Friday, March 14, 2008

Attack of the Desk Harpy

Flowers for my sanity.

I ran errands today, and one of the things top on my list was getting the house insurance paid. I have - had - only one check left in my checkbook, and I wanted to save it for emergencies, so I knew I was going to have to find where the insurance office relocated. I've been doing business with the same people for a good 12 years, if not longer, so I went back to the old building and read the flyer they had on the door. I was surprised to find out that they had not only relocated, they had up and sold their client list to another company in town - so basically my old agent is retired.

I take Mini's hand and we walk around the block to the new office. I find the office by the Mason's hall, and I help Mini up the front steps. He's been really agreeable today, and I tell him to sit down on a bench under one of the windows. He's there in his little baseball cap being quiet as an angel for a change - I'm really surprised! The woman ahead of me laughs a minute with the woman behind the desk, then leaves. I step up to the desk - I'm the only one there, or so I think, (aside from Mini) and I set my bill and the cash for it up on the counter, just like I have always done with my other agent in the past.

"Hi, I just need to pay this bill." I slide everything across to the woman. She takes it off the counter flips it over, and then in a very rude, very LOUD voice snaps at me:

"You have to pay with a money order. This is a direct bill." She flicks the paper with a finger and flips it around at me. "I have to send this thing off." She flops it down on the desk, red pens the amount, then holds it up and flips it around at me again. "See this amount. You have to go get a money order for this and bring it back to me."

I am in utter, open mouth shock at her rudeness. Her brash tone rings through the whole building, and the secretary - who I never knew was even there - PEEKS AROUND THE EFFING DOOR at us to find out what's going on.

Okay, if I had ever been in this office, I might've known. But I guess she just assumed I'm the village idiot or something when she went on her tirade. My old agent took my payments right across the counter, filed it online, and wrote a receipt up for me. I never had to bring in a money order, so this is a first, to say the least. Not sure why this company agreed to take on the ex-agent's client list if they can't process the payments. But I digress....

While all this is going on, Mini is sitting there like a little gentleman watching his mother get shouted at, and all I can do is take back the bill and gape at this harpy. What a sour looking woman. Did someone piss in her tea?

I politely take the bill, go and get Mini and walk out. I will not be going back there. And I will be switching home owners insurance agencies ASAP. They will not get a fracking dime off of me.

I went back to my Jeep fuming with anger. No way was I going to trek out for a money order to endure that again. Besides, I really don't want to have to call hubby from jail to tell him I had to scratch someone eyes out across a desk. I put Mini in his carseat then I took out my last check and wrote it for the house insurance and mailed it off. If I'd known in advance that I was going to get chewed out in public and have to get a stinking money order, I would've done it myself in the first place.

So help me...that old battle ax was lucky my son was with me or things would've gone from bad to seriously nasty in about two seconds flat. But Mini has developed a bit of a sassy mouth lately, and I don't want him to think acting like that away from home is OK.

However, I will wish the laws of Karma to come and bite that woman square in the ass. What goes around comes around sister!

TGI Friday *_*


  1. Ouch, sorry you had such a bad time of it. Was she the agent or just the secretary? If she was the agent, I'd get a new one pronto, if she was just the secretary, you could call and let the agent know that the secretary just lost them a client. Hope your weekend gets better. :)

  2. I think she may have been the agent's wife/secretary. Either way, when I got home and thought about it, maybe I'm not the only person who had come in asking her to take a payment for that very thing across the desk. Know what I mean. Either way, I'll definitely be looking for a new agent.

    Aside from that, the weekend is going A-Ok. ^_^ I hope yours is going well too!

  3. Argh, are you kidding me? What the heck is her issue? She needs to get over herself. You're right. Mini prevented an ugly situation. I wouldn't have blamed you one bit for showing that lady a new one.

  4. Your a better woman than I am Cora...I would have done my thing and told the kids later "do as I say not as I do;o)lol!!! But, I DO understand why you reserved yourself. I've had both my kids take on my personality when they were younger, while it's funny wasn't then! You go girl!!!


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