Monday, March 31, 2008

Mimi Has A Boo-Boo

Does anyone else get mildly annoyed by your MB reminder everytime you upload an image on Blogger? They are serious bandwidth nazis. Sheesh. I guess when I run out of room for images I'll move to Word Press. Until then...I'm pleading my own laziness. Blogger it is.

I turned in my Weirdly 2 stories last night and they have both been accepted. I started working on edits for one of the tales this morning, (Yes, I got my first round edits back that fast! *_* Michelle is a wonderwoman, I swear.) I also have round 1 for the second story sitting on my desktop. I will get around to that tonight after everyone has gone to bed. I don't know what I'm going to do with the remaining two stories. I plan to finish them, but I suppose I'll wait until another horror anthology crops up before I bother submitting them anywhere. Until that happens, I guess I'll shelf them and not worry about it too much.

Anyway, that wasn't what I came on to blog about so much. Just got side tracked by my "percentage of space used" when I uploaded the picture of Blue Tongue and Nutsy (see above). Hubby and I had dueling doctor appointments today, and we ended up sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office for over an hour (!!!!) with Mini before either of us was called into a room.

I finally gave up waiting and took Mini out to the car. I knew one of two things was going to happen if I didn't take him somewhere child safe: a) He was going to knock the LSU picture hanging too damn low in the waiting area, or b) I was going to clobber his royal hyperness in public. I opted to take him outside. After about thirty minutes sitting in the car with Mini (who kept getting into everything from car radio to the glove compartment) the receptionist comes outside to beckon me indoors. Hubby is just getting out from seeing the doctor, and he takes Mini so I can go in.

Well, here's the skinny. They took a tiny mole off my shin that has been there for about 2 years. I remember sitting in the tub one night, about to shave when I noticed it. It had appeared what seemed like overnight, and it was like a black freckle on my shin. I'm very pale, and I'm not new to freckles, but this one looked different.

After Mini was born, the freckle turned purple. Then magenta. Finally it settled into a dark plum purple color with a blue tint under the skin. Well, I decided it was time to have the doc look at it, and he took a peek and said he definitely wanted to remove it. He showed me the charts with melanomas on it - one that matched mine almost identically, then after that horror story he sent for the instruments to take it off.

I'll have results from my biopsy in 10 days. Creepy, no? I've never been a deep dish suntan kind of girl - I did a bit of laying out when I was around 13-14, but I quickly got over that. I don't tan well. After I fry repeatedly, I turn a peachy color, and get an explosion of freckles everywhere. A year or so of that and I figured out it's really not worth the trouble and quit laying out. Good thing, I'm now thinking.

Hubby is well, and Mini survived the trip. (No child clobbering necessary.) We're back home and I gotta admit I was sooooo ready to get on my frumpy house lounging clothes. :P Tomorrow it's back to the grind, so I think I'm going to go read and relax for a bit. Have a pleasant day everyone. I'll be around to visit you all in a bit!


  1. Oh! I hope it all works out ok! It's good you caught that and had it checked out. Those are not things to be taken lightly. Take care of yourself, Cora!

  2. Hopefully your results come back good - I went through that recently, got sent to a specialist who never looked at my face the whole time. Talk about absolutely no bedside manner. And oh boy, does your post remind me why I'm glad my kids are grown up - Mini sounds like eldest.

    And MB reminder? I've never had one ... Weird.

  3. LOL on the frumpy house clothes! I love mine...and do the same thing. =) Hugs on the doctor visit all the way around. Waiting is bad enough as an adult, having a little one waiting too is torture. Hope everything turns out alright with the biopsy.

    Have fun writing!

  4. Oh, good luck with the biopsy. Hope things turn out okay.

  5. "royal hyperness"

    loved it!


  6. Thanks, Isabelle. You know, I used to never go to the dermatologist. The older I get the more the mind worries over it, I guess. Definitely worth the cost of the doctor visit = peace of mind.

  7. Leah, some doctors really should've chosen a different profession. My dermatologist is a pretty good guy. I feel perfectly comfortable laughing and talking freely with him. But there have been "those doctors" - you know what I mean. I take note of those and NEVER go back. *_*

  8. Cole - LOL! Yes, I love my frumpy house clothes. Mine consist of frumpy pajama shorts and usually a mismatched tank top. I'd never ever go outside wearing them, not even to the mailbox, but well... comfort is comfort. ROFL! ^_^

  9. Jenji... his title of nobility is 100% fitting. *_*


  10. Well crap Cora! I'm gone for just a FEW days and all hell is breaking loose over here!! Are you one of my kids??;oP LOL! Girl, you better let us know when you find out. That doctor would have scared me to death...Yeah, i'ma freak-er type person when it comes to stuff like that. You let us know!


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