Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lake Wind Advisory

I went out a few minutes ago and laid all the lawn chairs flat, and checked the mail to ensure we didn't have letters flying all over the yard. We are under a tornado watch and a lake wind advisory at the moment. Every few minutes you hear it gust against the side of the house. The windows rattle, and the house makes blustery popping noises.

I still need to call mom today. She's tried to reach me twice. The first time hubby called a split second before she did, and through our entire phone conversation I could hear the call waiting thing clicking at me. At noon she called again, but I was in the process of putting Mini down for a nap. He got up shortly after 7, and around noon he came and told me it was "nap-nap time".

I need to work on my were story a bit. I stayed up late last night writing bits and pieces of it, while lounging on the couch. Then again, I also had Secret Window going on the DVD player, so I didn't focus on the writing as much as I should've. Finally, got all the way through that movie though. I've seen the beginning and middle of it at least a dozen times, but never quite made it through to the end. I thought it started out great, really strong, but by the time I got to the middle I had the movie pretty much figured out.

I better get back to work while I can. The lights keep flickering - annoying mess. Just enought to make my battery pick up on my laptop. :S I hope you all have a pleasant and productive day.


  1. Lake Wind - that's a new one for me. We're used to 'Lake Effect Snow'. Yuck on the tornado warnings.

    I do my writing in the morning, I find that by 2 p.m. my brain pretty much shuts down, so I'm in awe of how you can write late at night, especially while looking after Mini... Any tips?

  2. Lake Wind? Around here we have to watch out for Nor'easters. Is it a watch or a warning? Hope you didn't get any tornadoes. Had a wierd day, got a lot done but all at the dayjob (I did write a couple hundred words during my lunch break). Have a great evening. :)

  3. I really liked Secret Window. Then again, I really love Johnny Depp.

    Be careful with that weather. Stay safe and head into the basement if you must/can. Those weather warnings are terrifying.

    Keep us informed, ok?

  4. Saw the weather warnings.

    Be safe and have your emergency kit ready...

    oh, and clean undapants on...I'm just sayin.


  5. Girl it was CRAZY here in Texas yesterday! Luckily, Waco didn't get hammered like Dallas-Ft.Worth area did. They got up to 6 inches or more and were flooding all over the place! I stayed home with Sam just to make sure she was feeling better so I didn't have to get out in it and the lights were going crazy the whole time. It never went completely out but still, when your right in the middle of watching a movie it gets a little irritating:o) Did you get any damage or anything?

  6. Leah, sure enough - Lake Wind. It will tear some stuff up.

    I wish I could get my writing done in the morning. I somehow manage to get a few words written during daylight hours, but Mini is awake then and the whole day is a game of: "Mom, where is my toy, hat, breakfast, etc." LOL! It's trying at times, and I catch myself writing in 15 minute jags.

    So, if I need to get something done really fast I wait until late, after everyone's gone to bed and take my stuff to the couch. ^_^

  7. Ann, I'm not sure if we had a warning or a watch. No tornados though, thankfully. Just that awful wind - it gusts so strong you can feel it blow your car around while driving. Scary stuff.

    I had to run out and flatten the lawn chairs yesterday, and this morning before taking a trip to the grocery store, I had to go pick up my neighbor's deer corn sacks off our front lawn.

    Glad you got some writing done. This weekend I'm really going to have to knuckle down and get my stuff finished for Weirdly. I hope you have a good day too!

  8. Thanks, Isabelle. Most of the bad weather is past, I think. Now it's just nasty, a bit cool and rainy. The wind is still strong, but not like it was yesterday. Yowzers! At one point yesterday I opened the door to let the dog out and the wind caught the screen and I though it would rip the thing right off. *_* Crazy springtime!

  9. LOL! Thanks, Jenji! I'm all prepared. Candles, bottled water, and clean knickers too. ^_^

  10. Crystal, we didn't get a ton of rain, just enough to make everything damp and mushy. Lucky, lucky! No damage, just the neighbor's trash in our front yard, which I picked up this morning.

    Mostly we just high winds that were enough to send Mini screaming through the house. "What is that sound, Mimi?!" Poor baby. We kept telling him it was wind, but it's scary when it's that loud.

    It's not so bad here today, a little light rain, but still high winds. Just enough to keep us indoors.

    You folks take care over there!


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