Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Trees and Rainbows

Yesterday, I retiled the bathroom floor, and wow! What better way to remind yourself the rest of the tile in house is worn out? :P

It looks like I'm not going to get away with doing one room in the house. Since I have to go to town anyway and pick up some food things, I'm going back to the hardware store today to pick up four more boxes the same tile. These I will extend outside the bathroom, and back toward Mini's room. I'm going to scratch up the old tile sometime toward the end of the week, since it will be the weekend before I can get to the actual tiling. It would probably be a much faster project if Mini isn't clinging to my back like a koala.

Other than that, the bathroom floor looks 300xs better. I told hubby I was thinking about extending it throughout the house, and he said "go for it". By which he followed up by saying, "It's all on you."

Hubby translation: Do what you want, but I'm not tiling anything!
Yeah, that figures, lol! Anyone want to come put down tile with me. Anyone? *crickets*

I thought so. :P

On the writing front, I made some changes to the India story in the brief time I worked on it yesterday. I changed up the ending, and chopped the beginning off completely. It's shaping up nicely now. Won't be much longer now before it's ready to go out.

Today I plan to run a few errands and work on the edits. I am dragging on those, when I should just sit and knock them out and be done with it. It's been so hard lately to keep myself sitting in the writing/editing chair. Spring fever? Is it too early for that yet?

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Someone start the countdown to Friday, please!


  1. It's almost Friday girl! WOOHOO!! Hang in there, it's going by fast;) Glad you finished the bathroom and maybe if you sweet talk hubby he might pitch in and help, LOL! (I'm trying to send positive vibes your way, LOL!)

  2. More like cabin fever. I can't seem to sit still or concentrate either.

  3. It just snowed here a few days ago, so I doubt it's Spring Fever. The weather is confused as to exactly what it wants to do.

    The tiling sounds great! I wish I could re-tile my bathroom. It needs it badly. Hubby would say the same thing to me. LOL

    FRIDAY COUNTDOWN. Now beginning....

  4. I can't wait till Friday either. Well, I can because I have a wedding to go to in another town and we're expecting snow, which we don't get in these neck of the woods, so I may not go.

    Tell hubby to help you tile the floors! LOL. :*)

  5. Hey, Cora, I saw your post on my blog. If you're interested in the book I blogged about, email me: isabelle [at] twistedfairytale [dot] net - with your mail addy. I'd be glad to send it to you. We could even do an exchange if you've got anything fun to offer. ;)

    Let me know.

  6. LOL on the Kola! I know that feeling! =)

    Great job on the tiling! Taking a picture soon?

    I'm counting down to Friday but because my PDA is coming and I will finally be able to read books off of my computer! =)


  7. LOL! Thanks for the positive vibes, Crystal. I think hubby would rather watch the kiddies than actually have to do the tile. Well, if he insists, you know... ^_^

  8. Cabin fever. Z, that certainly fits the bill. If it wasn't so cold and rainy, maybe the guys and I could go out and do something fun. Ho hum.

  9. Ooh, a wedding! Sounds like fun, Demon. Hope you can go. And if you do, eat some wedding cake for me! ~_^

  10. Isabelle, I'll wing an email your way in a few minutes. I have some books I think we can trade up.

  11. Hi Cole! Great to see you! I haven't photo'ed the floor yet. I'll probably wait until I extend it into the hall and Mini's room. There's still quite a bit of work to do there. ^_^


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