Friday, February 08, 2008

Dropped the Ball

I dropped the ball yesterday. I promise to make up for it and visit all my blogger buddies today. I started to blog I don't know how many times Thursday only to have something cut me short of doing the deed everytime I opened Blogger.

It started when I discovered there is a RWA Writer's Conference coming to Shreveport Feb 29 - March 1. I have always been a bit shy about going to conferences, but this one is so close, and within my budget. I saw Lucienne Diver, and Cori Deyoe is going to be there. As will editors from Simon and Schuster, Harlequin, Avon, and more. I toyed with the idea yesterday, tried to find other Louisiana romance writers - where the heck are you folks hiding, anyway?!?! - and finally I decided if I'm ever going to test the convention waters, this should be it. I am sending off my registration today. My first conference. My nerves are already shot to hell and its still weeks away!

I plan to pitch B,B,&C. This should be interesting, especially since the book isn't finished, and the only thing I've ever pitched to anyone is a softball! However, the forms I filled out for an agent COLD READ asked if the work was complete, so I'm not going to worry about it too much right now. Over the next few weeks I'll simply write and polish as much as possible; get everything spotless in my first few chapters since that's what they're asking we bring with us. I'm going to be a total sponge when I get there - this is going to be a BIG learning experience for me. Who knows? If this goes well, I may even join the RWA.

So that's my big news. Just the thought of braving Shreveport traffic is enough to make me feel a little ill. ROFL! Well, I should go for now. It's 1:30 in the morning and hubby will be getting up in a few hours. I need some shut eye. ^_~

Good night everyone - oh! And Happy Friday! *wiggle dance*


  1. WELL WE HAVE CERTAINLY MISSED YOU!;o) Glad you are going to the convention! I would love to go one day just to see what it's all about! Sounds like a fun time;)

    Yeah, i'll just warn you now that if you DO catch up on blogs, when you come to mine Start with Thursday's Lil' Subway Story, part one AND two, THEN read Friday's post...if you really want to get a kick out of the craziness of my life, start there. You wouldn't believe what's been happening...Whatever happened to the boring days???LOL! Have a good Friday sweet!

  2. You're going to the convention! How exciting!!! :D I'm so happy for you. Please take tons of pictures and then blog in excruciating detail. I was going to try to go to the RT one which is near me, but the funds were just too tight. *sigh* Maybe next year.

  3. You too? I'm going to RT in Pittsburgh, and I'm pretty psyched. I'm totally psyched that it's Friday and I have the weekend off. It's been quite a week. :)

  4. Congrats on deciding to go! Being a sponge sounds like a wonderful way to approach it. I haven't been to any conferences yet... but I am a member of RWA.

    Have fun writing!


  5. Girl! I read through those posts and *_*. I'm so glad he told you upfront about his little issues before a date. Good grief... :S

    Hang in there, sugar!

  6. I decided to go, Isabelle. It's just too close to pass up, and there will be an agent there who I'd really like to talk to.

    I also somehow managed to get the discounted room rates when I made my reservations yesterday. *dance, dance* I thought they were only going to hold the conference block until Feb. 1st. Woot!

    I'll be sure to take plenty of pics. One of these days I hope to go to one of the RT conventions. I'd love to meet all the writer buddies I chat with online. :)

  7. Ann! I heard quite a few folks are going to the one in Pittsburg. Sadly, it's too far for me to travel. I should've gone to the one they had in Dallas, but I just wasn't ready. Be sure to take tons and tons of pictures when you go!

  8. Thanks, Cole. I don't know quite what to expect yet, so I figure the sponge routine will help me find my footing. If all goes well, this could be my year to join the RWA. :)


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