Friday, March 07, 2008

Blogging in pictures - Snow Day!

So I was getting ready to make a run to the bank and take care of the bills, but when I opened the front door... OMG. Is that snow?!

This is very exciting, especially for Mini, who has never seen snow. Until today, that is. So, today's post I'm blogging Mini's first snow day!

When Mini saw the snow, he ran outside and did what all kids attempt to do - catch a snowflake!

"Mini! Get yourself back in here and get a hat on!" We don't even own a pair of mittens or a heavy coat, so we're making the best of it with fleece and ballcaps.
Here he is, my little Snow Bear.

It's been getting heavier every few minutes. What started as a few humble flakes has turned into a beautiful flurry. This is part of our front yard. The black bush on the left hand corner is from the azalea hedge we have running along the front of the house. The flowers have been blooming for the past few weeks. They apparently weren't anticipating the snow either.

Here's Mini playing in the flurry. This was before it got very heavy. He scraped a fistful of snow off his daddy's scooter and threw his first snowball. His hands were getting pretty red at this point so I told him to come in the house. He didn't want to come inside AT ALL.

Our old man doggy Chancellor wanted to take a look at this strange weather too. Here he is, our pooch wandering around in the front yard, checking things out.

He didn't stay out very long. He'd soon had enough. We brought him in and toweled him off.

The snow has gotten considerably thicker in the past hour. The entire yard is now a blanket of white. My jeep, the scooter, our patio chairs and grill are covered. Our sage garden looks like a white lump. Here is a picture of the left end of our circle driveway. This was the last picture I took before the battery in my camera fizzled.

Isn't it beautiful? I haven't seen snow like this since 1983. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Happy Friday. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. We got snow too!!!!!Here in TEXAS!!!LOL! Isn't it just wonderful??? Me and the kids ended up making a little snow man on top of my truck. We didn't get but maybe an inch or two at the most but we were all out in it this morning. Glad Mini had fun!!! Have a great weekend sweet;o)

  2. Oh man, I'm so jealous. Is one snow day too much to ask? The last time we had any snow worth mentioning was 05? (I think). I would love a snow day. :)

  3. Wow, Cora!

    It's refreshing to see someone who can appreciate the beauty of snow! Although I realize the novelty as you all rarely have the occasion to indulge and get your true snowflake frolic on.

    Thanks for checking in at my blog. I've been overwhelmed with work lately and unable to get the time to hack out a decent blog entry, however I still check up on everyone else! I hope to post this week, as I'm off to rest for a few days.

    As to our present weather condition...

    the newscast began today with this 70's inspired, animated icon:


    and then our local, 300 lb weather lunatic proceeded to warn that this was going to be a "significant snow event," whatever that means.

    Wherein I assume that your local weathercast began with:

    Eh, our local news peeps tend to cry wolf alot, but this time we are getting quite a bit of snow. Looks like I'll have to haul out The Ol Snowblower tomorrow, but I still love the snow--the cold, not so much--the snow, always a treat!

    If you like I could FedEx Mini some genuine, Grade-A BLIZZARD snow from NY? It tends to be a bit more hardy, you know?

    It's not a problem--I'm a giver.

    Hope all is well with you and the family!


  4. OH man! I for one, LOVE the snow. It's why I LOVE New England. We get huge storms. This year alone, we had two storms, one of which gave us about 5 inches of snow. :D YAY! People hate it because it's tough to drive in. Slippery and such. But, really, it makes the world so calm and pretty!

    I'm so happy Mini got to experience it. No kid should grow up without snow!


    Happy Friday Cora!

  5. LOL, I've got a couple feet of snow in my back yard you can have - free!

    But watching a child's joy as they're playing in it can make such a difference to a person's attitude. Me? I think shoveling, slippery roads, heating bills. Kids? They think catching snowflakes, toboganning, snow ball fights -- fun! I have to keep reminding myself to find the fun in things.

  6. We had cool snow last year. Only about 4 inches, but good all the same.

    Hope you're well, my friend.


    P.S Did you faint that I have blog time? LOL

  7. Anonymous10:33 AM

    You got some beautiful pics. I tried to take pictures last Friday of the snow at my husband's crawfish trailer and they just didn't show up, flying by so fast. We had a blizzard about a month ago, early one Saturday morning.

  8. LOL on the snow! Love the pictures of you little boy. =)



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