Sunday, February 10, 2008

Holy Hotties, Batman!

Remember when I said I planned to find an inspirational picture to represent my latest sexy hero? Well here he is!

I'm not sure of this model's name, but he is my inspiration for Talos, the hero from my lastest wip which I'm calling The BBnC project. Tall, dark, and mysterious...oh my! He battles demons, rocks a lightning fast sword, and at the end of the day, he sweeps the heroine off her feet. Last night I made awesome progress, and added another 3k words to my story. Woohoo!

I'm thinking of adding one of the progress meters to my site so I can keep up with how I'm doing on BBnC. I'd like to be somewhere around 20k or higher before I take off for that conference. At this rate, that won't be a problem. *knock on wood*

I also made huge progress in my India story for Wierdly 2 last night. I completely scrapped the old project and started from scratch. On my second write through - what a difference! I'm on the right track now, and should have the story finished and ready for a print-up and read-through sometime next week.

As for the conference, hubby's having second thoughts about letting me go alone. Not about me going as it were, but with him staying home. LOL! I think he wants to putter around Shreveport, maybe visit a few people, go shopping etc, while I'm up there. I don't mind at all, but we'll have to make arrangements for the kids and adjust the hotel accomodations if that's the case. He still has a while to think about it. I told him if nothing else, he can book an additional hotel room off the conference block and we can go back and forth. I doubt we'll cross paths much while everything is going on anyway, but we'd be able to sleep in the same room at night. It's a thought....

I should go for now. Hubby took both boys for an outting. I think they probably went to AutoZone or something like that. ROFL! I'd planned to use this time for writing, but ended up folding two loads of laundry and blogging - shameless time wasting hussy that I am.

I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday!


  1. Holy moly, your hero is a hottie!

    :D I love tall, dark and mysterious as well. *fans herself*

  2. Oh, yum! Can I order a couple of those?

  3. He's hot, Cora! Great pic! :*) I often visualize my characters and think of who can play them in the movie It helps with description...

  4. Isabelle, that guy is definitely something to behold, don't you think? ^_^

  5. Jennifer, ordering a couple of those... OMG, could you imagine twins?! *faint*

  6. I do that too, Demon. I try to visualize what I'm writing like it's a movie playing in my imagination. It helps the story flow better. :)

  7. SWEET JEEZUS CORA!!! What are you trying to do to me???? I was just going to scroll and see all the pictures and then come back after I get home to read and comment when you post THAT HOTTIE?????? That is SO not fair! I WILL RETURN!!

  8. Okay! Hotties future wife is back! Well damn girl....DEMONS?!?!?! Have I told you lately that while my greatest passion is werewolves, the second runner up that came in VERY close to first is DEMONS!!! Is ANY OF THEM GOOD??? Oh, come on now...I'M BEGGING HERE! Ya know, you can make one of them be like a little knock off of Dobby off of Harry Potter??? You know who I'm talking about? Like a little smartassed side kick! Damn! I'm on a role here! Scratch that Cora, I got me tha makin's of a bestseller, ROFL!! I'm blowin nothing but hot air ain't I??;o)

  9. He's quite the hottie isn't he, Crystal? Oh gosh, the demons... this story is very intense. Erotic romance/Urban fantasy. I hope it's one you'll like. First though, I must get it all on paper. It will be a while before it's ready to head off to an editor. ~_^


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