Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Long Day

One of my best-est online friends (and one of my crit buddies) went in for surgery this morning, and I gotta say, today has been one of the longest waits of my life! I hovered around the phone like a psycho, swatting any hands that came near it and threatened to tie up the phone line. I got word this afternoon that she pulled through her surgery with no complications, and whoa...I've been like a salted slug ever since. I think has to be the most wonderful news I've had all week.

This all comes on the heels of learning that one of my fellow collector friends has had massive organ failure after a lengthy battle with anorexia. He is on life support now, and the doctors do not expect him to pull through. I've been waiting all day for more news on his condition, but there are no changes; just word that more of his family has arrived to be at his bedside and lend support to his life partner. I still can't quite grasp the fact he is in the state he's in. It all seems so surreal. I messaged back and forth with him only days ago, and he seemed to me so vibrant and in good spirits. I haven't been back to the groups to post because his messages are still up, and I can't look at them without crying. I can't think of a single person with a sweeter, more giving spirit...

While waiting for phones to ring and emails to come through today, I busied myself with writing, writing, and more writing. Or technically, rewriting. And editing. I've been polishing my first three chapters within an inch of their given life. Seriously, if these things were written on notebook paper with pencil, the pages would see-through from all the eraser marks. Tempest, bless her heart, red penned my prologue and pointed out some important things this morning. I made notes all over the place and plan to clean up that little mess before heading out to the conference.

Whew! All in all, I feel I'm ready. Or rather, as ready as I'm going to be. I have one more chapter to shape up before Friday, so that will be my grand plan for tomorrow. That, and to make it to my hair appointment. I really, really need a haircut. About all I can do with the ol' mop right now is barette it back, or put it in a ponytail. Yep, time for scizzing. *snip, snip*

Well, I better wrap it up for now. I just put Mini beast to bed and I'm so godawful freaking tired I'm tempted to fall in behind him and catch a few Zs. If I didn't have so much work to do and so little time to do it in, I probably would. But for now, I should really take advantage of the quiet time and get some work knocked out. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hey, you! Play nice!

I have four chapters I'm mad tweaking this week, and yesterday I got a call from hubbby that he took a voluntary lay off from the job in Campti. Fine. Get your tools and come home. He will have another week or so here at home, then he will be off to Boise. I thought, really, this couldn't have happened at a better time because he can watch Mini so I can get my project finished.

Hubby came home and sat down in front of Guild Wars, and I was in here with wip, trying to work, trying to watch Mini, and then he tells me he has a call to take at 6 pm. *_* Okay... I finally give up managing the chaos and take off to the bedroom with the laptop, but Mini keeps opening and shutting the door, and I gotta tell you, that ol' Irish temper is starting to flare after about an hour of this.

I couldn't work with so much noise, so I put the laptop away and hauled Mini off to take a bath. I bathed him, dressed him, got him comfy and by about 8 had him totally ready for bed. It takes him a while to fidget around and get to sleep, so it was a little after nine before I came into the dining room for my laptop again. I sat on the couch with my computer, listening to carnage and swords clanging from the kitchen until around 10. Finally hubby called it a night and came to give me a night-night kiss. Once the door shut to our bedroom I thought: PEACE!

Finally, after a day long battle with hubby, Guild Wars, and kids - I can write! I took one look at my wip and YAWNED.

I fought with that #$%@^ chapter until 1:30 and didn't accomplish very much. I was just too tired to wrap my mind around it. I finally gave up and went to bed, but I was pretty surly by the time I did so. I couldn't help feeling the whole writing day had been wasted. Well, don't think another day like that is going to happen this week! >:{

Mini woke up around 6 am, and asked for juice. I got out of bed, checked on Oldest to make sure he was up. I then made juice, poured some, and took it to Mini. He sat up in bed drinking juice and I crawled back beneath the sheets. Mini starts saying he wants to watch TV...well, you know what? I didn't go to bed til 1 am, so ASK.YOUR.DADDY. Hubby gets up in a sniff and takes Mini to the den.

I slept until about 9. Yes, ma'am I surely did. And when I got up, I came into the kitchen, informed the entire house that they could hang around and do whatever they wanted to, but I have a project to work on and I WILL work on it, Guild Wars and Max and Ruby be damned. I told hubby yesterday was a total writing waste, and he took the hint. I'm not going to baby sit Mini so he can play computer games when I have something important to do.

Today, I am home alone, wip open. Hubby took Mini with him on an outing - probably the safest place for both of them to be right now. *fangs* I'll be around much later today to wish everyone well and see how you're all doing. I have one and a half chapters to edit if I hope to have it all finished for the conference. I just hope my crit partner is ready to give them a gander!

I hope you all have a struggle-free and productive Tuesday!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lost In A Violet Haze

Saturday the family and I went shopping for the final things I needed for the conference. I bought shoes, a new watch, and a case to carry my papers in for the workshop. In the morning I'm calling for my hair appointment. I'm going to ask for stacked layers - ooh, flicky! - and cheek bone length side bangs. Tres chic! Let's just hope I walk out of there with what I ask for. LOL!

I managed to clean up one solid chapter of the story for HQN, but after that I had to put it down and take a rest over the weekend. I've been just on the brink of getting sick, so I had to take it a bit slower than I usually like. Lots of REAL food - sans junk! And watching my blood sugar a bit better. I can't afford to get sick the week of the conference. That would totally bite the big one, and given what all I've done to ensure I get there, you can bet your fanny I'd be showing up red nosed, watery eyed, coughing into my tissues. Come hell or high water, I'm going.

Once I'm back from the conference though, I have to take a trip to the doctor. I've been putting it off for far too long. *grumble* My aunts and uncles in TX, they get even a hiccup and they run to the doctor. As you can tell, we joke about it a bit in our immediate family circle. One of my aunts literally got dropped by her insurance for too many claims over a five year period. I didn't even know that was legal! *_* Anyway, I digress...

I'm not sure what it is with my immediate family and doctors. We have to be one foot in the grave before we'll go. Me included. :P I've had this sinus thing nagging me since early January, and now I've got a cough to go with it. It's a little tickly cough that's not really all that severe, it's just enough to irritate the stuffins out of me. It's particularly annoying when I try to prevent Mini from jumping on the couch (and thereby falling off of it ON HIS HEAD, thereby resulting in an emergency room visit). I try to shout at him from the dining room and I break into a hacking fit. So not cool!!! And Mini won't even begin to take me seriously when I'm coughing, the little booger!

Soo... I'm soon off to the doctor for that. And for my blood sugar. I know what the doc is going to say there though...stop eating like a trash can and take your insulin. I think more or less I pay that man for the rah rah motivational health speech than any real practical health repair.

