Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bring on the Books

I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I've been goofing off most of the day. Hubby took Mini out early so he could try and get his cell phone checked, and ended up having to take the phone to Ruston to be replaced. So for all that time, I was on my own here at the house. I wrote for a while, watched about five minutes of Headline News, but got bored with that and slipped on some flip-flops and to the store.

I bought a new lamp for the den, a new kitchen rug, and junk food that I really shouldn't have even been looking at. The new lamp replaced our old "dungeon lamp", and althought the improvement is at least +100, I kind of miss the old one - I guess just for novelty, sentimental value. Heck, I don't know because the thing was freaking hideous. LOL! The dungeon lamp is one of those 1970 specials with the orange-red colored glass base and these iron curls running all over it with chains strung up between the curls.

Yes. It came from the factory like that. *_*

We've had the thing for years. Some church friend gave it to my mother who took one look at it and passed it on to me. She loves me, what can I say? Me, being the sentimental fool that I am, kept the ugly thing because really other than being ugly, it works just fine. It even has a matching, little sibling lamp (orange glass minus the iron curls and chains) that's still in use in our bedroom.

So, with the dungeon lamp gone, our living room kind of feels like a new place. Unless something should happen to the new addition, the DL has been banished to the storage shed. Eh. I'll break it out and give it to one of the boys when they move out or go to college or something. *snicker, snicker*

Aside from this, nothing significant has happened these past 24, I've merely been reading this and that, and at times hitting the notepad and jotting down potential story ideas. So far nothing much has fired my imagination.

Tomorrow I'm going to hang out with the kids and the hubster, and probably read a book. I considered painting something, heaven knows I haven't done that in ages, but I checked my supplies and realized I'm out of canvases. :P My TBR stack needs me anyway. No kidding when I say it's toppling over. I have books on my shelf that I bought months ago and still haven't picked them up. Shame on me!

Happy Thursday, everyone. And hang in there! Tomorrow's Friday!


  1. Hey, congrats on the good news (biopsy wise), sorry about being pirated. That sucks. Tomorrow is my day off, so I'm going to enjoy it, while getting ready for RT. Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Cora- That is sure a pretty picture! And don't you dare be ashamed of goofing off! You deserve a little time to yourself just to do what you want to! Your a mother for crying out loud!lol!

    Eat all that junk food and ENJOY it! I do that from time to time as well. You need to take a picture of the lamp you got!

    Painting sounds like a wonderful idea! If you haven't done it in a while get to painting then! You never know, it might let you relax and get those thoughts flowing free and you come up with your new story.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


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