Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Sorry no blog yesterday. It was one of those days when no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't seem to get anything right. I had about fifty things I needed to do, and I dragged around about getting to it. I've been sneezing, coughing, and my eyes are dry and itchy, so all I could really seem to stay on track about was "where are the tissues".

I was already running late, and I got a call from Hubby that he was on his way home from work. So early? He was in town buying us lunch from Sonic. Popcorn chicken! :9 I decided to wait even longer about getting to what I had to do, I had lunch with hubby and Mini, and by the time I'm ready to actually leave - with shoes on and everything - it's after 1 o'clock.

"Well, there's still time..." I tell myself, but the voice of reason keeps popping in now and again, niggling at me because the post office closes at 3. And that's like, number four, of all the things I need to do when I get to town.

I dumped my books off at the library, and dashed over to the store to buy Valentine's Day card for hubby, and two of the small heart boxes with candy in them for Oldest and Mini. OMFG! The Valentine's section is swarming with people! Candy is flying off the shelves at an insane rate. It's like watching the Red Cross handing down water to thirsty people stranded in the desert. Good grief! I get jostled around in the crowd, but even with careful maneuvering I can't get close enough to the actual candy. I ended up walked around the aisle to try and approach from the other side, and come across two candy heart boxes someone had abandoned in the decorator items section. I snapped them up and went to pick through the cards. I get a bit bulldozer-ish here, because people are just plain rude - hitting you with their buggy - like they couldn't see my big butt standing there! I picked hubby a card that just seemed to pop out at me. It's hard to find those, but anything that tells my hubby he is my soul mate is the right card for me.

I pick up two birthday cards for friends and family in addition to everything else, and go to checkout. By this time I'm kind of sweating the clock. I'm not wearing a watch, and of course no store is actually going to have a working time piece anywhere - why would they want to remind shoppers how long they've been looking for things to spend money on, know what I mean? I'm tapping my foot, trying to be polite, but the cashier working my line has to be the slowest person ever. She's chatting with the customer who she apparently knows from church, or family, or... whatever. They obvious had a LOT to talk about. Meanwhile the cashier is oohing and aahhhing over everything Valentine's the woman has in her basket. ARG! By the time she actually gets to my stuff, I'm read to shove her aside and scan the mess myself. It would be much faster. The whole time, I'm thinking "I'll check the time in the Jeep". Of course, all this rush, rush is my own darn fault. If I'd only been willing to give up the PJs and fuzzy slippers earlier and get on with it hours ago I wouldn't be going through this. (Yeah, me bad. *spank*)

I get out to the Jeep after an small eternity in checkout, and see it's after 2:30. Yikes! I fought the candy rabble hoards longer than I thought! I have to make a dash to the post office now, and hurry toward the opposite end of town. Right after I round the bend at the top of the overpass, I see a sign "right lane closed". WTF??? It's been a few days since I've trekked to this side of town, and I had NO IDEA they had the four lane ripped to shreds and two of the lanes closed. *sigh*

I trudge through bumper to bumper traffic, log trucks abound, and my gaze keeps skittering over to the dashboard clock. 2:45. I'm drumming my fingers on the steering wheel, because I begin to realize the road construction extends well beyond the turn off for the post office. Traffic is backed up for miles.

By the time I reach the post office, I'm a bundle of nerves. I have five minutes to get my stuff into the mailing box (which of course, isn't sealed!) on the seat beside me, bind it up with packing tape and rush inside. I decide to make a go for it. I grab my box, the packing tape, my purse, and just to make sure...before I hop out of the Jeep, I rummage through the box to make sure I have everything.

If you've managed to read this far, I'm giving you a gold star because you've obviously got some patience with me and my absent mindedness. You know what? I look at my dash clock, seeing the numbers click by like a count down to destruction: 2:57, 2:58...

I have a box on my lap that needs to go out, and I am missing one - read that! ONE - item from the shipping box that needs to be in there. *forehead smack*

Oh yes, yesterday was one of those kind of days...

Writing Things

I only logged about 800 words last night, just shy of the 11k mark. I'm going to remedy that today. I've made a goal to write 1k words a day or more; it's easier to see the progress add up that way. Yesterday was so full I didn't get my 10-15 minute brainstorming time before I actually sat down to write. I see now that makes a difference.

I have a rough skeleton written for BBnC now. The beginning and ending is on paper, (er, laptop) and sections of the middle are in place like page markers. I will be adding more to those as the story develops, and the love scenes are always added in last. So far so good.

That's it for me today! I'm off to get another cup of coffee. I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day fill with hearts, hugs, and laughter!

UPDATE:This about killed me, so I had to share!

Humorous Pictures

When ever my kids do something really goofy, I call them a "monkey-butt". Maybe that's why I found this so hilarious. I can't wait to show this to Oldest when he gets home from school. Bwahahahahahaha! ^_^


  1. So sorry to hear about your hectic day. Good luck on your writing.

  2. Thanks, Michelle! Nice seeing you here, btw. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. For crying out loud Cora!!! I need a stiff drink and some anxiety meds after reliving your crazy, fast paced day!!! God Bless girl, you were a busy little thing but don't worry, I have those kind of days too! More I think on it, a LOT of my days are like that;o) Oh well, makes for good reading doesn't it?! Have a good and RELAXING day!!!!

  4. Aww... Cora! *HUGS* Sounds like an exhausting day. I really hope today was better.

    Congrats on getting to the 11k mark. But more so, congrats on having the skeleton done! In my book, that's even more important than wordcount! Knowing where it's going, so that way you can flesh it out later. Keep up the great work, girl! *pom pom swish*


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