Oh, oh!! Funnies... I almost forgot! On Saturday after shopping, hubby drove the four of us over to a little seafood restaurant outside of Ruston. They had just opened the door for the evening when we got there, so the parking lot was empty. We parked right by the door, and had no idea it was buffet night until we went in. Yay! We made our order and got situated at a comfortable corner table - which would prove to be hell to vacate once we tried to leave. Anyway, Hubby sat with Mini while Oldest and I went to fill our plates. I, like always, fill one for me, and one for Mini. I get back to the table and I turn and look. Whoa!!! Where did all the people come from?! There is now a line leading out the front door with people waiting to get in this place. Really, I guess, I'm not so surprised: all you can eat shrimp, stuffed crabs, ribs, catfish filets and nuggets, whole fried fish, grilled Tilapia, frog legs, gumbo, potato salad... all kinds of yummies up there. And the waitstaff - so friendly and nice!

Well, it wasn't easy getting to and from the buffet table. The place had more customers than it did seating. So, when Oldest looked over at my plate, he pointed at the food I'd picked out and said, "What's that?" I told him, "It's a frog leg."

Now, we're a bit country, and we do eat some pretty strange things depending on who you ask. Oldest has had alligator and lots of different game type things, but I think frog seemed a little much in his book. I personally like frog legs, especially with cocktail sauce for shrimp, and I didn't want him to think it was that off base. I mean really, it's not exactly exotic.

I see the skeptical look on Oldest's face and so I ask him, "Do you want one of my frog legs so you can give it a try?" He thinks about it a few seconds and says, "Sure, why not?" I pass him one of my frog legs and I have to hold back a chuckle when he starts to nibble at this tiny thing like it's a mini chicken leg.

"Honey, break the leg in half, put one piece in your mouth and rake all the meat off with your teeth as you pull the bone out." And alas, I demonstrated. Oldest watched, nodded, then did the deed. All was well and we went on with our meal. Hubby arrived back from the buffet and sat down with this HUGE honking plate of shrimp and catfish. It looks like he brought back half the buffet with him. I gawk at his haul and he shrugs and says, "I'm not going back through THAT line." Bwahahahaha! If that's not male mentality, I don't know what is. ^_^

About twenty minutes later, we're all pretty much finished eating except for hubby. Oldest has been particularly quiet throughout the meal. I glance over at him to ask if he wants ice cream, when I notice he has one of the frog leg bones in his hand and is looking at it. I didn't say anything about it though, I'm trying to keep Mini occupied so he won't drive us out of the restaurant - which is by now packed beyond capasity, to the point of being almost uncomfortable. Oldest forgoes the ice cream, and out of the blue, he leans over and asks me, "Mom? What are the signs you're allergic to something you've eaten?"

"You mean like fish?" I ask him, and he nods. "Well, you'll have trouble breathing possibly, or you'll break out in an itchy rash." I told him nothing scary about anaphilactic shock - however you spell it, because I know darn well my son isn't allergic to fish; the only thing he's proven allergic to is school work and cleaning his room.
He nods and looks relieved all the same. He says, "Good. I only wanted to make sure. Incase I started feeling weird."

Starts feeling weird? I look at the shrimp that he didn't eat sitting on his plate. "Well, hon, you're not allergic to shellfish, so what are you worried about?"

"Oh, it's not about the shrimp," he tells me. "I was worried about eating the frog legs."

*_* Bwhahahahahaha! No, no I didn't really laugh at him. Only in my soul. Hehehehehe!! *evil mommy* I did assure him he wasn't going to have an allergic reaction to frog meat, just so he wouldn't panic later if he later developed a wart or something. Bwahahahahaha, Kids!!!

((deep breath)) Okay, okay... enough for me. I promise to be good. 0:)

That's it for tonight. It's after midnight and I really, really need to go to bed. I hope you all had a great weekend, and I wish you all a smooth and productive Monday. I promise to get around today and visit you all to check out what I missed over the weekend. See you in a bit!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Rain, rain, go away...

It's shortly after midnight here. I had a time getting online all day yesterday thanks to the weather. We had severe storms, a smattering of hail, and tons of rain. Mom called early in the day to see if everything was okay. I didn't know until she told me that we were under tornado watch/warning... whichever means they've been spotted in the area.

We didn't see any tornados, and aside from the lack of a net connection with any staying power, the day wasn't bad at all. Mini and I played with his train set, and I managed to get a little editing done - albeit not enough to really spring me ahead.

Today is bill paying day, so Mini and I will be running a few in-town errands. I have to do all my busy, household things because over the weekend, I have to go to the old house and do a walk through. Mom and dad told me when we went to pick up Mini after our tax run on Tuesday, that they'd gotten the last of the things they intended to take from the place. There is a set of lockers hubby wants to get, and I want to bring home an old a bookshelf that dad made. The parents plan to leave all this stuff behind rather than move it, and I guess I can understand that. The stuff is old, and it's in a storage shed out behind the house. They figure the owners can go through and sell, toss, or whatever they want to do with the stuff that remains. Mom tells me now that they're in the new house, they hate even having to navigate the chug-hole driveway at the other place. She says if they never see it again, it will be too soon.

I guess in a way I feel like we're all moving forward into a new time of our lives. It's not always easy leaving the past being. And there is a lot of past to leave behind at that old house. It almost feels like an era has ended. I was pregnant with Oldest when my parents and I moved in there. Hubby was on active duty in Killeen, Tx awaiting deployment orders to Iraq for Desert Storm. All that seems like a lifetime ago now...

Over the last few weeks, since shortly before Valentine's Day, hubby has been dropping subtle (and some not so subtle) hints he wants to have another baby. *_* I never would've thought... *shakes head* After Mini was born, I assumed he was done with that, even though I'd mentioned maybe one more before I turn 35. I have always mentioned "maybe" after the birth of both kids - just in case. I never wanted there to be a moment when he said to me, "You told me we'd have no more!" Even though when we first met I thought in my heart, I never want to have kids.

Of course I changed my mind about that, and once I had Oldest I knew I didn't want him to be a single child. Mini came at a great time for us, when I really, really was wanting another baby, but I wonder from time to time if I haven't placed Mini in the same "only child" boat as I did Oldest, since there is such an age gap between them. Right after I had Mini hubby and I talked about having one more along with Mini so they could grow up together, but I could see the hesitation in hubby's eyes when I mentioned it. I mean really, you can't expect your kids to grow up and be close, although I've raised them to be, and hope they will be in the future. But I digress...

Hubby wanting another baby. On the way home from HnR Block I told him I'd like to write a bit first, get my footing, or at least see what I am capable of before we start painting the nursery again. Even now I can't seem to gage his reaction. I've asked him since, and while he's not stand-offish exactly with his answers, they are a bit...evasive. I'd like to think of waiting on having a 3rd baby as taking a bit of "me time", but at the end of the day when I think about it, I wonder if I'm just being a little selfish. After all, having Mini at home with me hasn't stopped me from writing. I guess overall, it's just one of those eternal, motherhood questions... When is the right time, and when do I want it to happen for me? *pondering*

I seriously hope I haven't bored you all to tears with my introspection. ^_^ Off to bed for now. I hope you all have a happy Friday, and a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Taxes R Done!

