Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Always Check The Archives

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A late day post, but a post nonetheless. I took Mini with me to mail off a few books this morning, but aside from that, the day has been fairly uneventful. I wrote for a little while - I'm planning a loooong writing stretch tonight - and ended up poking around afterward over at amazon.com.

First things first, I did read the "flyer" they have up on the front page that the Kindle is back in stock. That is one of those gadgets I've been weighing around lately. Should I get one? I read a LOT of ebooks. I love being able to get up at midnight and grab a shorty short that I can read in a single, all night stretch. I just don't know if I can justify the cost though.

What I mainly went looking for was a specific techno album I remember from the golden rave days - am I dating myself? Anyway, I found the album and well, the cost kind of blew me away. I ended up hopping over to ebay, cringing at the cost there, then clicking back over to Amazon. Hm. What to do? After much waffling over whether to buy or not to buy, I decided to wait. I shut down my browser and decided to go search out my old Voodoo and Serano cd.

We have a huge library of DVDs and CDs. There is a 8 ft niche in the hallway that should be a closet, but the folks that built the house left it as a large open area. We put shelves in when we first moved in over a decade ago, and that's where our media goes. The shelves stretches from one end of our hall way to the other. For hubby and me, this is our money sink. We spend a lot of our "free money" on computers and stuff to either watch or listen to, so it's not uncommon to not know whether we've bought a movie already, or if we've only talked about it.

Well, I went digging for V/S and - hey, wait! Is that what I think it is? Sure enough, I found that I already had the CD I'd been debating about buying from Amazon and eBay. If I'd only checked the archives first, I'd have saved myself a lot of headache. Lesson learned. I gotta admit, it was a bit like instant gratification home shopping when I found that CD. I only wish I could get the hours back I spent looking for it online. *_*

I've started reading Marianne Mancusi's Moongazer. It's from Dorchester's Shomi line, which is a spec fiction/romance line they're gearing toward the twenty-ish/early thirties reading set. The covers are manga style, which is great if you're into that sort of thing. I'm not too crazy about manga covers, but the idea of post apocalyptic, alternate reality, and time travel romances with a high tech edge is striking. I'm thinking graphic novel storylines without the pictures, so I'm giving it a chance.

That's about it for me today. Here's hoping I get a bit more writing done tonight. I hope you all had a terrific Tuesday!


  1. Cora,

    You'll have to tell me how the book is! I've been eyeing Shomi books for a while at the bookstore, but I was never sure... I think the manga covers make me a little intimidated. ROFL.

    OH man. I've done the archive thing too. Ha ha. With books. Movies. CDs. You name it.

  2. Hey, Isabelle, once I read Moongazer I'll send it your way.

    If this one is any good, I'm going to have a whole lot of backreading to do. *_* LOL!

  3. I have to say, the gesture of the kitty's golf clap is right on, but his expression is far too, well, expressive to be one of those people who stand at the sidelines of a green. Some become so catatonic and fascinated that they become expressionless. It's pretty funny.

    There's an archiving establishment out of San Francisco that is fantastic as well, but mostly for albums.

    Yes, albums. I have been trying to get my hands on a copy of The Beatles White Album forever! My mother used to have it, but she accidentally gave almost all of her Beatles albums away when she gave her old stereo to someone and forgot the albums were still on the turn-table.

    What a kick in the pants.

    hope you are well,

  4. Hey Cora! I've read MOONGAZER and really, really enjoyed it. Actually, I'm very impressed with this line. If you like this one, you'll certainly like the others. I think it's an awesome line... actually, I've still got TWIST and NETHERWOOD on my TBR pile. I've read all the others so far. They're all great!

    Oh yeah, and they've changed the covers a little. They're not Manga style anymore. :)

    Have a great day!

  5. ROFL! Jenji, that's hilarious! I've watched enough golf with hubby to appreciate the glazing over of the eyes while waiting for the announcer to tell me something that will jar me back to consciousness. ^_^

    I *heart* the golfclap kitteh. He reminds me of Oldest getting especially "cute" with me when I've fumbled something in the house. Only teenagers could get away with that kind of smart aleckness. *lol*

    Arg, too bad about that White Album! Maybe one day... You never know when you might come across that copy meant for you. :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. Hi Yolanda! I'm glad to hear you like the series. I saw Netherwood at the bookstore on Sunday and came reaaally close to picking it up. I'm tempted, and will probably end up kicking myself for not buying it while I was there. (I usually have to drive out of town to buy books off the shelf.)

    Glad you stopped by, lady. I'm gonna have to pay you a visit. Happy Wednesday!


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