Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What Happened To Tuesday?

Gary Gygax Memorial Cat

I make a list of things to do and what happens? An entire day of the week goes missing! I'm notorious for losing things: shoes, hairbrush, glasses, manuscript parts, you name it I've probably had minor fits over missplacing it at some point. But a whole day?

I set out determined yesterday to make progress. I printed my list of things to do and put it on the bar. I started on that mountain of laundry in the hall and worked my way through the list and the housework. I printed my RWA application then put fresh pillowcases on the bed pillows. I pulled together all my receipts from the conference, sorted my mail, printed a clean up copy of Chapter 2 for red penning, then did the dishes and went to do even more laundry.

Somewhere during all this, Mini and I played a few rounds of "spin in the office chair", sort-the-socks basketball, and DVD case memory matchup - where you have to find all the scattered DVD cases just to put the discs in them.

Around noon my mom dropped by to visit, and she brought cake! :9 We sat at the table talking and ate chocolate zingers while Mini tried his best to convince her that it would be just a smashing fabulous idea if she took him for a ride in her truck. (Again, he's bonkers for trucks, cars, wheels, trains, etc. etc.) When that ploy didn't work, it became a game of "let's go to gramma's house". I told mom I would, but not until Friday. I have too many other things I need to do before I can slack around. This, of course, lead to much wailing from Mini *evil mommy*

About ten minutes after she left, Mini gave up wailing and came up to me. "Mimi, I'm sleepy. Let's take a nap." Count me in!

Hubby and I went away just overnight and when we came home, the toddler is now speaking in complete sentences! It's true. You blink and they grow up! *_* I guess he had to figure out to string together those sentences, because my mom can't understand his toddler talk. He's been stringing words together for a while now, but only now has it become an all the time thing. It just blows me away. And boy he can come up with some stuff!

He'll sometimes go into "story mode" and start talking about all kinds of off the wall things - I know he's just testing language skills, new words he's picked up. It's funny and very cute. Hubby and I call these "watermelon stories".

Years ago, when Oldest was a toddler, a friend of ours had a daughter the same age. We ran into the dad and daughter outside of a convenience store one night, and since it was cold, he asked if we'd watch her a second - in our truck - while he ran into the store to do something - I don't remember what. We agreed, and while the friend's daughter was standing on the seat next to me, she started talking all kinds of stuff...about watermelons!! And 'dens we has a watermelons and pink watermelons and lalalalala...

She did this all the while standing and wiggling a Dora dance (before there was a Dora). It was so cute and hilarious! When the dad returned, it was maybe five minutes if it was even two, he came to get her and hubby asked, "So you and (the now ex-wife) are buying her a watermelon?" The dad looked at us like we were nuts. He picked her up and said, "Were you telling them stories?"

Yup. Watermelon Stories. Mini has them now, too. ^_^

I finally watched 30 Days of Night. After everyone was in bed, I took my wip, red pen, and the DVD to the den. Hubby bought it for me on release day, but it's been sitting there in the shrink wrap, untouched. What a great movie! The vampires were preeeetty gross, which was cool. They walked around in bloodstained clothes for 30 solid days! Can you imagine how stinky these creatures must've been? *_*

That's it for me! I've got to get to work. I hope you all have a happy Wednesday!

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  1. I don't bother with lists AT ALL...I loose every single one I make! Girl, you know you can come to my house, i've got all sorts of things you can clean;o) I bet Mini had a blast helping you. We have the same problem with the DVD's until my mom went and got one of those huge CD cases, the one that holds HUNDREDS of CD's...We use that for all our DVD's and throw the cases away. Gives you A LOT more room! Did I hear you say CAKE??? *wipes mouth*

    I love it that Mini calls you Mimi, LOL! And you must tell us some of the watermelon stories sometime!

    Glad you enjoyed your movie, i've seen it out on the shelves but haven't gotten it yet. With the kids always around I never get to watch a movie "alone" anymore..Hope your day is a good one!


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