Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Having a Mental Health Day

The title of today's post really says it all. My dad came by to tell me he and mom got ripped off, and oh yes, today was Oldest's report card day too. *sigh* I love my family dearly, but it was one of those days when that love was seriously tested.... End of story.

On the writing side, things are going very well. I'm about 1000 words away from wrapping up my draft for the HQN story. I'm going to finish it off once Mini goes to bed. I have the final scene to write, and then I can go back and work on the main love scene. Tomorrow I'll print it up and start red penning.

I have until Sunday to work on HQN, because come Monday I have to focus on cleaning up my first few chapters of BBnC, which I'll be taking with me to the conference. I will also need time to work on my pitch. Yikes! So much to do, so little time.

Well, it's that time. Off to put the Mini beast to bed. I hope you all had a fun Tuesday!


  1. Maybe Wednesday will be better. I'm running a giveaway on my blog. Stop by and you could win a free book. That's always good, right? :)

  2. I've had plenty of those days. I hope everything got worked out. I know i'm always on Sam and her grades. She likes to hover around that 70 mark and I just know one day.....As for your mom and dads house...Dare I ask??? (((HUGS)))

  3. I'll be over in a bit to check out your contest, Ann! :) And I'm hoping today will be much much better that Tuesday. Just given the odds I think it must be better than yesterday. I hope? Please? Right? LOL! ^_^


  4. Urg, yes, Crystal. One of "those" days. I swear...I have my slakcer moments but Oldest is just plain lazy and not doing his work. He's 16 and his mind is on only one thing and it's not school. Two guesses what that one thing is? *_*

    As for mom and dad... *sigh* There are times I seriously wish I had brothers and sisters to help keep up with them. They let some jerk talk them into buying this shockingly expensive chair. Dad wanted to walk away, but mom insisted. Been married to dad for close to 40 years and still can't read his "don't do it!" signals. *shakes head* Dad, then tries to return the chair, and you can guess how that turned out. Somehow that all ended up on me, and I'm not even clear how, but thinking about it is enough to make me want to go on a very long cruise with many, many massages and margueritas. *_*

    It could be worse. Right? *crickets*

  5. Girl, even though Oldest is 16 I still can relate. I have the exact same problem with Sam. She won't admit to it though. I'll walk in her room to see if she's FINISHED with her homework, you know, cause it's been like and hour or so since I told her to go and do it...She' on the floor texting on her cell. Now, she has to turn the phone over when she gets home and I have to SEE the finished homework in order for her to get it back. She swears up and down she doesn't talk to the boys...I know better;o) I FEEL your pain...

    As for your parents...oh girlie! I have an older brother that we never see. I haven't seen or heard anything from him in a couple of years..long story but I'm pretty much the only child as well.

    My mom and dad are pretty good at listening to one another, specially when it comes to big buys. But if for any reason they mess something up and try to drag me in it. I back away slooowly and then make for the door!


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