Friday, February 15, 2008

A Teddy Came To Live With Me!

Valentine's Day was such a pretty day. It wasn't too cold, the sun was out, and since it happened on a Thursday, there wasn't all the rampant kids running here and there. Nice. Calm. *easy breezy*

Hubby took our change bucket off the shelf Wednesday evening and ran it through our rolling machine. $268.00 worth of loose change! Hubby has been tossing change in there for a year, and decided when it got full up, he would take it to the bank and get a little something for himself. Of course, as hubby goes, he bought parts for Mustard - the yellow Jeep. ^_^

The top pick is hubby installing KC lights. What he needs KC lights for? We don't hunt, or go out into the woods for any reason (save possibly if this were an alternate universe and we needed to hide from zombies, or some such thing) BUT, but...the lights are yellow and look snazzi-delic on Mustard. What better reason to have them, right?

It was such a nice day, I took Mini outside to play in the wagon. He was much more interested in what his daddy was doing. He wanted to "help it fix'a da Jeep". Heh. I dragged his wagon around to the front yard and shoo'd him out of the dangerous tools, like screwdrivers and things he could hurt himself with. He grabbed a socket wrench and took of around the Jeep. "I fix it da tires, Mimi!" So, here we have our future mechanic, complete with Jeep cap. ^_^

While I'm outside with the guys, the UPS truck pulls up. I'm staring at it like a zen cow, holding Mini's hand to keep him from rushing our UPS lady, when Jay says, "Honey, I think you should go over there. The package is for you."

It is?! I go over there grinning like an idiot. Remembering now that hubby said he was ordering something for me for V-day. The lady already has the box in hand when I get there - what is it? A Vermont Teddy Bear!!!

*hearts* *flowers* *kisses* *joy*

I was very tempted to take a pic of the ups truck, but I didn't know if the driver would appreciate that much. Or maybe find out the hard way there is some freakish law about photoing ups I didn't do that. But I rushed the VTB box into the house and used so safety scissors to cut the tape. Look who popped out!

She is a little buttercream bear, 15 inches tall, and her little brown eyes read "made in Vermont". Her shirt says I *heart* Corrina - which is Cora, only full blown. LOL She is just adorable! Hubby got lots of kisses and snuggles for being so sweet. What a good way to end a Valentine's Day!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Oh Cora, That was the sweetest thing i've heard a man doing for his lady. I'm glad you two have each other, it makes everything else in life so much more fun to experience and go through. Here's to many more Vermont Teddy Bears and kisses and snuggles;o) Glad it was a great day for you and your family! Hope you have the same for this weekend!

  2. Happy weekend, Crystal!

    How very nice for you to say abouts the Ol' Hubby. Really, he's such a sweet guy. I count myself lucky to be with him. :*)


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