Monday, January 14, 2008

Well After Sundown

What a way to start the week! Last night no one slept well, and it ended up with us all in different rooms, sprawled out wherever we felt we could get the most rest. Hubby woke around three, and Mini whined because he wanted to get up with him. I made him lay back down, and somehow managed to get him back to sleep. I got up to check on hubby around 4, and he asked if I'd washed his jacket. Um...yeah, hon, I did. Only I didn't stick it in the dryer! I'd been in the middle of doing laundry Sunday night when I remembered I had to wash a uniform for my dad - mom didn't want to go to the laundromat. Well, I put it in on a tumble cycle and went on to bed, I forgot to stick hubby's jacket in. Rather than hear snarling and fangs so early in the morning I told hubby he might as well not go in today - he was tired, for one thing, and had no jacket to boot. With that said, I went and joined Mini to catch some zzzz's.

I woke up at 9:30 AM and completely panicked. Mini wasn't in the bed. Oldest is forever leaving the front door unlocked when he goes out to catch the bus, and Mini just recently learned to open the front door. I jumped out of bed and came running into the den calling for Mini. I rounded the corner, and nearly had a heart attack - hubby was sitting at the dining room table. When I'd suggested he stay home today, I didn't think he really would. LOL!! Thank the lucky stars that he was watching Mini.

Since he stayed home, I had him do some things around the house for me. He put the bar up in the closet, and secured and anchored everything. Soooo, the walk in closet it complete. Muahahahaha!! He also bought floor tile for the bathroom. I'm going to start working on that tomorrow while he's at work. I need to drag my vanity table out of the bathroom, and scrape up the remaining floor tile.

That's for tomorrow though. Tonight I'm going to work on India a bit more, and see if I can't find that other story I'd intended to pull to the side for submission along with it. We will see.

Hope your day was a good one!


  1. Glad to know you and Hubby got to spend the day together. Hope you get some sleep!!! That would have scared the pagezzuuss out of me! Glad Hubby was up! Good luck on your writing the evening!! Have a good one;0)

  2. Hubby probably just needed the day. Sometimes, you gotta just take the time to get some rest! I'm glad you got to sleep a bit too, as hard as you work. You guys are busy people! :D


  3. Scared me big time, Crystal. I'm so glad hubby was there to catch him. Kids, they run circles around me. *_*

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Isabelle. I don't even think hubby could've made it through the day. The drive to work is an hour on its own, and then he has lots of walking he has to do on site. He'd likely have come in early from sheer exhaustion anyway. :S

  5. It's a good thing your husband stayed home and watched Mini. And that you got some rest!

    Those are some beautiful flowers in that picture. Even the road is well-paved. I love it!


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