Sunday, March 02, 2008

Back From Conference

I am home! *kicks off high heels*

The 2008 NOLA Written in the Stars conference was a BLAST! I have not slept in 2 days, but I had such a wicked awesome time the sleep deprivation hardly matters. In fact, I'm working on day 3 of zero sleep. Are you awake still too? I have good news all around, so if you're in for some Cora spiel, pull up a chair and hang out a while.

If nothing else can be said, I am now known as "the girl with the camera". NO ONE was spared from my lens - and I do seriously mean that. Muahahahaha!

I took over sixty pictures at the conference, and since Blogger would likely hiccup and DIE if I posted them all, I am going to post a few here, and put the rest in a photobucket (or other photohost site) that I will make public and link here so anyone who's interested can see them. I will post an update when I have all the pics loaded - I promise! I didn't attend ALL the festivities - I didn't have a sitter for that long - but I did most of it. I left before the book signings and the final dinner. There are pictures of the agent/editor's panel, the luncheon, the Friday night Meet and Greet, and a motivational workshop by Margie Lawson - who I have to say was a total hoot!

Susan Wiggs, who was scheduled to speak about character emotions, sadly could not make the conference because her flight was cancelled and she couldn't get another one until after the con was over.

For those that asked for a pic of my new do' - there it is above. I had it cut into flicky layers a day before the con. Kinda channeling that funky 70s thing, I'm thinking, eh? My stylist refused to color my hair because she liked the shade on it. What the heck...I'm not one to argue, so only a snip-snip this go round. I think it looks pretty good! Boomchickawowwow... *bellbottoms* Ha!

In that particular picture, I was in my hotel room at the Clarion, about to walk out the door for the Friday night early registration and the Meet and Greet. I was testing my camera flash and no flash. I gotta admit I was so freaking nervous...stepping out alone and not knowing a soul there!

Here is part of the agent panel. I was sitting in the second row with a few friends I'd made, and well...only one woman came and sat down in the front row. So, we were technically front and center.

In the pic above from left to right: Chrys Howard from Howard Publishing/Simon and Schuster; Elaine Spencer from the Knight Agency; Tessa Woodward, assistant editor with Avon; Lucienne Diver of the Spectrum Literary Agency; Cori Deyoe (speaking)from Three Seas Literary Agency; and Beth Cornelison (standing, in yellow) author/NOLA Stars VP and event coordinator.

Wanda Ottewell was at the table too next to Chrys Howard, but I couldn't get her in the pic. To make the pic larger, just click on it. *wink*

Oh, wait, here she is: Wanda Ottewell! She is a Senior Editor with Harlequin. (Sitting on the right, along with Cori Deyoe - left).

Wanda is the one speaking in the pic. She was answering questions about HQN SuperRomance and Inspirationals in this pic. She is truly wonderful with QnA's, and her upbeat personality is nothing short of infectious. This is from the editor/agent panel. Both she and Cori Deyoe were also guest speakers and taking questions at Winnie Grigg's Honing Your Pitch workshop on Friday Night.

I made new friends! Left to right: Lawana and Judy - the Oklahoma girls! They write romantic suspense and came to the conference together.

Keri, (far right) is a member of NOLA and was helping with the events; she is also an aspiring author.

These ladies are all absolutely wonderful! Lawana and Judy were the first ladies I met. We formed a posse and went to early registration together.

I met Keri at the agent/editor panel Saturday and we hit it off really well, and had a great time at the luncheon. She was such a pleasure to meet! :) I wish these ladies all the best.

There is more, but it will have to wait until in the morning. I'm sooo tired! I promise I saved the best for last. Lots of exciting news, more great friends, luncheon pics, yes, yes! But first, I gotta catch some Zzzs....

Nitey, nite!


  1. Cool post Cora! I'm SOO glad you had fun and you look SOOOOO gorgeous with your new do!! So when you went, you went by yourself? Hubby didn't get to come with you? Glad you had fun! Did you get a chance to show anyone your book??

  2. Hey Crystal! I had a great time, but it's good to be home too. Hubby went with me, but he couldn't attend any of the things going on. He went to the casino boats with his "allowance". LOL! He lost it all the first night, and spent the next day braving Shreveport traffic, doing a bit of sight seeing. Oh and he went to Pierre Bossier Mall. ^_^

    I did get a chance to pitch my book (I was just too tired to keep my eyes open last night when I posted this one.)

    I'm about to hop over and pay you a visit!

  3. Awesome pics! Obviously the conference was worth it. *wg*

  4. Hugs, TK!! You know, I mentioned you and Cass about a million times. I wish ya'll could have been there with me!


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