Monday, March 24, 2008

Busy Busy Busy Day

In The Gloaming - available Tuesday from !

Whew! Did everyone have a good Easter? We had a great time at my parents' house. I have a ton of pics, over 160 taken, but I haven't had a chance to sort them yet. I'm going to burn them all to disk along with other family pics still sitting on my comp, and take them to the photo hut and have prints made. ^_^

Today is the first day of Oldest's Spring Break, and hubby also happened to be feeling sick. He stayed home, and I ended up making a day of sorts with Oldest. First I ran and cashed hubby's check - since we couldn't do it Friday - and then we went to post. I opened a Cora Zane PO box so I can do more giveaways and mail them directly. The getting of the PO box, of course, was a process that required two forms of ID, an electric bill stub to prove I live in the area, my voter reg card, and - oh yeah, a cheek swab for DNA processing. :P I did get my box though. Hehe.

After that, I took Oldest to the library. He misplaced his card, so I ended up checking out his books until we can go through his room and thoroughly search for it. I went and ran off some copies of some worksheets for a few friends, but I ended up bringing home an anthology called Many Bloody Returns, with stories by Charlaine Harris, Jim Butcher, Kelley Armstrong, and others. It looks pretty good.!

We ended up braving the buffet at Pizza Hut after the library. OMFG. We knew it would be nuts when we saw the church bus in the parking lot. We actually had to wait for a table, and it was one of those buffet things when you have to pile your plate high with food because the staff couldn't get it out there fast enough. Yikes! It was loud, it was shoulder to shoulder, and Oldest and I had a great time. We were eating off each other's plates and hoarding the pepperoni!! ^_^

Tomorrow I will be joining KM Frontain, Kelley Heckart, Nita Wick, and Esmerelda Bishop for an In The Gloaming loop chat at the Brenda Williamson Romance Party Group.

We will be posting excerpts and I know for sure that a copy of In the Gloaming will be given away.

Also, ALL this week at the Midnight Moon Cafe I'm having a release day celebration for In The Gloaming. Every day I'll be giving away something, be it books, magnets, pens, Tshirts, chocolate and more. All you have to do is post in the comments to be eligible to win. However, there is also going to be an exclusive, Faerie Special Giveaway for those who are subscribed to either my Yahoo or Bravenet newsletter. Drop by the MMC for the full promo:

Well, I'm pretty tired so I'm going to call it a day. I need to park my hiney in the writer's seat tonight and finish up my stuff for Weirdly 2. Deadlines are fast approaching!

I hope you all had a great Monday. I'll pop around and visit you all later tonight!


  1. Girl, i'm fixing to call it a night. I am SO ready for the kids to go back to school tomorrow. Their spring break was last week but that had an EXTRA day off today...I sure wasn't going to pay 50 bucks for them to go to the daycare so Sam stayed with a friend and Will the Thrill came to work with me. I got my computer a total of 1 hour before he wormed his way in taking it over and playing games on the Disney website...ALL DAY LONG!!

    Now I am VERY grateful for having the internet while at work. It only takes me MAYBE an hour to get all my daily work done and the I hit the net after that!

    Sounds like you have some exciting things going on tomorrow!! I will be sure to check all of it out!

    When the kids and I use to go eat pizza we would do the same as you and Oldest. We ALWAYS hit the place when the rush did..*_*...RUN FOR IT KIDS!!!LOL!

    Okay, now that I have posted my own post over on your comments I will GO TO BED!!;o)

    Have a good evening and I hope hubby gets to feeling better.

  2. Cora.


    A buffet at Pizza Hut? Really?

    Have I taught you nothing about the fine, if not slightly obsessive art of avoiding the Sarcophagus of fermented and fermenting, Antediluvian, viral scum?

    You'll be lucky if one of you don't come down with some sort of coughing, sneezing, puking, hacking, sniffling, itching -gonna have to go buy that green stuff so I can sleep medicine- infection.


    First the scary bunny and now you're just trolling for germs at Pizza Hut.

    Trolling I tell you!



  3. Busy is a great title! =) That's how I feel lately too.

    Awesome on the release -- have fun with the different promotions you are having.

    Our kids didn't have a spring break of any sort this year because they are trying to make up snow days. They are also going longer each day. Overall I don't mind because the prospect of having them go to school until July wasn't appealing. =)

    Have fun today!


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