Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hey, you! Play nice!

I have four chapters I'm mad tweaking this week, and yesterday I got a call from hubbby that he took a voluntary lay off from the job in Campti. Fine. Get your tools and come home. He will have another week or so here at home, then he will be off to Boise. I thought, really, this couldn't have happened at a better time because he can watch Mini so I can get my project finished.

Hubby came home and sat down in front of Guild Wars, and I was in here with wip, trying to work, trying to watch Mini, and then he tells me he has a call to take at 6 pm. *_* Okay... I finally give up managing the chaos and take off to the bedroom with the laptop, but Mini keeps opening and shutting the door, and I gotta tell you, that ol' Irish temper is starting to flare after about an hour of this.

I couldn't work with so much noise, so I put the laptop away and hauled Mini off to take a bath. I bathed him, dressed him, got him comfy and by about 8 had him totally ready for bed. It takes him a while to fidget around and get to sleep, so it was a little after nine before I came into the dining room for my laptop again. I sat on the couch with my computer, listening to carnage and swords clanging from the kitchen until around 10. Finally hubby called it a night and came to give me a night-night kiss. Once the door shut to our bedroom I thought: PEACE!

Finally, after a day long battle with hubby, Guild Wars, and kids - I can write! I took one look at my wip and YAWNED.

I fought with that #$%@^ chapter until 1:30 and didn't accomplish very much. I was just too tired to wrap my mind around it. I finally gave up and went to bed, but I was pretty surly by the time I did so. I couldn't help feeling the whole writing day had been wasted. Well, don't think another day like that is going to happen this week! >:{

Mini woke up around 6 am, and asked for juice. I got out of bed, checked on Oldest to make sure he was up. I then made juice, poured some, and took it to Mini. He sat up in bed drinking juice and I crawled back beneath the sheets. Mini starts saying he wants to watch TV...well, you know what? I didn't go to bed til 1 am, so ASK.YOUR.DADDY. Hubby gets up in a sniff and takes Mini to the den.

I slept until about 9. Yes, ma'am I surely did. And when I got up, I came into the kitchen, informed the entire house that they could hang around and do whatever they wanted to, but I have a project to work on and I WILL work on it, Guild Wars and Max and Ruby be damned. I told hubby yesterday was a total writing waste, and he took the hint. I'm not going to baby sit Mini so he can play computer games when I have something important to do.

Today, I am home alone, wip open. Hubby took Mini with him on an outing - probably the safest place for both of them to be right now. *fangs* I'll be around much later today to wish everyone well and see how you're all doing. I have one and a half chapters to edit if I hope to have it all finished for the conference. I just hope my crit partner is ready to give them a gander!

I hope you all have a struggle-free and productive Tuesday!


  1. Good luck with the edits.
    I haven't been very productive today. Yet. I did get my car in to be inspected, but have to go pick it up soon and get to the dayjob. Hope to have enough attention span to get some work done tonight after work. Have a great day. :)

  2. Use your free day to the fullest. Enjoy it and write. :*)

  3. Thanks bunches, Ann. I'm on my way over to check on you. :-)

  4. Thanks bunches, Demon! Same to you. :-)

  5. Hey hun, you've been tagged!

    BTW, good luck with those edits! YOU CAN DO IT!

  6. Girl I am so behind in reading everyones blogs! Can you believe it's almost FRIDAY??? Just yesterday it was Monday, where does the time go?

    Hope you made some head way with your writing!


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