Taxes are done! *dance, dance* Hubby and I attempted to take them in yesterday, but we couldn't get a sitter for Mini Beast. We dropped him off with my parents for a few hours to play while we did the deed. I'm so extremely glad that's over for another year.

After taxes we had lunch at El Patio, and whoa...what a difference it makes when it's just adults at the table. You can actually look at your partner and talk to them! I had garlic grilled shrimp with rice and a guacamole salad. :9 Hubby had some kind of beefy, steaky looking thing with sauce.

We visited with my parents for a few minutes when we went over to pick up Mini. Now that I'm home, I decided to relax a bit before hitting the WIP. For all respective purposes I have finished the HQN story. I'm going to go in and make a few modifications to the story, make sure I've closed all the gaps, then it will be time to print it all up. Woot!

That's been the story of my day. Not too shabby, not at all... ^_^ In the morning hubby will be going back to work, so it will be just me and the Mini Bear. Back to our daily schedule!

I hope you all had a great hump day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Having a Mental Health Day

The title of today's post really says it all. My dad came by to tell me he and mom got ripped off, and oh yes, today was Oldest's report card day too. *sigh* I love my family dearly, but it was one of those days when that love was seriously tested.... End of story.

On the writing side, things are going very well. I'm about 1000 words away from wrapping up my draft for the HQN story. I'm going to finish it off once Mini goes to bed. I have the final scene to write, and then I can go back and work on the main love scene. Tomorrow I'll print it up and start red penning.

I have until Sunday to work on HQN, because come Monday I have to focus on cleaning up my first few chapters of BBnC, which I'll be taking with me to the conference. I will also need time to work on my pitch. Yikes! So much to do, so little time.

Well, it's that time. Off to put the Mini beast to bed. I hope you all had a fun Tuesday!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sparkly, Shiny Things

President's Day, thou hast thwarted me yet again!!! Okay, I gotta admit I live to check the mail. Something good is always coming and going from this house. Yeah, yeah, I know Oldest stayed home today. Hubby was home today too. But the mail!! I kept waiting and waiting. I didn't make the correlation until...oh, three o'clock? D'oh! :*>

All the same, it's been a good day. The weather has been just fabulous: sunny, bright, cool breezes. I've left the door open for most of the day to let in some fresh air. Around noon Hubby decided to take Mini Bear over to my parent's house for a while, and Oldest has been playing Playstation. This has been a great chance for me to get in some writing. I sat down and picked through my BBnC for a while, tweaking the first three chapters for the conference. Then I opened up my file for the short I'm working on for HQN Bites. I have it up to 8k now. Woot! Another day or two and I will be wrapping up the first draft.

Last night I received my confirmation for the Written In the Stars Conference. Woot! I have everything I need now, san one new hairdo. I need to get off my lazy bum and call my stylist for an appointment but egads, something more important always comes up!

Tomorrow hubby and I will be taking a trip up to HnR Block to do the dirty. Oh, man, I hate taxes. Not really the fact that we have them, but the object of actually filing. What a pain. I'll have to drop little bear off at my mom's for a while to accomplished this. He's learned a new habit that's slowly drive me out of my mind - whining. I can just imagine having to hold him on my lap for the forty-five minutes it would take for them to repeat the same information they took from us last year. :P Ah well... As they say, it must be done!

That's it for me today. I need to put on the final load of laundry. Yay! *much rejoicing*

I hope you had a snazzy Monday!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rainy Saturday Night

You Are a Sprinkled Donut

Flamboyant and flashy, you're easily distracted by shiny things.

You're definitely a snazzy number, and you usually catch everyone's eye in the room.

And you've got the goods to back it up your colorful image.

(Though too much of you gives people a stomach ache!)

It's a rainy Saturday night, and so I'm sitting here with the house all quiet, messing around on Blogger for a few minutes before I cart my laptop into the den. I've gone through MOST of a large salted marguerita, and I'm still riding a bit high from a recent eBay victory.

So I could catch up with writing today, I denied myself a trip to Fun-roe with Hubby and the boys. They went without me, and I ended up catching up on several days worth of laundry, as well as my writing. I put down a little more than 2k words, and I'm nearly at the halfway point for a story I intend to submit to the Silhouette Nocturne Bites. I've also tinkered around with my beginning for BBnC. I'm polishing my first few chapters so I can take them to conference for one of the workshops. Compared with what I had in mind to do today, I accomplished much. *dance, dance*

Tomorrow we're having a quiet day at home. Relaxing, movies, popcorn. I imagine my dad will drop by to see the kids, and I'll do a bit of writing and finish up the last two loads of laundry. Woohoo! Not too bad, not too bad...

I hope the weekend is treating you well. Happy Saturday night!

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Teddy Came To Live With Me!

Valentine's Day was such a pretty day. It wasn't too cold, the sun was out, and since it happened on a Thursday, there wasn't all the rampant kids running here and there. Nice. Calm. *easy breezy*

Hubby took our change bucket off the shelf Wednesday evening and ran it through our rolling machine. $268.00 worth of loose change! Hubby has been tossing change in there for a year, and decided when it got full up, he would take it to the bank and get a little something for himself. Of course, as hubby goes, he bought parts for Mustard - the yellow Jeep. ^_^

The top pick is hubby installing KC lights. What he needs KC lights for? We don't hunt, or go out into the woods for any reason (save possibly if this were an alternate universe and we needed to hide from zombies, or some such thing) BUT, but...the lights are yellow and look snazzi-delic on Mustard. What better reason to have them, right?

It was such a nice day, I took Mini outside to play in the wagon. He was much more interested in what his daddy was doing. He wanted to "help it fix'a da Jeep". Heh. I dragged his wagon around to the front yard and shoo'd him out of the dangerous tools, like screwdrivers and things he could hurt himself with. He grabbed a socket wrench and took of around the Jeep. "I fix it da tires, Mimi!" So, here we have our future mechanic, complete with Jeep cap. ^_^

While I'm outside with the guys, the UPS truck pulls up. I'm staring at it like a zen cow, holding Mini's hand to keep him from rushing our UPS lady, when Jay says, "Honey, I think you should go over there. The package is for you."

It is?! I go over there grinning like an idiot. Remembering now that hubby said he was ordering something for me for V-day. The lady already has the box in hand when I get there - what is it? A Vermont Teddy Bear!!!

*hearts* *flowers* *kisses* *joy*

I was very tempted to take a pic of the ups truck, but I didn't know if the driver would appreciate that much. Or maybe find out the hard way there is some freakish law about photoing ups I didn't do that. But I rushed the VTB box into the house and used so safety scissors to cut the tape. Look who popped out!

She is a little buttercream bear, 15 inches tall, and her little brown eyes read "made in Vermont". Her shirt says I *heart* Corrina - which is Cora, only full blown. LOL She is just adorable! Hubby got lots of kisses and snuggles for being so sweet. What a good way to end a Valentine's Day!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Sorry no blog yesterday. It was one of those days when no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't seem to get anything right. I had about fifty things I needed to do, and I dragged around about getting to it. I've been sneezing, coughing, and my eyes are dry and itchy, so all I could really seem to stay on track about was "where are the tissues".

