Saturday, February 09, 2008

Who's A Ham?

I had hoped we'd have a family weekend to ourselves by this point, but my parents still haven't gotten all their stuff out of the old house. We're helping them take more of it to the new house today, and I kinda got a bit snurly with mom this morning because she started this "well, we can leave this and that for next week". Uh, no we can't. See, dear daughter is going to visit with Auntie and Gram next weekend, and then I'm going shopping. Come hell or high water, I'm going to spend time with my husband and kids. All in the same room at one time. As a family. She's had since January to get all her shit out of that house.

I know that sounds bratty, and yes, I'm having a two minute pity party about it - lol - but I'm ready for it to be over. Didn't I say at some point that I would not go through with this after they closed on the house? Yeah, yeah... I always say I won't, but then do anyway. Grr... Anyway, I talked to mom on the phone Pre-moving session this morning and she's complaining she's tired and yadda yadda. If we'd just spend one weekend and take care of all of it in one hit instead of little pieces, we could all move on and have time to rest. As it is, she's been tying up hubby's weekends for two months. Enough already.

On a brighter note, I've added another 1k to BB&C. When I actually have a full moment to sit down and focus on it uninterrupted the story really flows. I also have a serious crush on my hero that seems to be developing more day by day. :P Tall, dark, and mysterious just does it for me. LOL! I need to find a pic that resembles my idea of he looks like and tack it up in my workspace for inspiration - if hubby wouldn't be too jealous. He's had issues with my hunky alpha heroes in the past. (Poor Cole from Crossing Borders. Hubby really had an issue with him. LOL! Thankfully he never read Bonding Experience. *_*)

I've also been practicing my pitch for BB&C. I sat down and wrote down a quicky synopsis I can memorize, and a few other important things about the book - like offers I've had on proposal, etc. I'm going to keep "pitching to myself" until the week of the actual conference. I thought there was a pitch session in the archives over at Romance Divas, but I couldn't find it right away. I may email someone on staff to ask about it. I want to be prepared.

On another note: ICE CREAM! I bought a container of Edy's Cheesecake Diva ice cream. OMFG that stuff is evil. Anyway, I went for a bowl last night and what's this? My ice cream is GONE!! Gone, I say! I glared across the bar at hubby who held up his hands in duress and told me, "I had only 1 bowl." Yeah, well, so did I. I looked around the door at Oldest, who heard our conversaton and gave me a look that insisted the shoe gnomes, ice cream fairies, or some other figment of his imagination ate that ice cream. *snort*

"Boy, I.Will.Drop.You.TNT.Style. An entire container of ice cream?"

*sigh* I have nothing left but memories of flavor and a half empty bottle of Magic Shell. Darn bottomless pit, swarming locust, teenagers! *shakes fist* I must buy more ice cream. And HIDE IT apparently. :P

Such is the flow of my weekend. May yours be merry, and the ice cream be plentiful. Happy Saturday!


  1. LOL My brother came by this weekend and sucked me clear out of popcorn and ice cream! Ha ha. You're right. They ARE bottomless pits that suck in food like vacuum cleaners. ;)

    I'm so glad to hear about the 1k on BB&C! I'm dying to know more about that story! Ever gonna share a blurb? OR that pic of your hero when you find it? LOL So that we can all drool of course.

    Sorry to hear about all the trouble with your mom. They can be pretty demanding sometimes. I hope that all gets squared away and you get your weekend. Your family totally deserves it.

  2. LOL Cora! My oldest is 11 almost 12 and already we call him the bottomless pit! Every time I turn around he's complaining there is no food in the house... and he's right! Its all magically disappeared! :-P

    Great job on writing. I did a scene this morning that is a bit further along then I am overall but it was burning a hole in my mind and I just decided... I've learned how to accept I will be going over everything a hundred times... so what if I have to alter things in the scene down the road... I'll capture the intensity of the moment and that is priceless. =) So this morning's writing was fun.

    I too think I will for the first time 'search out' a picture of my hero. I actually have one in my head that will 'kind-of' match him... I'd seen it a LONG time ago on someone else's blog. Its the eyes that I'm drawn to. Hopefully I can find it. This will be new for me though... I've never used photos of any kind.

    Have fun writing!



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