Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pocket Full of Stars

Oy, it was hard to crawl out of bed this morning! Le nez is still driving me bonkers. I'm wondering if anything short of nose removal is going to help. I lay down at night and I'm so stuffy I can't breathe at all. Pair that with hubby's rabid dinosaur snoring - bwahahahahaha! - and yeah, pretty hard to sleep. It was definitely a night to remember. *snnnn-snnn-OOORR-RR-rr-tttt* (I better stop it before hubby kicks my ass! ^_^)

Last night I did a heap of web things. First, I fixed the ugly website button into something more tacky, yes, but better to look at. So quick! Take a look around the blog. Can you find the new web button? If so, how fast? Please let me know so I won't sit and obsess over it, or move it fifty times before I put it back in the same darn spot it is right now. Because I'll do it. I swear I will.

That button isn't the only thing I fixed, though. I also made my top banner clickable, something I've been meaning to do for...oh, well over a year now? So, if you go digging through my archives for something and you need to get back to the modern age, you can now click on the Intimate Thoughts header and it takes you to the blog front - the latest post, or whatever it's called. Can't get too techy about it, I haven't had enough coffee yet.

After adding the new web button and fixing the header banner, I also updated the Cora Zane website with my latest book info, reworked the info on the index page, and put up a new bio - which I'm seriously "meh" about, but I couldn't think of a single interesting thing to say. Whatever can be said for it all, I'm probably done with it all for another six months unless something interesting happens. Muahahaha-hahaha!! ^_^

I'm well into my Weirdly 2 story. So far so good. It's one of those stories that just flowed out when I actually sat down and started working on it. Once I get all the laundry folded today I'll plunk myself back down to work on it some more. I already know what part I'll write today. Oh! The story itself is a short, werewolf/horror-ish type thing, so it's been fun and refreshing to write. Especially since I didn't have to worry about writing any lurrrve scenes.
So that's how I've kickstarted my day. I now need to get the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher and get on that laundry. The sooner it's done, the sooner I won't have to worry with it. I hope you all have a snazzy-delic hump day!


  1. Good morning Cora! Wow you've been busy! =) Haven't looked yet but will. Have fun writing!


  2. Hey Cora - looked and then signed up for your newsletter but then forgot to come back and tell ya - where it is works for me - I like your button - though truth be told, I liked your last. So I'm not sure that helps ya. ;-)


  3. I FOUND THE BUTTON!!!!LOL! Yeah, it's just fine where it is;) My opinion only:} Girl you got as much laundry as I do! Never gets done does it? Well, at least in between loads we can read, write, blog harass, I mean love the kids and all that other stuff! Takes the mind off washing that damn never-ending pile of clothes.....;) Have a good rest of the day! Come by and check out my...ahem...Wordless Wednesday post! I'm a sick puppy;) MWUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  4. You have been busy. Damn yo.

  5. Hey Cora! I think the button looks great. Good spot. Very visible. You're good. ;)

    Great job on all the webstuff. I do the same thing. Work on it in spurts, otherwise, it's totally overwhelming.

    Keep up the great work on the Weirdly 2 story!

  6. I like your little heart button linking to your web page - it's much prettier than the other one.

    How do you find those lovely pics for your posts? I went to the site and it took me hours trying to sort through the millions of choices.

    And try a hot toddy right before you go to bed - they really clear up your sinuses much better than any medicine. (Heat up a glass of orange juice, add a dollop of honey (especially if you have a sore throat), and a really good jigger of rum or vodka. Then drink it down as hot as you can stand. You'll sweat for a while, but your sinuses will clear up darned fast.)


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