Friday, February 01, 2008

February is the month for luuuurve...

And the month of birthdays too, apparently. I checked through my calendar last night to prepare for the new month and gosh! Birthdays everywhere! ^_^

So I sat down and worked on vampires last night until they stopped talking to me, then I opened up a blank word document and started writing anything that came into my head. You know, now that I think about it, I can't remember the last time I did that - free writing. 1000 words later, I had a pretty good start on a potential novel. Hm... I'm keeping it on my desktop just to see what happens.

This weekend Hubby and Oldest are going to go help my mom move all the large pieces of furniture from the old house to the new one. While they're gone, I'm going to put the new entertainment center together. It's sitting in a box in the dining room right now, and I haven't had the energy to put it together. I need to get the box moved though and hubby was bitching about Mini being able to get too close to the TV with it on its current stand soooo...I'm caving in to peer pressure. :P I'll get the thing together tomorrow. Today, however, I MUST focus on laundry. It seems like everyone in the house decided last week they wanted their jackets washed. Arg! I hate to admit it, but I've been shuffling them around to avoid doing it. Now it must be done because I won't be able to spare the time over the weekend.

Sometime over the weekend, I also have to get my amplifier and guitar out of the living room. It's been sitting in there for ages. I used to play in there because that's where the stereo was, but since lightning struck the stereo - what was it, two years ago? - the stuff has been sitting there and I now have to drag it to the dining room to use it. We're not talking about a small amplifier either. *_* Currently it's being used as a end table of sorts in the living room. Mini stands on the couch to play with his trucks and uses it as a "truck dock". Heh.

I have no idea where I'm going to put the amp, but in another week or so my aunt is hauling my grandmother's red leather living room set in from TX. They're always swapping out furniture, and this time, they're passing the castaways off on me and hubby. ^_^ I don't mind it one bit. The set is gorgeous! We're taking our suede set and moving the sofa to the storage shed. It's practically brand new, and I think hubby wants to use it so he and Oldest will have a place to sit when they're using the punching back in the shed. Whatever works...


Yesterday I read Patricia Rosemoor's Ghost Horse. (Harlequin Intrigue) I'm not usually big on mysteries, but this one seemed pretty good: a gothic type romance in a modern day setting. The cover is absolutely gorgeous, and drew me right away.

The book is about Chloe Morgan, a young woman who takes on a summer tutor position at Graylord Pastures so she can try to find out what happened to her best friend Dawn, who came up missing while she worked there for a short time. Chloe hires in as the tutor to Damian Graylord's daughter Nissa, a teenager who has a bit of a complex about being abandoned since her mother, Pricilla, and later Dawn (the best friend/former tutor) mysteriously up and leave. Once Chloe settles into the new position, she begins to have dreams about Dawn following a ghost horse into the mist along the edge of the property. She thinks Dawn is trying to tell her something from beyond the grave...

I read the book in one sitting. It had an okay storyline, and I stayed with the book because I genuinely wanted to find out what happened to Dawn. There really wasn't much to the "ghost horse" itself, but even that served its purpose.

The one thing that really got to me about the book was the POV shifts. I always check a book to see what POV it is before I buy it, and when I read the beginning of this book I assumed I was getting a 3rd person POV novel. When I got it home, I realized everything from Chloe's perspective is written in 1st person, and everyone else's is in 3rd. This is very confusing when starting out, and I really don't recommend anyone doing that. It wasn't til after I read the book that I made sense of the prologue. I feel it could have been so much better if the entire thing 3rd (or even 1st) person.

Even so, Ghost Horse is a good book for a rainy day, and I can even seen myself reading more books from the Intrigue line. (I'll just have to be a bit more careful when inspecting the POV!)

That's it for me today! I have laundry to finish, and it's going on 2:30. Where has the time gone? I hope you all have a great Friday, and a fun (and safe) weekend!


  1. You play the guitar? YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!! What all do you play?? Hhmmm? Inquiring mind want to know! Yeah, good luck with that laundry...mine's staring back at me right now but i'm ignoring it;o) Have a wonderful weekend and goodluck on getting the entertainment center put together without cussing at least a dozen times;)

  2. Aw, Crystal...your comments make me feel pretty darn cool. LOL! ^_^ I play guitar, bass guitar (the equipment in the living room), and piano. What can I say? I love music.

    Oh boy, I'm pretty sure once I get started on the entertainment center a cussing fit will be in order. I'm wondering how I'm going to get all the pieces out, because I can't even lift the box!

    Happy weekend, dear!

  3. You realize you're my hero, don't you? I mean, I knew there was a reason that I was drawn to you. Your love of music is it! When you once talked about how Mini gets all excited to hear you play... well, shucks, you won me over! Ha ha. My musical soul is drawn to yours. I sing. I wish I could play though. :-( Maybe one day, right?

    I hope you're having a wonderful Friday and that your weekend is both relaxing and productive!


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