I was already running late, and I got a call from Hubby that he was on his way home from work. So early? He was in town buying us lunch from Sonic. Popcorn chicken! :9 I decided to wait even longer about getting to what I had to do, I had lunch with hubby and Mini, and by the time I'm ready to actually leave - with shoes on and everything - it's after 1 o'clock.

"Well, there's still time..." I tell myself, but the voice of reason keeps popping in now and again, niggling at me because the post office closes at 3. And that's like, number four, of all the things I need to do when I get to town.

I dumped my books off at the library, and dashed over to the store to buy Valentine's Day card for hubby, and two of the small heart boxes with candy in them for Oldest and Mini. OMFG! The Valentine's section is swarming with people! Candy is flying off the shelves at an insane rate. It's like watching the Red Cross handing down water to thirsty people stranded in the desert. Good grief! I get jostled around in the crowd, but even with careful maneuvering I can't get close enough to the actual candy. I ended up walked around the aisle to try and approach from the other side, and come across two candy heart boxes someone had abandoned in the decorator items section. I snapped them up and went to pick through the cards. I get a bit bulldozer-ish here, because people are just plain rude - hitting you with their buggy - like they couldn't see my big butt standing there! I picked hubby a card that just seemed to pop out at me. It's hard to find those, but anything that tells my hubby he is my soul mate is the right card for me.

I pick up two birthday cards for friends and family in addition to everything else, and go to checkout. By this time I'm kind of sweating the clock. I'm not wearing a watch, and of course no store is actually going to have a working time piece anywhere - why would they want to remind shoppers how long they've been looking for things to spend money on, know what I mean? I'm tapping my foot, trying to be polite, but the cashier working my line has to be the slowest person ever. She's chatting with the customer who she apparently knows from church, or family, or... whatever. They obvious had a LOT to talk about. Meanwhile the cashier is oohing and aahhhing over everything Valentine's the woman has in her basket. ARG! By the time she actually gets to my stuff, I'm read to shove her aside and scan the mess myself. It would be much faster. The whole time, I'm thinking "I'll check the time in the Jeep". Of course, all this rush, rush is my own darn fault. If I'd only been willing to give up the PJs and fuzzy slippers earlier and get on with it hours ago I wouldn't be going through this. (Yeah, me bad. *spank*)

I get out to the Jeep after an small eternity in checkout, and see it's after 2:30. Yikes! I fought the candy rabble hoards longer than I thought! I have to make a dash to the post office now, and hurry toward the opposite end of town. Right after I round the bend at the top of the overpass, I see a sign "right lane closed". WTF??? It's been a few days since I've trekked to this side of town, and I had NO IDEA they had the four lane ripped to shreds and two of the lanes closed. *sigh*

I trudge through bumper to bumper traffic, log trucks abound, and my gaze keeps skittering over to the dashboard clock. 2:45. I'm drumming my fingers on the steering wheel, because I begin to realize the road construction extends well beyond the turn off for the post office. Traffic is backed up for miles.

By the time I reach the post office, I'm a bundle of nerves. I have five minutes to get my stuff into the mailing box (which of course, isn't sealed!) on the seat beside me, bind it up with packing tape and rush inside. I decide to make a go for it. I grab my box, the packing tape, my purse, and just to make sure...before I hop out of the Jeep, I rummage through the box to make sure I have everything.

If you've managed to read this far, I'm giving you a gold star because you've obviously got some patience with me and my absent mindedness. You know what? I look at my dash clock, seeing the numbers click by like a count down to destruction: 2:57, 2:58...

I have a box on my lap that needs to go out, and I am missing one - read that! ONE - item from the shipping box that needs to be in there. *forehead smack*

Oh yes, yesterday was one of those kind of days...

Writing Things

I only logged about 800 words last night, just shy of the 11k mark. I'm going to remedy that today. I've made a goal to write 1k words a day or more; it's easier to see the progress add up that way. Yesterday was so full I didn't get my 10-15 minute brainstorming time before I actually sat down to write. I see now that makes a difference.

I have a rough skeleton written for BBnC now. The beginning and ending is on paper, (er, laptop) and sections of the middle are in place like page markers. I will be adding more to those as the story develops, and the love scenes are always added in last. So far so good.

That's it for me today! I'm off to get another cup of coffee. I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day fill with hearts, hugs, and laughter!

UPDATE:This about killed me, so I had to share!

Humorous Pictures

When ever my kids do something really goofy, I call them a "monkey-butt". Maybe that's why I found this so hilarious. I can't wait to show this to Oldest when he gets home from school. Bwahahahahahaha! ^_^

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Manuscript Milestone

I didn't post earlier in the day because of all the rain and winds we've been having. Our lights flickered a bit, but luckily we weathered it and the power stayed on. On top of this Hubby got a rain out today and came home early. I let the house go once I heard he was coming in early, and focused on writing. I spend early morning going over notes, and by Mini's naptime I was itching to open Word.

I wrote a little over 2k words today, and overall I reached the 10k mark. Woot! *dance* *confetti* *milestone* *chocolate* For all effective purposes, I'm a 9th of the way through the book. Sounds like barely any progress made at all when put that way, so I'll keep to saying 10k. It makes me feel better. LOL! ^_^

Once I get Mini in bed and snoozing soundly, I'll probably make notes for about thirty minutes, but I want to finish a chapter I started working on while I have it fresh in my mind.

That's pretty much it for me today. It's late and I have a few things to do before I take the Mini Beast to bed. I hope you all had a comfy Tuesday! :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

On the Quest for White Anime Hair - Pt 1

Come witness us playing with chemicals!

Our family is a genetic melting pot of interesting backgrounds. German, Irish, Cheyenne and Coushatta Indian. There are at least a handful of others. These four are just through me. It's safe to say we have some varied blood running through our veins, and I'm not taking into account hubby's side of the family, which is on one end very French, the other very Scottish.

At any rate, there is a phenomenon on my end of the gene pool with first born males. ALL the first born males on our side of the family are blonde. Everyone of them. And usually only the first born male. The rest are either honey blondish-reddish-brown(like me, the only girl born in the line), or brunette.

This has been the genetic trend since my family settled in the US in the late 1860s, judging by the photographic evidence. I'd be willing to bet it goes back many generations further than that as well. My dad is one example. Blond. His brother? Brunette. My Aunt's sons are like this too. Her oldest is blond; the youngest is brunette. My Oldest and Mini bear follow this interesting pattern too.

As an infant Oldest had cherubic, platinum blonde curls, chubby cheeks, and big blue eyes. My little angel. (Boy, they grow out of that fast. LOL!) As he's gotten older, his hair has become the dust blond color that comes with growing up. Another interesting family hallmark. Well, Oldest isn't having it...

Oldest has what I call Anime Addiction - or more likely, too much interest in video games and Anime school girls' short skirts. :P When he was about 8 or so, he told me he wanted hair like Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Soooo, being the curious to see what happens devoted mother that I am, I trimmed him up, moussed his hair into a whippy looking blond peak and - Voila!

