Monday, February 11, 2008

On the Quest for White Anime Hair - Pt 1

Come witness us playing with chemicals!

Our family is a genetic melting pot of interesting backgrounds. German, Irish, Cheyenne and Coushatta Indian. There are at least a handful of others. These four are just through me. It's safe to say we have some varied blood running through our veins, and I'm not taking into account hubby's side of the family, which is on one end very French, the other very Scottish.

At any rate, there is a phenomenon on my end of the gene pool with first born males. ALL the first born males on our side of the family are blonde. Everyone of them. And usually only the first born male. The rest are either honey blondish-reddish-brown(like me, the only girl born in the line), or brunette.

This has been the genetic trend since my family settled in the US in the late 1860s, judging by the photographic evidence. I'd be willing to bet it goes back many generations further than that as well. My dad is one example. Blond. His brother? Brunette. My Aunt's sons are like this too. Her oldest is blond; the youngest is brunette. My Oldest and Mini bear follow this interesting pattern too.

As an infant Oldest had cherubic, platinum blonde curls, chubby cheeks, and big blue eyes. My little angel. (Boy, they grow out of that fast. LOL!) As he's gotten older, his hair has become the dust blond color that comes with growing up. Another interesting family hallmark. Well, Oldest isn't having it...

Oldest has what I call Anime Addiction - or more likely, too much interest in video games and Anime school girls' short skirts. :P When he was about 8 or so, he told me he wanted hair like Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Soooo, being the curious to see what happens devoted mother that I am, I trimmed him up, moussed his hair into a whippy looking blond peak and - Voila!

It was big. It was pointy. Oldest was thrilled!
I told him I'd disown him if he stepped outside the house. :P

This quest has gotten more intense, more blonde as he's traveled through his teen years. "Mom, I want white hair. Anime white. Like the guy on Inuyasha."
You know, I try to explain to my son I am but a mere mortal....

The Quest Begins

I wanted to take Oldest to JLK salon to do this. For me, a drive to Lafayette would be worth it to do it right. However, I'm of the understanding they shut down after Katrina hit. Sooo... We search around, and buy a White Lightning 40 volume bleach kit at Hot Topic and decide to give it a go at home.

This isn't the first time we've bleached Oldest's hair. Born Blonde from the drugstore will take him down to a very light lemony color since he's already naturally light. But he wants the full monty. I mix the 40 volume carefully, but still manage to get a pencil led speck of it on my forearm.

Why, yes, indeed it does burn. My skin bleaches deathly white on contact! *_* I use a brush and put this all over Oldest's head, starting around his face to prevent it dripping. Before I've coated his whole head he says he can feel it, and I'm thinking - we won't be able to keep it on the full time. I put a cap on his hair and we start the timers. The top picture is right after I'd covered his head. He was already wanting to run screaming through the wilderness. :P It probably didn't help that his dad kept tormenting him by coming into the dining room at odd intervals, and shouting "Fire! Buring! Fire!" like Bevis on a rampage. *sigh*

We keep a close eye on the clock. I keep telling Oldest not to touch the cap, and to not attempt to scratch - he'll rub the bleach into his scalp. I also keep checking to make sure his hair doesn't "melt". Once upon a time in the 80s, while helping a friend bleach her hair from dark brown to blond, the strands lost all elasticity, and literally began to stretch like spaghetti. Yikes! I wanted to make sure this didn't happen to Oldest.

And of course, while photoing, Mini pops in, because we're doing something too darn interesting to resist. "Take a pic of me too, Mimi! Me too!"

Oh for Pete's sake... My little camera ham. ^_^

I check Oldest's hair every 10 minutes. Within 15 it's already to that "inside of a banana" yellow color. Oldest protests rinsing it out. He wants to wait longer - the box says 60 minutes!

At this time, hubby walks back through the dining room. "Burning flesh! Smoke! Fire! Fire!" Karma, I remind him. Karma hubby! He grins like a fiend and goes outside to talk on the phone. BRAT!

We wait 40 minutes, and I tell Oldest it's been 60. He's saying his scalp is stinging in back where his hair is the shortest. I want to get the stuff off his head PRONTO. I need to check his scalp and make sure everything's okay.

I take one last "in the chair pic", during which Mini pops up.

"Mimi, you take pic of me yet?"

