Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mother Nature

Hubby is home from Mississippi. He'll be here for the weekend then he's off to work somewhere around Lake Charles. To celebrate his homecoming, we're having gumbo tonight and plan to rot our brains with movies. Sounds like a good plan to me.

It's been an adventurous week, to say the least. I got my test results back from my biopsy, and I am in the clear - yay! And then I discovered one of my ebooks was being pirated over at a forum with many, many other ebooks listed. I've since had mine taken down, and have contacted as many people as I know and recognize so they can hopefully get their works taken down. The administrators of that forum know those books are illegal, yet they are willfully allowing it to go on. Karma, folks. That's all I'm going to say on that front.

I started tinkering around with another story idea late last night. I did a fifteen minutes" on it then tucked it away. That idea is lingering with me though. Maybe that one will be my new project. We will see.

That's about it for me today, folks. I think I'm gonna going hop around on Neopets for a while.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Yay! on the biopsy. I'll bet that's a huge weight off your mind.

    Cuddle up with hubby and have a stress-free evening (as much as is possible with two rug rats running around ;) )

  2. Oh good news on the biopsy! YAY!

    Have fun with the hubby. :) A movie night sounds awesome.

  3. YaY for your biopsy results!

    I'm wondering what type of film will rot the mind? I think we all have our personal opinions as to which films will do so...but I'm wonder...what's yours?

    one of mine is anything steven segal.


  4. ok, I'm so lam, I'm completely lost over at neo sad is that?

    I didn't know about the biopsy, but I'm so glad you're in the clear. I had to have one once, it's a very surreal experience.

    And yay for hubby coming home. My guy comes home next week...just in time for me to leave for RT. Now I don't want to go. :(

  5. Good to hear that the biopsy is clear. :) Also, that pirated place sounds terrible. I hope they're closed down soon.

    Oh, and yay on the new idea! :D

  6. Thanks, Leah! LOL, we had a gumbo night and it was relaxing even with the rug rats. I think hubby is just happy to be home. ^_^

  7. Isabelle, it was a good evening. We watched Sweeney Todd and Walk Hard - now there's a mind rotting movie to add to my "never again" list. LOL!

  8. Thanks, Jenji!

    Hm...mind rotting film list. Steven Segal will do it, but I gotta tell you, anything like Dumb and Dumber or Walk Hard, which hubby rented last night, is so potently mind rotting I feel brain cells dying when I'm watching it. Srsly. :P

  9. Sam, send me a email or a message on facebook and I'll help you out with neopets! I sent you some things to get you started, but it reverted back to me when you didn't pick them up.

    As for RT, you're going to have a blast! I hope you haven't changed your mind about going. I'm sure you and Ms. K will be into all sorts of fun things over there. If you come home with a tattoo or anything - lol - you better post pictures!^_^

  10. Thanks, Yolanda!

    I'm still working on the piracy thing. I've informed as many writers who are on there as I can. There are so many. Hopefully our publisher can get them shut down.


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