to do is post in the thread there to be entered to win.

That's about it for me today. Wow, such a gorgeous sunny day. I think after Mini wakes up we'll have to go play in the yard for a bit. Darn, but I wish now I'd bought that turtle sand box. *_* I would be a perfect day for building sand castles. I tell ya, I see these sunny days and I'm itching for summer to get here!

Happy hump day, everyone!


  1. Hey Cora,

    I left a message in response to your message on my blog!

    Post a picture of your dress and such! It should work with HTML coding! If you have any trouble let me know. THANKS!

  2. That's good that Hubby stays on you about your writing. At least he's showing that he cares enough to anyway. Too sweet;o)


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