Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yip Yip Yip Yip

Today there is a guest blogger over at the Midnight Moon Cafe. Mima has written a really awesome article about runes, so please if you have a few minutes or just an interest in the topic stop by and take a peek.

I have one chapter left to go and I will be done with this round of edits. I'm going to try finishing that one up this morning before I bundle up Mini and take him for a ride over to his gram's. My aunt is coming in for a visit (she lives in TX), and is planning to help mom make curtains for the house since mom seems so inclined to make them rather than buy them. Auntie will be staying for the week, so I want to get the kids over there to see her as much as possible. She hasn't seen Mini since he was 6 months old. He'll be 3 in May. Long time no see, eh?

After we're back home, I'm going to print up the India story for red-penning round two. I think I may have to fire this one off to my crit partner for a look-see. I've made the ending much stronger, but I'm still not totally ready to send it in. It still needs more polishing.

After that, I'll be finished with everything pending and so I'll be free to toy around with the vampires some more, or find something else to work on since they stopped talking to me after I told them I had to work on edits. Moody vampires. Give them an inch... :P

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

UPDATE: 1:32 AM - First round "Twilight" edits are DONE! *confetti*


  1. Hi, I can't find any contacts on your blog. Can I ask you to send a note for me? My email is in profile.
    Thanks, Chris

  2. I'll check out the guest blogger. Hope you have a good visit with your Aunt, get lots of pictures;0)

  3. Hmm the title of your post reminds me of those Backyardigans...inspiration, maybe?


  4. Chris my email address is available through my profile and website.

  5. I hope to get tons of pics, Crystal. ;) The whole house is down with the flu right now, but I'm going to venture out to visit her anyway. Ornery woman, coming out when we're all sick! LOL!

  6. YIP YIP YIP YIP, dance to the wormin polka! ^_^

    Good eye! That would be the one, Karen. I've heard that song so many times over the last few days it's a miracle my brain cells are still firing. ROFL!!

  7. Oh, come on Cora! The vamps can't help but be moody. They're dark and brooding that way. They insist it's what makes them sexy. lol

    Can I just let you know too, that since reading your blog I've taken to printing out my pieces in order to edit them on paper? What a world of difference it makes! I saw things I would never have caught on the screen of the computer! You're rubbing off on me Cora Zane. Ha ha. IN a good way. Us newbie authors need someone with experience to look up to. :-P

    Have fun with your Aunt!

  8. Tuesday...

    The Tuesday from Hell.

    I'll spare you the entire recap and only share how The Tuesday from Hell started to come to a close: with me outdoors, bitching and moaning my way across a giant campus, swirling with 40mph winds and lake effect snow. And the wind chill? Eh, nevermind...I'm off to thaw out.


  9. Hey, congrats on finishing the edits, I haven't had a chance to do much writing this week. I did find a fun meme that you do using the shuffle button on your iPod, or your Window Media Player (not tagging, just if you're interested). Hope everybody gets well soon.

  10. Just coming to you "house" to check up on you and the family. Hoping you all get better soon!!

  11. Aw, thanks bunches, Isabelle. :*) ((hugs))

  12. Jenji, I do hope you were bundled up! *_* There's so much ick going around and the weather just isn't helping. Take care and stay warm!

  13. Thanks, Ann. :) Hope you're able to find you some time to write a few words asap.

  14. Run, Crystal! I need a biohazard symbol for our front door right now. Big yellow letters too that warn people we're contagious. LOL! Thanks for checking up on us. :*)


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