It was big. It was pointy. Oldest was thrilled!
I told him I'd disown him if he stepped outside the house. :P

This quest has gotten more intense, more blonde as he's traveled through his teen years. "Mom, I want white hair. Anime white. Like the guy on Inuyasha."
You know, I try to explain to my son I am but a mere mortal....

The Quest Begins

I wanted to take Oldest to JLK salon to do this. For me, a drive to Lafayette would be worth it to do it right. However, I'm of the understanding they shut down after Katrina hit. Sooo... We search around, and buy a White Lightning 40 volume bleach kit at Hot Topic and decide to give it a go at home.

This isn't the first time we've bleached Oldest's hair. Born Blonde from the drugstore will take him down to a very light lemony color since he's already naturally light. But he wants the full monty. I mix the 40 volume carefully, but still manage to get a pencil led speck of it on my forearm.

Why, yes, indeed it does burn. My skin bleaches deathly white on contact! *_* I use a brush and put this all over Oldest's head, starting around his face to prevent it dripping. Before I've coated his whole head he says he can feel it, and I'm thinking - we won't be able to keep it on the full time. I put a cap on his hair and we start the timers. The top picture is right after I'd covered his head. He was already wanting to run screaming through the wilderness. :P It probably didn't help that his dad kept tormenting him by coming into the dining room at odd intervals, and shouting "Fire! Buring! Fire!" like Bevis on a rampage. *sigh*

We keep a close eye on the clock. I keep telling Oldest not to touch the cap, and to not attempt to scratch - he'll rub the bleach into his scalp. I also keep checking to make sure his hair doesn't "melt". Once upon a time in the 80s, while helping a friend bleach her hair from dark brown to blond, the strands lost all elasticity, and literally began to stretch like spaghetti. Yikes! I wanted to make sure this didn't happen to Oldest.

And of course, while photoing, Mini pops in, because we're doing something too darn interesting to resist. "Take a pic of me too, Mimi! Me too!"

Oh for Pete's sake... My little camera ham. ^_^

I check Oldest's hair every 10 minutes. Within 15 it's already to that "inside of a banana" yellow color. Oldest protests rinsing it out. He wants to wait longer - the box says 60 minutes!

At this time, hubby walks back through the dining room. "Burning flesh! Smoke! Fire! Fire!" Karma, I remind him. Karma hubby! He grins like a fiend and goes outside to talk on the phone. BRAT!

We wait 40 minutes, and I tell Oldest it's been 60. He's saying his scalp is stinging in back where his hair is the shortest. I want to get the stuff off his head PRONTO. I need to check his scalp and make sure everything's okay.

I take one last "in the chair pic", during which Mini pops up.

"Mimi, you take pic of me yet?"

*sigh* Yes, baby. I got a picture of you. Now Get down, Bear... I'm trying to get pictures of your brother.

Time for the rinse out. I tell Oldest to fetch a towel and I get the kitchen ready and run the taps so it's not too hot, not too cold. When oldest gets back, I take the towel from him and wrap it around his shoulders, and I hand him a wash cloth to hold over his eyes.

Once we're ready, I remove the cap and tell him to lean his head over into the kitchen sink. I run lukewarm water over and through his hair to wash out the bleach, paying careful attention to the place he said burned most, and the thickest parts that absorbed the most bleach. Crapola, that stuff was hard to get out!

The whole time, Oldest is Oooh'ing and ahhh'ing, the water feels awesome on his scalp, he says. The water parts his hair as it runs over, and I see that his scalp is WHITE in places, irritated and pinkish in others toward the back. Not terrible, but still I notice it. And I can see some scratch marks.

I told you no scratching with bleach on, you monkey-butt!

Once I'd rinsed thoroughly, I sent him off to shampoo with Aussie Moist. That stuff rocks for dry hair. I told him to do this just to make sure all the bleach is out.

This last pic is the aftermath. I think this is after I rinsed, but before he shampooed. I think he was running bath water at that time I took this. Either way, his hair is wet, just combed. So it's a bit darker than it is when dry. It turned nearly white along his hairline, but has faint yellow undertones that my flash makes look a lot brighter than it really is. It's as far down as I can take his hair without professional help. (Possibly even the mental kind.) I told him he's killed enough brain cells and hair folicles for one day. After the bath, time for bed.

In a week or so, once we've allowed his hair a little rest and made sure his scalp is okay, I'm going to put on a platinum toner with a violet base. Violet counters the yellow, makes it less visible to the human eye. I'll be using Manic Panic Virgin Snow - their superdy, duperdy strength. It should take him down to a nice icy, white blond. I'll post follow up pics once we slap on the toner. ~_^

In the meantime...Oldest's thoughts on the turn out? He loves it! And mommy gets a big ol' hug for her effort. :*)

Happy Monday, everyone!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Holy Hotties, Batman!

Remember when I said I planned to find an inspirational picture to represent my latest sexy hero? Well here he is!

I'm not sure of this model's name, but he is my inspiration for Talos, the hero from my lastest wip which I'm calling The BBnC project. Tall, dark, and mysterious...oh my! He battles demons, rocks a lightning fast sword, and at the end of the day, he sweeps the heroine off her feet. Last night I made awesome progress, and added another 3k words to my story. Woohoo!

I'm thinking of adding one of the progress meters to my site so I can keep up with how I'm doing on BBnC. I'd like to be somewhere around 20k or higher before I take off for that conference. At this rate, that won't be a problem. *knock on wood*

I also made huge progress in my India story for Wierdly 2 last night. I completely scrapped the old project and started from scratch. On my second write through - what a difference! I'm on the right track now, and should have the story finished and ready for a print-up and read-through sometime next week.

As for the conference, hubby's having second thoughts about letting me go alone. Not about me going as it were, but with him staying home. LOL! I think he wants to putter around Shreveport, maybe visit a few people, go shopping etc, while I'm up there. I don't mind at all, but we'll have to make arrangements for the kids and adjust the hotel accomodations if that's the case. He still has a while to think about it. I told him if nothing else, he can book an additional hotel room off the conference block and we can go back and forth. I doubt we'll cross paths much while everything is going on anyway, but we'd be able to sleep in the same room at night. It's a thought....

I should go for now. Hubby took both boys for an outting. I think they probably went to AutoZone or something like that. ROFL! I'd planned to use this time for writing, but ended up folding two loads of laundry and blogging - shameless time wasting hussy that I am.

I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Who's A Ham?

I had hoped we'd have a family weekend to ourselves by this point, but my parents still haven't gotten all their stuff out of the old house. We're helping them take more of it to the new house today, and I kinda got a bit snurly with mom this morning because she started this "well, we can leave this and that for next week". Uh, no we can't. See, dear daughter is going to visit with Auntie and Gram next weekend, and then I'm going shopping. Come hell or high water, I'm going to spend time with my husband and kids. All in the same room at one time. As a family. She's had since January to get all her shit out of that house.

