Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Rough Draft, Vampires, and Eating Shamrocks

So, first things first, the India story/rough draft is, for the most part, finished. *dusts hands* It needs major clean up and polishing, but it's on paper - er, hard drive space, anyway. I was reading over it, and I really hope the editor for Weirdly 2 will give it a shot. It's been a whiiiile since I've written anything weird/horror-ish. Keep your fingers crossed for me on this one!

After the India story wrapped up yesterday, the darned-est thing happened to me, something completely unexpected: My VAMPIRES started talking to me again. The ones from my Immortal Lovers series.

Instead of resisting the vampire scenarios going on in my head, I finally applied rump to computer chair and gave up trying to ignore the "story feed" coming at me. I sat down and wrote everything that popped into mind: character intro scene, meetup, intro of the conflict, and when I was finished I had the whole first chapter to Serge's story! Who saw that coming? I certainly didn't!

All the same, there it is. It looks like the Immortal Lovers are ready to come out to play again. Well, you know Vampires... They get a bit testy if they get overlooked, and I've seriously neglected my vamps over the past year. At this point, however, 2008 is looking up for them!

On a completely unrelated topic, I got a call from my mom yesterday. I assumed she was at home, but it turns out she wasn't; she was with my dad and they were on their way to Ruston. This surprised me since he'd mentioned on Sunday that he would be returning to work Monday morning. I asked if everything was okay, since dad is one of those types that rarely ever misses a day of work, in sickness or in health, if you know what I mean. Over the past week, though, he's been sick with an awful ear infection, and a ruptured ear drum. No fun at all. :S

Anyway, they were driving out to Lowe's to buy a dolley to move the leftover stove out of the new house. This, while waiting on a call back from dad's doctor. You have to understand, my dad is not the type to go to the doctor on most occassions. He pretty much has to have one foot in the grave before he'll go, and then we still have to fight with him to persuade him to go. So, it really surprised me when he proposed all on his own, to go to the doctor in regards to the ear pain not once, but twice - and on visits so close together!

Mom told me his bad ear is driving him bonkers - he can't hear because of all the infection, so he decided to go BACK to the doctor to get a new prescription, one that would hopefully take more fluid off the ear drum or whatever so he can hear better. Makes sense to me.

We got off the phone around 10 that morning, but I get another call from mom around one o'clock. She asked me if I'd heard from my hubby. No, I hadn't, I told her. And she went on to tell me that he had called her, frantic. There was an explosion out at the chemical plant where my dad works. Hubby had heard about it on the radio during his lunch break. Like me, Hubby had thought my dad had gone back to work today. After all, over the weekend, dad said more than once he intended to do just that.

The explosion happened twenty feet from my dad's work station. If he'd gone to work that morning, he could have been seriously injured, or even killed.

Mom said dad sat and wept when he heard the news. He'd felt so guilty yesterday morning for missing work. Work isn't worth your health; Mom and I have been telling him that for years, in particular about going to the doctor. But this time I think it holds a truer, more frightening meaning. It's still shocking to me when I think about it.

To my knowledge there were only minor injuries reported. The men who were at the chemical plant when the explosion took place were evacuated because there were fires be put out. There is a specific protocol for clean up out there. Had dad gone to work, and not been injured in the blast, he still would've had to come home. How's that for fate? In my opinion, it simply wasn't meant for dad to be there yesterday, and for that, I am endlessly grateful.

~ Dreamtime ~

Early this morning I had the weirdest dream. I was at this Cirque de Soleil type circus - mostly acrobats and trapeze acts type thing. I was there with two friends, only we were in one of the luxury boxes like at a major sporting event.

I'm watching the performers when the door across from us opens, and these men come into the room. My first impression is that they are princes - gosh that sounds kooky - princes coming in on you at the circus, but there it is. One of the men came over to me, and I kissed his cheek like we knew each other. I sat back down next to one of my friends, and the next thing I know we're at a table where food is being served.

One of the princes goes into this niche area - a kitchen off to the side. I hadn't noticed it before. He whips up this dish and lays it on the table. It looks a lot like General Tso Chicken, if you ask me. Only there are cherries in it. He says to me, "It's best to eat the cherries with it." Well, when in Rome, you know the saying...

I wasn't at all hungry, but I ate a bite of the cherry chicken, and it was pretty good. But then beside me, one of the two friends who I had with me, slumped over. She'd fallen asleep at the table and slipped off the cushion she was sitting on.

I quickly got up to see if she was okay, and with the help of the other woman, we picked her up and hefted her onto the couch so she could stretch out and sleep. The remaining friend and I returned to the table - which is a low table on the floor, we were sitting in huge pillows around it. However, when I sat where I had been before, I noticed now my plate was gone. It was now sitting in front of the remaining friend, who started to eat it. I just shrugged; I didn't see any harm in her taking the dish. Two bites into it, however, she starts looking really, really dopey tired, and is barely able to keep her eyes open.

"All these frozen oysters in this..." she says while flicking through the food with her fork. And I was thinking, I thought that was chicken! I hate oysters, so when the prince suddenly appears again with another plate - this one huge, like the size of a trash can lid - I immediately start looking for oysters. Sure enough, there are oysters on the plate.

The prince said to me, "It's not bad. You have to stir it."

I did, and beneath the oysters and rice pilaf there was a huge bed of SHAMROCKS in front of me. I keep stirring, and before I knew what was going on, there are nothing but shamrocks in the dish, big and little ones, some with four leaves, some with three, all of them very bright green like they'd just been picked. How neat!

Well there you have it, a glimpse into my psyche, odd though it may be... *lol* I have no idea what the dream means, but it was so bright and vivid, I wanted to jot it down while I remembered it! ~_^

Hope you all have a snazzy Tuesday!


  1. That story about your dad gave me chills. I'm so glad he wasn't there and that no one was killed.

    It reminds me to relax more and let life unfold as it wants too. I believe there is a higher power looking out for us and all things happen for a purpose, but I always want to push and have everything worked out NOW!

    Thanks for sharing that, Cora. :)

  2. Speaking of weird dreams, once I was standing naked in this giant bowl of chocolate pudding when I slipped, hit my head on the side of the bowl, and went unconscious. That's when the dream began. I don't remember it, but it was weird.

  3. I believe everything happens for a reason and even though I don't push sickness on people, thank goodness for that ear ache!

    Glad to hear the Vampires are talking again! Always love a good vamp story!

    I think having weird dreams is in the air, I had one as well last night. Mine though, only come on where I REALLY remember is when i'm stressed. Other than that I can't really grab a hold on the dreams before they fade.

    Have a good evening!

  4. I'm glad to hear your dad is ok. I hope he feels better soon.

  5. Not that you asked, but I would interpret this dream as indicative of your resilience.

    Life can be muck; for you, muck can be oysters; yet you persevered, remained, tolerated and weathered the muck until you found a four-leaf clover.

    I don't know you aside from this blog, but I've always sensed a signficant resilience about you.

    Glad to hear dad is okay.

    be well,
    ps congrats on the new book

  6. Thanks for the comments on my blog, Cora. I truly appreciate your interaction, reflection and support.

    And yes, it is quite common for artists to be freakishly sensitive to loud noises.

    That's a whole other topic, but I'll leave that nugget for another day.

    Enjoy your Wednesday as well.



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