Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Taxes R Done!

Taxes are done! *dance, dance* Hubby and I attempted to take them in yesterday, but we couldn't get a sitter for Mini Beast. We dropped him off with my parents for a few hours to play while we did the deed. I'm so extremely glad that's over for another year.

After taxes we had lunch at El Patio, and whoa...what a difference it makes when it's just adults at the table. You can actually look at your partner and talk to them! I had garlic grilled shrimp with rice and a guacamole salad. :9 Hubby had some kind of beefy, steaky looking thing with sauce.

We visited with my parents for a few minutes when we went over to pick up Mini. Now that I'm home, I decided to relax a bit before hitting the WIP. For all respective purposes I have finished the HQN story. I'm going to go in and make a few modifications to the story, make sure I've closed all the gaps, then it will be time to print it all up. Woot!

That's been the story of my day. Not too shabby, not at all... ^_^ In the morning hubby will be going back to work, so it will be just me and the Mini Bear. Back to our daily schedule!

I hope you all had a great hump day!


  1. Lucky. I'm still gathering receipts and info. But the light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel! :)

  2. WOW!

    Yay on getting those Taxes finished!

    Double yay on finishing the HQN story! I swear, you're one of the fastest writers I've ever met. It's so awesome. :) You inspire me. Keep us informed! I have a feeling you'll do great.

    Happy hump day!

  3. Whoo hoo! You've been on a roll! =)


  4. That garlic grilled shrimp sounds SO good! I'm hungry for it now! Glad you got the taxes all taken care of and that you spent some alone time with hubby. When i'm away from the kids when I normally have them, it's a WEIRD feeling isn't it? Very different when they're not around..

  5. Congrats on getting the taxes done. I need to get that done soon. :)


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