I know that sounds bratty, and yes, I'm having a two minute pity party about it - lol - but I'm ready for it to be over. Didn't I say at some point that I would not go through with this after they closed on the house? Yeah, yeah... I always say I won't, but then do anyway. Grr... Anyway, I talked to mom on the phone Pre-moving session this morning and she's complaining she's tired and yadda yadda. If we'd just spend one weekend and take care of all of it in one hit instead of little pieces, we could all move on and have time to rest. As it is, she's been tying up hubby's weekends for two months. Enough already.

On a brighter note, I've added another 1k to BB&C. When I actually have a full moment to sit down and focus on it uninterrupted the story really flows. I also have a serious crush on my hero that seems to be developing more day by day. :P Tall, dark, and mysterious just does it for me. LOL! I need to find a pic that resembles my idea of he looks like and tack it up in my workspace for inspiration - if hubby wouldn't be too jealous. He's had issues with my hunky alpha heroes in the past. (Poor Cole from Crossing Borders. Hubby really had an issue with him. LOL! Thankfully he never read Bonding Experience. *_*)

I've also been practicing my pitch for BB&C. I sat down and wrote down a quicky synopsis I can memorize, and a few other important things about the book - like offers I've had on proposal, etc. I'm going to keep "pitching to myself" until the week of the actual conference. I thought there was a pitch session in the archives over at Romance Divas, but I couldn't find it right away. I may email someone on staff to ask about it. I want to be prepared.

On another note: ICE CREAM! I bought a container of Edy's Cheesecake Diva ice cream. OMFG that stuff is evil. Anyway, I went for a bowl last night and what's this? My ice cream is GONE!! Gone, I say! I glared across the bar at hubby who held up his hands in duress and told me, "I had only 1 bowl." Yeah, well, so did I. I looked around the door at Oldest, who heard our conversaton and gave me a look that insisted the shoe gnomes, ice cream fairies, or some other figment of his imagination ate that ice cream. *snort*

"Boy, I.Will.Drop.You.TNT.Style. An entire container of ice cream?"

*sigh* I have nothing left but memories of flavor and a half empty bottle of Magic Shell. Darn bottomless pit, swarming locust, teenagers! *shakes fist* I must buy more ice cream. And HIDE IT apparently. :P

Such is the flow of my weekend. May yours be merry, and the ice cream be plentiful. Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Dropped the Ball

I dropped the ball yesterday. I promise to make up for it and visit all my blogger buddies today. I started to blog I don't know how many times Thursday only to have something cut me short of doing the deed everytime I opened Blogger.

It started when I discovered there is a RWA Writer's Conference coming to Shreveport Feb 29 - March 1. I have always been a bit shy about going to conferences, but this one is so close, and within my budget. I saw Lucienne Diver, and Cori Deyoe is going to be there. As will editors from Simon and Schuster, Harlequin, Avon, and more. I toyed with the idea yesterday, tried to find other Louisiana romance writers - where the heck are you folks hiding, anyway?!?! - and finally I decided if I'm ever going to test the convention waters, this should be it. I am sending off my registration today. My first conference. My nerves are already shot to hell and its still weeks away!

I plan to pitch B,B,&C. This should be interesting, especially since the book isn't finished, and the only thing I've ever pitched to anyone is a softball! However, the forms I filled out for an agent COLD READ asked if the work was complete, so I'm not going to worry about it too much right now. Over the next few weeks I'll simply write and polish as much as possible; get everything spotless in my first few chapters since that's what they're asking we bring with us. I'm going to be a total sponge when I get there - this is going to be a BIG learning experience for me. Who knows? If this goes well, I may even join the RWA.

So that's my big news. Just the thought of braving Shreveport traffic is enough to make me feel a little ill. ROFL! Well, I should go for now. It's 1:30 in the morning and hubby will be getting up in a few hours. I need some shut eye. ^_~

Good night everyone - oh! And Happy Friday! *wiggle dance*

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

When Your Plotline Gives You Lemons

I added 1k words to my BB&C wip this morning. Instead of playing around pre-coffee, I got up and jumped right on the work. I'd say it produced decent results...although I'm dog tired now. LOL!
Last night I took a time out for brainstorming my trusty yellow legal pad after I had a major writing "epiphany". (Isabelle, isn't that your word?) I mean the story just started pouring out; I couldn't write it all fast enough. I gave up with the laptop and jotted notes on the legal pad for about two hours, then put it away and went to bed. I never look that sort of thing over right after I've written it. I'll nit pick if I do.
Anyway, this morning, I looked at what I'd jotted down, and it's surprisingly organized. Choppy, not fleshed out in the least, but promising. I should also add that I have a serious crush on my new hero. LOL!

Where did all this epiphany business come from? Reading! I've been needing an inspirational kick, and finally I got it. I finished reading Lyndsay McKenna's The Quest around 10pm last night, and I wrote a quicky review of it, which is now up over at eHarlequin. All this before I sat down to brainstorm with pen and paper. After I read the book, I closed the cover and sat for a few minutes thinking about it, because while I saw many things my editor wouldn't have allowed me to get away with, the story grabbed me and at first I couldn't really figure out why.

The characters both have supernatural powers, which is interesting, but I've read a lot of books like that. The setting, while detailed, isn't necessarily one of my favorite places to go. Now, the plot...the plot...that was complex. The universe Ms. McKenna wrote the characters into was surprisingly complex and different.

I determined it was the plot I loved best, and I think it's because plot is something I sometimes struggle with when writing...characters having a purpose other than to meet and make *cough* romance. LOL! ^_^ With that in mind, I went straight to the laptop before cracking open my wip and did a google search on successful plot building. What did I find...?

Above is a link to Eileen Nauman's blog. The blog is dark; it hasn't been updated since last year, however, the irony in this accidental discovery is that Eileen Nauman just so happens to be Lindsay McKenna - who's story I was pondering about in the first place. Freakish!
Small world, no?

For those that write, Ms. Nauman has a really interesting post up about plotting at that blog link. No surfing required, just click and you're there. I read over it, and it's had my brain going since. The things she points out are simple in theory, and are probably a given, but not something you might think of unless you really sat down and got all technical on yourself about the craft. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm not so likely to do that. :P
With everything in mind from what I read there about plotting, as I already said - the story came pouring out. I came up with an entire passable plotline for the full length novel I'm attempting to write. In short, I'm no longer winging it.
I'm curious to see how long I can stick with it, and if my story will stay on track.
That's it for me today. I've rambled more or less, sorry about that. I tend to do that when I've got books on the brain. LOL!
Happy hump day!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

With French vanilla coffee on top

funny pictures
Official Brat Cats! ^_^

I'm expecting a phone call any minute. I talked to mom yesterday, and I told her that if she didn't have anything going on, I'd come over and we could eat cookies and clean out under her cabinets. I even have contact paper. Yesterday morning I did my own cabinets - replaced the old linings - and since the paper would match her kitchen too, I thought I'd offer. Sure, she wanted me to come over, but she was at the store when I called - darn cellphones! - and so she wanted me to wait til she got home because she didn't want me and Mini to sit around waiting for her all morning. Okay by me.

