Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday with Family

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Friday after errands, Mini and I rode out to help mom work on the new house. I got there and she'd swept down the cobwebs from the ceilings, and scrubbed the bathroom top to bottom so we could use it without fear of catching heck knows what. While she went about taking down all the grease-caked, disgusting blinds, I swept and mopped the entire house from to back, and sprayed orange glow on the cat shit smears that wouldn't come up with typical cleaning - and there were a surprising LOT of them, in every room from the den to the kitchen. How the former inhabitants "lived" without catching some infectious disease is beyond imagination. *_*

Mini and I helped her scrub and swab for about 3 hours, then hubby appeared at the front door - he gets off work early Fridays - and he took Mini for a jaunt around the yard. The house has a screened in front porch, and we'd locked it off so he couldn't get out, and put him to playing with his tricycle and a few trucks. Mostly he wanted to pretend his gram's corn broom was a Swiffer, and made "rrrrtt!" noises through the house while I mopped.

Hubby took Mini with him to pick up a bucket o' chicken for supper, and I drove straight on home from mom's. I got there about 10 minutes before Oldest's bus pulled up. From there I tidied up my own house - fat lot of good that did, going into the weekend, but I did it anyway. Afterward, a bath for me, a bath for Mini, and I followed it all up with a working on At the Edge of Twilight edits til around midnight. Whew!

I slipped into bed just shortly after midnight, I was so tired, I almost forgot to light the candle on the dresser. (This, so Mini won't be scared in the dark.) Hubby usually turns on the paper lantern by the bed for Mini, but it hangs right by my head and I can't sleep with a big ball of light hovering in sight. :P

When I got up this morning, Hubby and Mini was already up and about. I stumbled into the kitchen for coffee, only to realize I hadn't bought creamer because I had to run to mom's right after a stop at the store yesterday - she has no refrigerator, so I hadn't bought anything cold. RATS! So, I drank coffee with only milk in it (ick!), and sat down to flip through emails.

It's been a fair day. I worked on and off on edits for At the Edge of Twilight today, and even took a bit of time to get around on Myspace and post birthday wishes to a friend or two.

Tomorrow I plan to focus on the India story to whip it into shape a bit more; I want it out of here by the end of the month. And I'll probably tweak on edits for Twilight some more. I also received another writing offer yesterday that sounds really interesting, and I'm contemplating whether or not to take it. Before I can do anything else, though, I have finish India, the anth edits, and the vampires. *_* Okay, that sounds like a lot more to me now that I've read it with a clear brain. We'll see what comes of it in the months ahead...

So there's my Saturday. I'm about to take a few minutes to relax. I'm gonna pour a glass of wine and hit the dolly boards. My idea of a Saturday night, hehe! ^_~

I hope you all had a wonderful day!


  1. AAACCCKKKKK!!! You drinnk coffee with creamer! Woman, you're country aren't you? Black coffee is the way of country folk! Putting creamer is downright unconstitutional! ROFL!

  2. ROFLMAO, Z!!! My great grandmama would say to me, "No proper southern lady drinks her coffee without the cream." LOLOLOL!!!

    Hubby agrees with you. HE drinks it black - yeee-ack! Cheers, you two. (double teaming!) I'll sit right here and drink my "pretty coffee", as he calls it. ROFL!!

    Happy Sunday, wonder woman! ~_^

  3. My mother completely understands where your coming from. When she drinks her coffee it HAS to have creamer. If it doesn't and there's none in the house, someone will PAY!!! LOL!

    I can't drink coffee even though i've tasted it in the paste in it is REALLY good! But it gives me the shakes...I'm weird, I know...

  4. Er, when I drink coffee, it's milk and lots of sugar. I love it but don't drink it because I use too much sugar with it! :*

    Sounds like you and I were both cleaning and editing this weekend!


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