Monday, April 21, 2008

Eight of Cups

What a weekend! I'm sorry I'm behind on blog rounds. I think it must be something in the air. Seriously. I promise to make up for my absense this afternoon. At any rate, it was such a rollercoaster of a weekend, I feel like I need a few days to recover from it.

Hubby came home for the weekend, and Mini clung to him like a sticky vine. Daddy wasn't getting too far from his view. We spent the time at home, just hanging out and watching movies. Oldest had a friend over, and PawPaw (my dad) came to visit. He played out on the patio with Mini and a bucket of sidewalk chalk.

While the guys are out in the yard visiting and enjoying the sunshine, I came in to fire off an email and got a message from a dear friend who informed me that Nadia Kajouji has been found. She'd been missing since March 9th, when she was last seen by roommates at their university residence in Ottawa. Well, they discovered her body in the river near the university early Sunday morning. I read what they were telling me and I just sat there in shock. I think some part of me expected to hear that kind of news, but there was still the hope that she was just run off somewhere but doing ok.

Right after that bit of news, we learned hubby's friend had been hit by a car while walking along the road side near his home. His leg is broken in 3 places and his ankle is crushed. They are keeping him in the hospital for a week, but hubby had to leave out this morning for Lake Charles, so he couldn't even get up to Shreveport to visit him.

I've vowed today to take a "stress day". I plan to write this afternoon, but in a few minutes I'm going to load up Mini in the jeep and we're going to visit at Grammy's house.

Once we get back, first things first, I'm digging the sand out of the turtle sandbox and moving it closer to the front door. We'd put it off to the side of the house where we usually park our Jeeps, but there are too many ant beds there. I'm worried Mini will step in one. So with hubby out of town, I'm going to rearrange things. Typical woman behavior, right? LOL!

Happy Monday, everyone.


  1. LOL Cora! I was thinking that this weekend. I want to put some more 'color' in the front of our house where my hubby has rocks with bushes--thought I'd put some bulbs up there this fall so that come spring we'd have a nice couple of rows of tulips ;-)

    Hugs on your friend--I think I forgot to say that this morning. Take care!


  2. God Cora, that is extremely heart wrenching to hear about Nadia. She was such a beautiful girl that had the rest of her life to look forward to. My prayers and thoughts are with you and her family. As well as Hubby's friend. It's never good when someone has that happen but thank goodness it wasn't worse. (((HUGS)))

  3. Oh, sweetie, it sounds like you've had a tough day with all that news. *HUGS* You definitely deserve a 'stress day' so take it as you must.

    I'm glad you got to see Hubby. Poor Mini. He was making sure his daddy stayed in eyesight. ;)

    Have a great day, Cora. Tomorrow will be better. xoxo

  4. I saw the report about Nadia, but hadn't realized you knew her. Her family must be torn between being relieved to know what happened, and horrified that she is indeed dead and all hope is lost. My sympathies to them.

    And it's totally understandable that you've spent time with hubby and the kids instead of in blogland. We understand.

    (and yes, typical woman behavior - logical!)

  5. I had fun chatting with you this morning, Cole. :) Btw, tulips sound gorgeous!

  6. Thanks bunches, Crystal. ((hugs))

  7. Thanks, Isabelle. ((hugs)) I'm so tired I can barely think to type. I took the day off and Mini ended up running me ragged. LOL! All the same, it was a decent day. It was nice to just focus on the kids today.

  8. Leah, I know her and her mother through Neopets, as bizarre as that may sound. We have a small group there that has stuck together for over six years even though some of the original group don't play anymore. Most of us still stay in touch through emails, phone, etc.

    We are all so shocked because the whole mess has been colored by the media to fit in a neat box palatable to tv viewers. The articles I've read have been so deviod of what's really going on when you'd get word from someone there in the thick of it. It's so sad because there are still many, many suspicious details and unanswered questions, and they will likely never be an explanation for them now.

    Didn't mean to get into a whole speech there, btw. :*> It's all still very new.

    You're right, it was good to step away from blogland for a while. I think I needed just a "family" day.

  9. (raising paw)

    excuse me, what's a "stress day?"

    I might need one...then again, maybe not. I think our definitions may be quite divergent.



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