She called me at 3 o'clock. "Are you coming over?" *_*

"Um, mom, Oldest is going to be home in about 10 minutes, I can't just leave." I've had hours to go over there, but she stopped by her friend's and got in a gossip- fest, I guess, and couldn't get home earlier!

She ho hums around for a minute or two, then asks if I'll come over tomorrow. (Tuesday) Sooo...I'm taking Mini to mom's in a bit. But not before I have my coffee! I can't survive on Decaf like she can. Or without flavored creamer. The flavor this week is sugar free French vanilla, because everytime I pick a flavor that's the one that mysteriously begins to run out at the stores. Hopefully everyone else will start choosing the French Vanilla and leave my Hazelnut alone! ^_^

I'm going to buy that robot I didn't manage to pick up for hubby yesterday. (Crystal, I promise I'll get pictures! You gotta see this thing.) I think he was kind of expecting it when he came home from work, but gosh, I was too tired to make it to the store. Today, I promise, though. I have to pick up laundry detergent of the sock faeries are going to start misplacing things. Not just the socks, but wash cloths, and my favorite sleep shorts...

..::A Joke 4 U::..

A guy goes to the supermarket and notices an attractive woman waving at him. She says hello. He's rather taken aback because he can't place where he knows her from.
So he says, "Do you know me?" To which she replies, "I think you're the father of one of my kids."

Now his mind travels back to the only time he has ever been unfaithful to his wife and says, "My God, are you the stripper from my bachelor party that I made love to on the pool table with all my buddies watching while your partner whipped my butt with wet celery???"

She looks into his eyes and says calmly, "No, I'm your son's teacher."

* * * *

Bwahahahahaha! Gotta love it. ^_^

..::Writing things::..

Last night I stayed up til about midnight working on one of my wips. This one seems to be moving along faster than the vampires - who have decided to shut me out entirely. *sigh* I dumped 2200 words into this latest wip last night, which is pretty darn AMAZING for me in one sitting. I guess I'll refer to that one as BB&C, because that's kind of the slant of it: bells, books, and candles.

So overall I'm about 5k words into BB&C, and I've barely scratched the surface. My hero has just bailed my heroine out of a tight situation, and she is (as yet) unaware of her true nature and her destiny. Whoa, that sounds more fantasy-ish than I anticipated. I never realized that until now. *_* At any rate, I'm hoping this will be my first full length novel. Time will tell...

That's it for me. It's almost 10am and I still need to change out of my pjs and do a few chores around the house before I can take off to Mom's.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Missed the bus!

While in the middle of dreaming this mornig, Oldest nudged me awake and said, "Mom, I think I missed the bus!" I blinked at him a minute, thought about the words he'd just said and nodded, then I rolled over. Stared at the ceiling for a minute or two. When it dawned on me I needed to drive him, I sat up and in two seconds flat realized Mini was sacked out in the big bed with me. He apparently crawled up there sometime after hubby left for work.

I got up and pulled on some jeans and shoes, the went to wake up Mini, who looked at me for a minute after I shook his little foot. When it sank in where I'd said we were going, he quickly rolled over, nodding and saying, "Yep, we're take it the Bubba to skoo!"

First thing out the door this morning, I saw the neighbor's dog had come up and dug holes all around our front patio. Grrr... #$@% dog!!!! They also have a female dog running around the neighborhood in heat - which has me at times ready to bonk our old fuzzy guy Chancellor on the noggin with his nightly wanderings. You can't call him, or give him commands anymore unless he's looking straight at you because he's lost his hearing due to old age.

I didn't have time to fix the holes at that moment. I loaded Mini in the car seat and shouted at Oldest to go wet his hair in the sink thoroughly before I laid the smackdown on him. Although I sent him to the bath last night - mom/dictator finger point action - he stepped out the door this morning and his hair looked greasy. Damn teenagers! Get back in that house and clean yourself up! *growl*rawr*snarl*claws*

He came out looking presentable, wet hair on display, and off we went. We live about 5-7 minutes driving time from school so that was quick enough. Dropped by the Wolf Stop and let him run in for a honey bun to take with him for breakfast.

When we were back home, sans Bubba, I sat Mini in the den. He wanted to watch his "trains" show. Which is pretty much a cheaply made show that shows table top trains running all over the place - among a few other train things. Works for me. I had to step out the door and use the rake to fill in those holes. I'm thinking homemade dog jerky if I ever catch the little bugger in action.

Just days ago I raked up hubby's cigarette butts - EWWWW - which was a miserable experience, so that pissed me off all the more about the dog holes. I don't smoke, and here I am raking butts into a pile?? Are the lawn gods thwarting me? All those years of swearing off yard work because I have a healthy husband home on weekends to do it, and if not him, a strapping teenager to ride the mower around the yard?

Either way, after all that work, I threatened hubby with bodily harm if he flicks even one more cigarette into the grass. There's NO smoking in the house EVAR! So, I'm not really sure where else he could smoke, unless you count "away" - aka, anywhere but near me. I don't care if he smokes, but I don't want to have to smell it if you know what I mean.

Well, I got to thinking this morning while raking and cursing the neighbor's dog...Since hubby wants me to go to Walmart today to pick up one of those huge toy robots, which are on sale, and which he wants for himself although he says Mini would dig it (no one in the house likes robot-y things but him), I'm thinking about going to the garden center and buying one of those huge lawn urns to fill with soil for him to drop his cigarette butts in. *pondering*

.::Dream time::.
Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?
~ Edgar Allan Poe

Right before Oldest woke me up this morning, I dreamed I was standing at the end of the bar in our kitchen, talking to someone (Oldest?) and picking through this huge bowl of figs. I assume the fruit is off the little tree in the front yard, since you can't buy figs anywhere around here unless you know someone who homegrows them.

So I'm standing at this big bowl and eating these figs. They are still a bit green toward the stem, and not quite as sweet as if they were fully ripe, but they are pretty tasty nonetheless. I pick another and another, while talking to whoever is in the kitchen with me. That's when I realize just how BIG the figs are. I picked up the largest fig I could find to examine it, and the thing is the size of a potato. I marvel at this for a few minutes, studying the fig. It even has roots instead of a stem, that used to attach it to the tree. Freakish! Right before I woke up, I remember thinking: if they're already sweet and large like this now, imagine how awesome these figs will be when they're fully ripe.


That's it for me! What a way to start a Monday. ^_^ Off now to go about my routine - household chores (and writing) await. I hope you all have a stress-free and snazzy day!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Behold the power of...*snore*

The power of fried chicken and French fries wasn't enough to keep Mini Beast awake Saturday afternoon. After laying the final stretch of tile down in Mini's room - YAY YAY YAY! - hubby brought in lunch from Popeye's. The little bear helped me tile all morning, he even made a little pyramid with all the trimmed strips. :P

We sat down to eat, and he hummed through most of his meal. While we were eating, Mom called and she needed hubby and Oldest right then, that very minute so they abandoned us at the table to run to her rescue. Mini waved bye, humming between bites of chicken strips. I sat at the computer after putting my plate in the dishwasher and - sudden silence.

