Friday, February 22, 2008

Rain, rain, go away...

It's shortly after midnight here. I had a time getting online all day yesterday thanks to the weather. We had severe storms, a smattering of hail, and tons of rain. Mom called early in the day to see if everything was okay. I didn't know until she told me that we were under tornado watch/warning... whichever means they've been spotted in the area.

We didn't see any tornados, and aside from the lack of a net connection with any staying power, the day wasn't bad at all. Mini and I played with his train set, and I managed to get a little editing done - albeit not enough to really spring me ahead.

Today is bill paying day, so Mini and I will be running a few in-town errands. I have to do all my busy, household things because over the weekend, I have to go to the old house and do a walk through. Mom and dad told me when we went to pick up Mini after our tax run on Tuesday, that they'd gotten the last of the things they intended to take from the place. There is a set of lockers hubby wants to get, and I want to bring home an old a bookshelf that dad made. The parents plan to leave all this stuff behind rather than move it, and I guess I can understand that. The stuff is old, and it's in a storage shed out behind the house. They figure the owners can go through and sell, toss, or whatever they want to do with the stuff that remains. Mom tells me now that they're in the new house, they hate even having to navigate the chug-hole driveway at the other place. She says if they never see it again, it will be too soon.

I guess in a way I feel like we're all moving forward into a new time of our lives. It's not always easy leaving the past being. And there is a lot of past to leave behind at that old house. It almost feels like an era has ended. I was pregnant with Oldest when my parents and I moved in there. Hubby was on active duty in Killeen, Tx awaiting deployment orders to Iraq for Desert Storm. All that seems like a lifetime ago now...

Over the last few weeks, since shortly before Valentine's Day, hubby has been dropping subtle (and some not so subtle) hints he wants to have another baby. *_* I never would've thought... *shakes head* After Mini was born, I assumed he was done with that, even though I'd mentioned maybe one more before I turn 35. I have always mentioned "maybe" after the birth of both kids - just in case. I never wanted there to be a moment when he said to me, "You told me we'd have no more!" Even though when we first met I thought in my heart, I never want to have kids.

Of course I changed my mind about that, and once I had Oldest I knew I didn't want him to be a single child. Mini came at a great time for us, when I really, really was wanting another baby, but I wonder from time to time if I haven't placed Mini in the same "only child" boat as I did Oldest, since there is such an age gap between them. Right after I had Mini hubby and I talked about having one more along with Mini so they could grow up together, but I could see the hesitation in hubby's eyes when I mentioned it. I mean really, you can't expect your kids to grow up and be close, although I've raised them to be, and hope they will be in the future. But I digress...

Hubby wanting another baby. On the way home from HnR Block I told him I'd like to write a bit first, get my footing, or at least see what I am capable of before we start painting the nursery again. Even now I can't seem to gage his reaction. I've asked him since, and while he's not stand-offish exactly with his answers, they are a bit...evasive. I'd like to think of waiting on having a 3rd baby as taking a bit of "me time", but at the end of the day when I think about it, I wonder if I'm just being a little selfish. After all, having Mini at home with me hasn't stopped me from writing. I guess overall, it's just one of those eternal, motherhood questions... When is the right time, and when do I want it to happen for me? *pondering*

I seriously hope I haven't bored you all to tears with my introspection. ^_^ Off to bed for now. I hope you all have a happy Friday, and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Girl, there never IS a right time for having children. Take it from me...Our thinking is a little scary, that's the same reason I had William. I didn't want Sam to be alone. We as mothers try to take in every detail of our lives when considering having another baby. Financially, it's always going to "cost" to have a child. At least for you, you can stay at home and forgo the daycare payments. That right there is a BIG concern for lots of parents. If both you and hubby are in agreement, I say go for it.

    I would love to have one more but it looks like that isn't going to happen. Like you, I've told myself through out the years that I would stop having kids after I reached 35. I just really like the idea of not going to my kids high school graduation when i'm in a rest home or something! The 2 I have are both at that age where we all can just pick up and go at a moments notice. And now that I am single i've been traveling a lot more. No excuse, I know, but it makes it so much easier not having to change diapers and pack diaper bags, yada, yada, yada...

    You'll know what you want to do and if you guys do decide to have another one you just better blog A LOT about it;o) Have a wonderful Friday..

  2. Send some of that rain down here, chica. It's so hot, everything is too dry.

    I'm happy to hear your parents are almost all moved into the new house. You must be very relief. Heh!

    As for the baby, well, there's so much to consider when you see the level of violence in schools today in the news, the economy sucks, and stuff like that.

  3. I'd say send some of that rain this way, but I think it already got here. :) I know you must be thrilled the move is almost finished. As for the baby, I'm the wrong person to ask (I have a cat), but if you decide to go for it I say good luck. Have a great weekend.

  4. I think the baby bug is going around. A lot of people I know are pregnant or contemplating children which leaves me to feel the same way you are. I'm wondering when's the right time. If I'm selfish for enjoying the 'me time' I have (which is few), wondering how I'd have time to take care of everything. Just everything you can possibly imagine. *HUGS* So I sympathize, truly.

    Whatever choice you guys make, know it'll be the right choice for you both. And Mini would be thrilled to have a little friend to play with. ;)

  5. Just take it from someone over 40 now who can't seem to get pregnant to save my life, don't wait too long. There will always be time to do so many things life offers and to follow dreams, but if children is what you even think you want, don't put it off and assume it'll work out.

    Sorry, don't mean to be a downer, but I had two easy wonderful pregnancies, then four miscarriages and now nothing. Don't ever take your fertility for granted. My two cents for what it's worth. :)


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