Friday, January 04, 2008

So tired...

Last night was a test in patience. This is the second night in a row Mini hasn't slept well, and when he doesn't, I don't either. For most of the day I've been fighting yawns, and trying to keep awake.

Oldest wanted me to drop him off at the library today, so we went to town first thing. I had to buy milk and coffee creamer anyway. I also dropped by the hardware store and picked up cable ties so I could put a cabbage patch head back on it's body. That probably sounds creepy to anyone not into dolls. LOL!

Just last night I finished up a doll reroot project that I've been meaning to do for about three years now. I already had the girl's hair plucked and ready to sow in some new, but just never got around to it until this week. I decided last month I better hop to it, because Mini would freak out whenever he'd go into my office and see her plucked noggin on the shelf. *sigh*

Anyway, I got the ties to put her head on, and when I got back from dropping off Oldest, I put her back together. Woot! She's all finished now, and quite cute. Has fresh new ponytails, and a "new" vintage dress and bloomers. Yesterday when I'd finished her hairdo, I asked Oldest to pick a name for her and he said, "Joey". So, Joey, it is. Here she is... all new and improved:

She originally had two auburn cornsilk pigtails, but someone had taken scissors and cut most of the back of her hair down to the scalp. I replaced her hair with Bernat? Foxy yarn in "sandy". I wish now I'd taken a before picture. Ah, well...

Anyway, the day mostly consisted of me hanging out here with Mini while Oldest was off at the library. While Mini was watching Backyardigans, I flopped on the couch with him and tried for the third time since early December to read Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton; I've been told the book is drastically different from the movie, so much better, more detailed, in depth etc. etc..,blah. For the life of me I can't seem to sit through this book. I have skimmed, fidgeted, read and reread bits and pieces of it, and today after my little sit down with Mini, I have put it into my donation box. I just can't do it. Not sure what it is. Too much build up. Maybe it's because I already know the park is full of dinosaurs. Whatever the case, I'll have to stick with the movie, because the book isn't working for me.

Tomorrow I plan to stay home and write. Hubby has to work, and my godfather has called and announced he'll be visiting. So, for the most part, a quiet day - I hope!

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is a pleasant one!


  1. My mom always says patience is a virtue...she only says it cause it's said in the movie The Mummy...we never have it when we REALLY need it, or at least that's me anyway...

    The cable ties...arent those the thingies that go inside the dolls for their head, arms and legs? My grandmother use to redo dolls and I remember her using a lot of those, if there the same thing your talking about..

    She turned out CUTE! and I like the name Joey for a girl!

    I loved all the Jurassic Park movies! I didn't know there were novels...*_*...Once I see the movie and it gets wrapped around my head it's hard for me to pick up the book..

    Anyway, have a good weekend sweet! And btw, I LOVE the pics you post! The flower is very colorful!

  2. For whatever reason, the entire time you were talking about repairing the dolls, I swear, I imagined you with gloves, the doll on a table shined on by a bright light, and you looking at Mini, saying: "scalpel". lol Ridiculous, but true. Ha ha.

    And you know what? I think it's a general Michael Crichton thing... the buildup takes way too long for me too. Because I LOVE the movie, but couldn't read the book. And recently, despite wanting to try Timeline as well... I just couldn't get into it, while the movie, was lots of fun (Gerard Butler and Paul Walker help, of course).

  3. we never have it when we REALLY need it, or at least that's me anyway...

    Goodness isn't that the truth?! LOL! ^_^

    I hope you have a great weekend too, Crystal!

  4. LOL, Isabelle! Mini the doll surgical tech. Hehe! ^_^

    Gosh, it must be with the Michael Crichton books... I really gave the book a go, but my brain just can't handle too long a story build up. I start thinking about dishes that need putting away, or laundry that needs to be done. *_* Sad, but true.

  5. Hugs on the need for more patience! If you find the store that sells it, would you let me know? I'll buy them out! =)



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