I looked over at Mini and saw his head cocked back against the chair. I went around to check on him, and found that he'd slipped into toddler auto-hibernate while reaching for a fry. Oh dear...

Off to bed with a Mini Beast. But not before I took a few pictures of him asleep at the table. Muahahahaha! ^_^


I picked up a couple new books this weekend: The Quest, by Lindsay McKenna, and Dark Seduction, by Kathleen Korbel.

I'm reading Dark Seduction now. It's about the middle daughter of Queen Mab, Sorcha, who is sent out to try and recover the Dearann Stone to save her kingdom. So far so good... I'll post more about it once I've finished the book.

Hope you've all had a relaxing Sunday. Tomorrow, it's back to the grind. (And my wip!)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday Slackin'

73 words

Touch Typing online

Hubby and Oldest are off to help my mom move furniture. Heh. What am I supposed to be doing? Putting the entertainment center together. What am I doing? Why, I'm sitting in front of blogger and occasionally glancing at the entertainment center. Er, rather, the box it's sitting in. Can't a girl have her coffee first? :*)

Crystal convinced me to try the touch typing game online. The first time I got a 64, but I didn't save the result. So I went back when I found out you can get a nifty little badge thing, and came away with the 70ish one. Woot!

.::Dream time::.

This morning, before I was rudely awakened by a Mini Beast leaping onto my back in a rabid cat attack-style *lol*, I dreamed I sat up in the back seat of this black SUV and realized I was alone in the vehicle, coasting along this stretch of deserted road. I instantly panicked and reached over the seat, taking the steering wheel in hand. I tried to steer the SUV to a stop, but since I didn't have my feet on the gas or breaks, all I could really do was control the direction I was going in. After a while, this other SUV comes up right behind me, and is riding my bumper. I really start sweating it because I know I'm not able to stop. It's either go forward or get run over. This is about the time I realize I'm coming into a heavy traffic area. In the distance I can see all these overpasses and I start looking for somewhere to pull over. No way I can go through a city driving in the back seat! Somehow or another, I pull into this gravel driveway, and it slows me down so that I can get out of the SUV and hop up front. The minute I am pulled over and out of the SUV, I realize that the car that had been driving behind me hadn't been going very fast at all. It had only seemed like it because it was right on my tail. I thought about that as I climbed into the driver's seat, but the minute I reached over to close the car door I woke up.

And there you have it...another bizarre glimpse into my subconscious mind! *insert oogly boogly music here*

The really interesting thing - this is one of those recurring themes I have in my dreams: waking up in the backseat of a car to find no one driving. One of my earliest memories of dreaming (I was about 3) had this theme. I still remember it vividly, even the area of town where it happened.

This particular dream, however, is a bit different. Instead of just freaking out like usual and gripping the back of the seat waiting to seeing where the car takes me (and wondering when I'm going to crash!) This is the first time I actually took control of the wheel. Hm...There's food for thought.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Friday, February 01, 2008

February is the month for luuuurve...

And the month of birthdays too, apparently. I checked through my calendar last night to prepare for the new month and gosh! Birthdays everywhere! ^_^

So I sat down and worked on vampires last night until they stopped talking to me, then I opened up a blank word document and started writing anything that came into my head. You know, now that I think about it, I can't remember the last time I did that - free writing. 1000 words later, I had a pretty good start on a potential novel. Hm... I'm keeping it on my desktop just to see what happens.

This weekend Hubby and Oldest are going to go help my mom move all the large pieces of furniture from the old house to the new one. While they're gone, I'm going to put the new entertainment center together. It's sitting in a box in the dining room right now, and I haven't had the energy to put it together. I need to get the box moved though and hubby was bitching about Mini being able to get too close to the TV with it on its current stand soooo...I'm caving in to peer pressure. :P I'll get the thing together tomorrow. Today, however, I MUST focus on laundry. It seems like everyone in the house decided last week they wanted their jackets washed. Arg! I hate to admit it, but I've been shuffling them around to avoid doing it. Now it must be done because I won't be able to spare the time over the weekend.

Sometime over the weekend, I also have to get my amplifier and guitar out of the living room. It's been sitting in there for ages. I used to play in there because that's where the stereo was, but since lightning struck the stereo - what was it, two years ago? - the stuff has been sitting there and I now have to drag it to the dining room to use it. We're not talking about a small amplifier either. *_* Currently it's being used as a end table of sorts in the living room. Mini stands on the couch to play with his trucks and uses it as a "truck dock". Heh.

I have no idea where I'm going to put the amp, but in another week or so my aunt is hauling my grandmother's red leather living room set in from TX. They're always swapping out furniture, and this time, they're passing the castaways off on me and hubby. ^_^ I don't mind it one bit. The set is gorgeous! We're taking our suede set and moving the sofa to the storage shed. It's practically brand new, and I think hubby wants to use it so he and Oldest will have a place to sit when they're using the punching back in the shed. Whatever works...


Yesterday I read Patricia Rosemoor's Ghost Horse. (Harlequin Intrigue) I'm not usually big on mysteries, but this one seemed pretty good: a gothic type romance in a modern day setting. The cover is absolutely gorgeous, and drew me right away.

The book is about Chloe Morgan, a young woman who takes on a summer tutor position at Graylord Pastures so she can try to find out what happened to her best friend Dawn, who came up missing while she worked there for a short time. Chloe hires in as the tutor to Damian Graylord's daughter Nissa, a teenager who has a bit of a complex about being abandoned since her mother, Pricilla, and later Dawn (the best friend/former tutor) mysteriously up and leave. Once Chloe settles into the new position, she begins to have dreams about Dawn following a ghost horse into the mist along the edge of the property. She thinks Dawn is trying to tell her something from beyond the grave...

I read the book in one sitting. It had an okay storyline, and I stayed with the book because I genuinely wanted to find out what happened to Dawn. There really wasn't much to the "ghost horse" itself, but even that served its purpose.

The one thing that really got to me about the book was the POV shifts. I always check a book to see what POV it is before I buy it, and when I read the beginning of this book I assumed I was getting a 3rd person POV novel. When I got it home, I realized everything from Chloe's perspective is written in 1st person, and everyone else's is in 3rd. This is very confusing when starting out, and I really don't recommend anyone doing that. It wasn't til after I read the book that I made sense of the prologue. I feel it could have been so much better if the entire thing 3rd (or even 1st) person.

Even so, Ghost Horse is a good book for a rainy day, and I can even seen myself reading more books from the Intrigue line. (I'll just have to be a bit more careful when inspecting the POV!)

That's it for me today! I have laundry to finish, and it's going on 2:30. Where has the time gone? I hope you all have a great Friday, and a fun (and safe) weekend!