Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Edits, lolz, and new books

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So after my visit to the doctor on Monday, I've been trying to watch my blood sugar a bit better than I have been in the past...oh, close to 3 years. *blush* I'm back to low carbing and oy, do I feel drained. I have the edits for one Weirdly 2 story completed, but I couldn't finish the second one yesterday. I worked on it a bit this morning, but I have one of those nagging sugar headaches. :P I tried to concentrate on a book, but that only made it worse, so I went and tinkered around on Neopets for a while.

In an hour or so I'm off to Ruston to pick up one of hubby's prescriptions. His face is chapped, so this stuff the dr. prescribed should help. *thumbs up* When we're back home, I'll probably sit down with the edits again, give it another shot. I'd love it if I could get at least two rounds of this puppy finished before the weekend. Wishful thinking?

Speaking of words and books and all that jazz... I visited one of my fave bookstores before going to the dr. on Monday and picked up some yummilicious titles. I'm currently reading Touch The Dark by Karen Chance. It's vampire/psychic fantasy rather than romance, but I'm digging it. Hopefully a bit of reading will help me give me a bit of a refresher before I start on another project. I need to get my writing groove back.


  1. Reading always helps me get my writing groove back. I tend to reread books I really like, in order to sort of 'fall back in love' with writing, if that makes sense. I hope the muse does happy dances around you! :D

    And great job on your edits. That's so impressive!

  2. Oh, yuck, my sympathies on the low-carbing. I'm a carbaholic so I know what you mean about feeling drained without them.

    I've been using reading to avoid my editing, LOL. But I like your take on it better - it's 'refreshing me'

  3. Well girlie...You better take care of yerself, here me???? Tjose sugar headaches, do they get as bad as a migraine? Get to feeling better sweet;o)

    I'm also reading Touch the Dark...Well I say that...I haven't picked it up since last Wednesday;o)

    Have a good evening!

  4. I really need to cut the carbs. I'm in a bad, bad eating frenzy lately. Can't leave peanut butter cups alone! And now I noticed the ice cream stand by my house has opened for the season. Lord help me, but they they have chocolate peanut butter ice cream!!!


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