Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Busy Wednesday

I'm stepping back for a day and letting my UF rest. I've made awesome progress on it, but I've been rushing this story and my brain is tired. Instead, I pulled my Nocturne Bites submission and I've been trimming and polishing that this afternoon. I finished it a while back, but with so many other projects on deadline like "Gloaming" and "Weirdly 2", I had to put my Bites story on the back burner.

I'm really glad I picked it up again. I really liked it on the read through this morning. It definitely needs polishing, and a bit of patchwork toward the end, but the story is fast paced, dangerous, and tres sexy. I really like it, I LOVE the male lead, and hope it will find a home at HQN. We will see, we will see...

Early this morning, Mini and I took time to plant some Bleeding Heart shrubs in the back yard near our little old lady dogs' graves. I cleaned the leaves away from the white rock, and took the time to spray down the side of the house for wasps. Mini had a grand time digging in the dirt, and was over the moon about the little rake that comes in the spade set. I let him fill in the holes, and we watered it all very well. I hope the plants make it. I'd love to see these things do well. I ordered them several months ago, but they only arrived recently and the roots were dried out when they got here. I've got my fingers crossed they'll survive.

After planting out back, I put Mini in the sandbox and we stayed outdoors until I started feeling crispy. :P Actually, that was about 10 minutes of sun exposure, but we sat outdoors for an hour. Mini looked a bit rosy when I brought him in and put him in the bath. I can't stand the feeling of sand on the floor, so right out the sandbox and into the tub. ^_^ He's napping right now. I wore him out with all that creative work. LOL!

Tonight I'll trim on my HQN story a bit more, and read a bit more of Moongazer. Pretty good so far. I'll write more about it when I've finished. Speaking of books, author Michele Hauf - who is celebrating the debut ebook for the Nocturne Bites line, called Racing the Moon - will be the guest for this week's Midnight Brew tomorrow. We will be giving away several copies of her new ebook, so don't miss that.

Today, I'm giving away soap petals, author bookmarks, and a fridge magnet to one lucky winner who makes a guess during our shapeshifter contest today. Drop by the Midnight Moon Cafe to play.

That's it for me, ya'll. I need to go pick up the toys out of the den before Mini wakes up, and check on Oldest to make sure he's doing homework.

Best wishes to you all, and happy hump day!

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