Friday, April 04, 2008

Fiddle De De

The lights are on! *dance, dance* We've been without power here since about 9:30 this morning. I got up to do the bills and zip - out go the lights.

I went to the door to see if the lights on in the neighbor's window, and the minute I open it, the wind just about jerks it out of my hand. A storm has blown in, and I'm talking violent, gusting winds out there. As I'm standing there looking across the yard, dark clouds continue to roll in and the wind is kicking up all kinds of stuff - dust and pollen pods. It's so strong the fallen petals from the neighbor's dogwood tree spiral off the ground like dust devils. I stand there watching them a minute and thinking "mini tornados", when all the sudden the tin roof of the neighbor's car shed rips off. *_* Uh, yeah, time to come back inside and shut the door.

Mom had just left my house to go pay bills on her end of town, but two seconds later she pulls back into the driveway. Trees have fallen and blocked off the northern end of our road. It's pouring rain by this point, so she comes back in and we sit in the dark, waiting out the brunt of it.

When the rain settles some, Mini and I decide to ride with my mom to town rather than go it on our own. The lights are still out when we leave the house, so it's definitely no hard going there. We go all the rounds: bank, post office, etc., and top it all off with a trip to Panda's for a bite to eat. I hit the shrimp and mushrooms, and Mini scarfs down peeled pears, fried potatoes, broccoli, and teriyaki noodles. All this while Mom sits there with her humble egg roll. LOL!

We had a good time, but I'll admit it's great to be home - with lights! Oldest will be here in an hour, and I'm preparing myself for Poutfest 2008. Poor guy. We told him for weeks to get his act together at school, and even knowing there was a big event he wanted to go to coming up very soon, he floundered around and played. Even hid his report card from us, and ended up in the principals office 3 times for various reasons: smarting off, no homework turned in, and once for playing online games on the student computers in the library. *gray hair*

So now he's banned from going to the Yu-gi-Oh! regional tournament in Lafayette this weekend. We did everything we could to get him to get his act together early on, but he just wouldn't do. Now his daddy is firm. No work; no play. Oldest is heartbroken, and last night tried to argue me down about it. If only he'd put for half the effort over the past few weeks that he has in the last two days... *shakes head* Of course, as parents we're the enemy trying to hold him down from what he wants to do. But as evil as we may be, he's just going to have to get over it because what daddy says goes.

On the otherhand, I'm planning some fun stuff for the weekend, and over the next week. Just mama and kids type stuff: movies, popcorn, homemade pizza, scrabble, etc. Hubby will be leaving to do a some electrical work at a compressor station in Mississippi starting Saturday, so I'll have to keep the boys busy on my own. Oh yeah, sometime during all this I also plan to finish my 2nd round of edits and get them in. They arrived this morning and are sitting on my desktop, giving me the evil eye. *open us, you know you want to...* :P

Gosh! I almost forgot! Another review in for In The Gloaming has come in. This one is from Dark Diva Reviews:

Each story takes place in a different realm and time period and have equally sexually charged, action packed, engaging plots....In the Gloaming was a quick and enjoyable read, I would recommend this anthology for faerie and non-faerie lovers alike! 5 Delightful Divas.

Woot! ::confetti:: ::confetti:: ::confetti::

All in all it should be an interesting weekend. That's it for me, I need to get all hubby's jeans washed for his travels. Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I just hopped over here to tell you...I GOT MY STUFF!!!!WOOHOO!!! I LOVE ALL OF IT!!!! Sam stole the damn cute little necklace that was in there! She tied the purple string around her neck and when I noticed she took off running and laughing! I have HID the mirror in my purse. She doesn't even know about that;o) I can't wait to use the body stuff! they both smelled good and the shirt/sleeper is in the wash right now washing...had to wash it and put the bounty in with it. I love using that stuff to make the clothes soft.

    I'm planning on reading the book this weekend. It's been crazy around here since last week and I haven't lifted a finger to any book since meeting Matt. Have you finished reading Embrace the Night by Karen Chance? I'm only on page 76 on that book. I did go to the bookstore after work today...Don't ask me why either. Have you ever NOT been in the mood to read? Every once in a while I get like that and I think because of the stuff thats going on with the guy my attention has wavered severly! We've talked everyday since last thursday except for today. Haven't heard from him so I have gotten so much caught up!

    Anyway, I went to the bookstore and picked up two werewolf books that just came out and I wanted to tell you in case you hadn't seen them yet...first one is "Call of the Highland Moon" by Kendra Leigh Castle and the second is "Heart of the Wolf" by Terry Spear. I haven't heard of these two authors before but i'll give them a try. Just thought you'd like some werewolf reads;o)

    So you got hit by the storms too huh? We got some that were pretty bad but nothing like what you had to go through! I'm so glad your mom decided to come back. I bet that scared her pretty bad! At least ya'll got a good lunch;o) All your mom ate was an egg roll??

    I promise..ahem...Cora, I promise i'm not laughing at what Oldest has been doing...really, i'm not;op

    Playing online games at SCHOOL???? They monitor all the computer use here, do they at his school too? HID the report card?? I want to hear all about THAT story!!!lol!

    We as parents live in the shadow of the mean, bad, unfair and totally UNcool parent...what do you do? Hopefully one day he'll realise things and he'll get his act together and NOT rebel. hugs to both of you.

    ah hell Cora....I'm getting ma clothes back on, packing a bag, got the GPS still in the truck from the trip and i'm coming to your house this weekend!!!! Sounds like your going to have a lot of fun! Hope this softens Oldest up and he wont be brooding the weekend away. Much luck to you this weekend!!

  2. I'm not sure about the rain, but the poor ficus has been spending lots of time on top of the jade plant (it's out on my deck and the wind keeps knocking it down- and it's huge!). Have a great weekend. I've got my writer's group tomorrow and then time to do some writing. :)

  3. You make me wish I had more time to read. :)

  4. Glad you liked everything, and managed to keep the mirror, Crystal. LOL! ^_^

    Those books sound good! I'll have to add them to my TBR stack. At the moment, I'm still reading Karen Chance.

  5. Happy writing, Ann! I need to pop over and visit you. :)

  6. Aw, thanks Penny! I need to drop by and pay you a visit - before running to pick up the kids yesterday I saw you mentioned the return of swamp thing. Gotta know how that went down!


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