Friday, March 28, 2008

A Snooze In The Glen

Meep. Sorry it's been so quite over here, everyone, I took the day off from blogging yesterday. First thing out of bed yesterday morning, I got a call from mom and hubby - at the same time. I'd hooked up my cell phone to the charger, but it had turned itself off, so everyone was having trouble reaching me. They were trying to let me know my grandmother had had a heart attack and had been taken to the hospital in Beaumont. I couldn't get my mind on work after that, so I ended up sitting by the phone most of the day and mindlessly tinkering on Neopets. Late last night I got a call from mom again, and grandma is okay. They're keeping her in the hospital for a few days while they try a few different medicines on her for her heart. She said she'd talked to gram on the phone and she was in good spirits - what a relief!

After that, I felt kind of drained. I didn't realize I'd been running on nerves most of the day. I sat down and tried to write a bit before bedtime. I got maybe a few paragraphs tweaked before I gave it up and went to bed.

I noticed yesterday while tinkering, that it's definitely time to burn off the family pics and get them off the computer. I bundle them all into a single file and yikes! - 681 MB of family photos. *_* I can see the print developing bill already. There were shots on there as far back as Xmas, so I've been trying to justify what the cost will be. After all, if you broke it down month by month... See what I'm saying? *cheese*

Hubby laughed about it when I told him how many pictures there were. You can imagine, roughly 1 MB per image...wowzers. Well, I guess I better buy another photo album while I'm at it, hm?

TGIF! I have a few little errands to run this morning, namely banking. The rest will probably be a test of patience. LOL Oldest is hanging out with his friends tonight, so I imagine he'll be pacing the house, itching to leave. Mini, I'm sure, will be just as happy to hang out with old mom. ^_^

I'm off for now. I need to print up my Weirdly stories. Btw, today is the final, prize post over at the Midnight Moon Cafe. This one is for the big tuna, folks - The Faerie Special Giveaway. You MUST be registered to one of my newsletters to win - there are sign up box right here on my blog, just scroll down and look to the right. Other than that, all you have to do is post in the comments over at the MMC and you're registered. Easy Peasy.

Whew! Coffee...need more coffee... I hope you all have a great Friday!


  1. Hi Cora! I'm glad to hear your grandmother is doing better! That is stressful and after the busy week you had, I'm not surprised your mind needed a break.

    Take care!

  2. Okay, I signed up for the newsletter. :) Glad to hear your grandmother is doing better. Have a peaceful and relaxing weekend.

  3. Hey Cora.

    Very happy to hear that Grammy is doing okay.

    Have a good weekend.


  4. So sorry about your grandmother, Cora. My dad had a heart attack 4 years ago. It's a scary thing. I'm glad she's doing all right. Have a great weekend.

  5. Cora, I'm glad your grandmother will be ok. Its alot to go through and be able to concentrate.

    Its beautiful to have found your blog here! Love it and look forward to visiting more!


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