Friday, April 18, 2008

A Friday Night Post

It's been a good day, a long day, and somehow, although I intended to blog early on, it kept getting pushed back on the "to-do" list until now.

I got up this morning at 6 to take Oldest to catch his field trip bus. He and his class took a drive to a plantation in Lafayette and apparently had a grand ol' time. We're going to go through his pictures tonight and see if he got any good shots. When I got my new cam for Christmas, I gave him my old "new" one, and he's still learning to use it.

Tomorrow after work, Hubby is coming home to spend the night. I'm ready to see him, and Mini has been asking for him repeatedly. I hate these long separations, but what can you do? Everything has gone smoothly, but it is a bit lonely at times, even with Mini home with me. I love him to pieces, but I can only listen to someone chatter about monster trucks for so long before my eyes glaze over. LOL!

I'm gonna stay up tonight and work a bit on my wip. I'd like to add another 2k if I can swing it.

Anyway, that's it for me today. I'm going to go check on my Neopets then put some jambalaya on for supper. I hope you all have a terrific Friday and a fun, relaxing weekend. ^_^


  1. LMAO about your saying at the end - I SO have to remember that one.

    And enjoy having hubby home for the weekend. My husband used to travel a lot too, and it was so nice to welcome him home, even for just a few days. So I totally understand how you're feeling.

  2. oh, that's a good one.


  3. Hope you've a had a wonderful weekend Cora!!! I bet hubby was glad to be home;o)


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