Monday, March 03, 2008

Busy Week Ahead

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Now that I'm home again, unpacked and settled, it's time to get back to the grind. Hubby goes to work tomorrow, and I have one more chapter to clean before I send in my partial. Woohoo! Everything I have is rough draft, so I wanted to check those three chapters over for continuity errors and typos. I want to send the cleanest draft I possibly can.

I was thinking about what I'm sending, and I never asked what technically makes up the first three chapters really? The prologue plus chapters 1 and 2? Or is it the prologue plus chapters one through three? I'm going to take the safe choice and say it's the prologue plus chapters 1 and 2. If more is needed, hopefully I'll get a request for it.

Once that is done, I have to set everything aside and finish my story for Weirdly 2 - it's almost completed, but not quite. Once that is sent, I've got to start cleaning up my submission for Nocturne Bites. Oh, and it's also about time for me to break out the promotion hat again. In the Gloaming is coming out this month (March 25th), and while I don't do as many chats as I used to, I do like to run contests. I'll be giving away some very neat things here and at the MMC.

And just a hint to anyone who may not already be a member of my mailing list - now would be an ideal time to sign up! I truly don't send newsletters very often, once maybe every six months, so no worry about gobs of spam from me. However, with my new release coming up very soon, I plan to do a special giveaway that ONLY people who are on my mailing list, or part of my yahoo group will be elligible for. So, don't hesitate if you'd like to be in the running for some faerie-licious prizes. ^_^

If for whatever reason you can't seem to get registered with either the yahoo group or the bravenet newsletter, email me corazane(at) and put ADD TO MAILING LIST in the subject line. Inside the email, give me the address you'd like your invite sent to, and I'll get one out to you asap!

But enough of that jazz for now. Plenty of time to post about that later. Just a heads up: I'm still editing photos from the conference. I took pictures of EVERY speaker at the agent panel, the line for early registration, more shots of the luncheon, the door prize tables, etc. I'll have that link up really soon - I promise!

Another thing I plan to do this week: set up my post office box in town, and order my author cards. While at the convention, I don't know how many times I got asked by other authors for a business card. I had several of them handed to me, and it really amazed me - the quality of some of these cards!

For the established authors, they had their name, website address or blog url, and some had a string of books they'd published listed right on the card. Aspiring authors even had cards - tres cool, no? - with lists of their wips on them, and contact information. I really could've kicked myself for not having any of my own to hand out. Well, no more! ^_^ I'm going to design my own and have them made.

Mainly I wanted to mention that here incase anyone else is interested in knowing what I needed and wished I'd had while in that atmosphere. I honestly didn't think about business cards before I left, but they would have been handy to pass out to both industry people and new friends - for ease of keeping in touch! If you're planning to go to any conferences of writers group meetings anytime in the near future, it might be something worth looking into.

That's it for me tonight. I'm up late, and I still haven't gotten into a normal sleeping routine again. I need to find some clean jammies and carry myself off to bed.

I hope you all had a pleasant Monday!


  1. A normal sleeping routine?

    What's that?

    Or better yet...what's that like?


  2. Jenji, I had the best intentions when I wrote this post, but I gotta tell ya...I totally blew any attempt at a sleep schedule to smithereens. I was up til after 2 am. Hubby actually got up and came looking for me. LOL!

    When I get the formula right I'll pass it on, okay? ^_^

    Happy Tuesday to you!

  3. I just got my business cards! I can't wait to go somewhere to give them away. lol Unfortunately, I forgot to put 'author' anywhere on the cards. So it's just got my name and my site and email info. LOL Next batch of 250 I'll get it right. In the meantime, I'll just have to explain. :-P

  4. Isabelle, I'm sure everyone will know when you hand it out. Don't worry too much. I got a ton of them from NOLA and not all of them have "author" on them.

    BTW, I know you're going to send me one of your new business cards, right? Right? *puppy eyes*


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