*sigh* Yes, baby. I got a picture of you. Now Get down, Bear... I'm trying to get pictures of your brother.

Time for the rinse out. I tell Oldest to fetch a towel and I get the kitchen ready and run the taps so it's not too hot, not too cold. When oldest gets back, I take the towel from him and wrap it around his shoulders, and I hand him a wash cloth to hold over his eyes.

Once we're ready, I remove the cap and tell him to lean his head over into the kitchen sink. I run lukewarm water over and through his hair to wash out the bleach, paying careful attention to the place he said burned most, and the thickest parts that absorbed the most bleach. Crapola, that stuff was hard to get out!

The whole time, Oldest is Oooh'ing and ahhh'ing, the water feels awesome on his scalp, he says. The water parts his hair as it runs over, and I see that his scalp is WHITE in places, irritated and pinkish in others toward the back. Not terrible, but still I notice it. And I can see some scratch marks.

I told you no scratching with bleach on, you monkey-butt!

Once I'd rinsed thoroughly, I sent him off to shampoo with Aussie Moist. That stuff rocks for dry hair. I told him to do this just to make sure all the bleach is out.

This last pic is the aftermath. I think this is after I rinsed, but before he shampooed. I think he was running bath water at that time I took this. Either way, his hair is wet, just combed. So it's a bit darker than it is when dry. It turned nearly white along his hairline, but has faint yellow undertones that my flash makes look a lot brighter than it really is. It's as far down as I can take his hair without professional help. (Possibly even the mental kind.) I told him he's killed enough brain cells and hair folicles for one day. After the bath, time for bed.

In a week or so, once we've allowed his hair a little rest and made sure his scalp is okay, I'm going to put on a platinum toner with a violet base. Violet counters the yellow, makes it less visible to the human eye. I'll be using Manic Panic Virgin Snow - their superdy, duperdy strength. It should take him down to a nice icy, white blond. I'll post follow up pics once we slap on the toner. ~_^

In the meantime...Oldest's thoughts on the turn out? He loves it! And mommy gets a big ol' hug for her effort. :*)

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Ah you did a great job mama! His hair looks awesome! Can't wait to see the final final result. :)

  2. BLOODY HELL CORA!! I just sit down to review the posts i've missed and you pull a good one and i'm fixing to leave work!!! I WILL RETURN!! AND YOU HAVE SO MANY PICTURES!!! I'm in heaven!!!!

  3. WOW! You really did a great job! I'm impressed! It's hard to get hair to lighten that much, so bravo! I can't wait to see the follow up pics. That toner will definitely even it all out.

    Can I just say, Mini totally reminds me of me when I was younger?! HA HA. I have soooo many pictures of me like the one with him and Oldest. I'm like, peeking through the edge of the picture, going, hey, did you take one of me yet? lol Sooo cute.

  4. ROFL!! I love how your Hubby interacts! Are you sure you BOTH aren't my long lost siblings cause i'm feelin the connection! Good post today and I love how his hair turned out. I will NEVER try that on Sam's hair. Are you kidding me? Can you IMAGINE the HELL i'd catch if I screwed that up?? Sheesh, makes my heart rate speed up just thinking of it...;o)

    Mini Bear is just a ham isn't he, LOL! Was Oldest like that too? Both of mine love that damn camera...Have a wonderful evening, i'm now going below to see the picture again of my future husband;o) Does this Hottie of yours have a name yet???

  5. Thanks bunches, Karen. His scalp is looking pretty good, it's not as bad as I thought, so we'll probably be doing the toner this weekend or sometime next week.

  6. LOL Crystal! So glad you like all the pics. ^_^

  7. Isabelle, lol! Mini loves his pic taken. Not all kids are like that. I used to run from the camera. LOL! A lot of my young pictures I have my hands in front of my face. *sigh* I wish I hadn't been like that now, but back then...

    I need to get up a new photo of his hair while it's dry before I add the toner. It is light, light, light. It's almost white in the front. The orangy look was from his hair being wet. I'll be sure to add that before I put up the toner pics. ^_^

  8. Crystal, I told hubby what you said and he roared with laughter. See, I told him about what you did when you hid that you bought Will's Star Wars Lego game early and hid it in the car console. Bwahahahaha! He says messing with our kids minds is part of the privilege of being a daddy. ROFL! ^_^


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