Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rainy Icky Messy Day

Boy, the rain is really come down out there this morning. It's a wonder I have a net connection at all. For the past twenty minutes everytime the thunder grumbles Mini says, "Quiet 'under!"

I've been patiently waiting for the phone to ring. I kinda suspect hubby will get rained out today. I text'd him earlier to find out, and I'm surprised I haven't heard back from him by now. We will see...

I've been working a bit on my vampires this morning. I got wrapped up in the India story last night, but I can't seem to get anywhere with it. I think I need to distance myself from it for a day or two and try again. Sometimes I get a little too bogged down in the details; I glop them on in the way you might add too much whip cream to an ice cream cone. Cream just start running down the sides and you can't see the ice cream anymore. I write like that on my first draft, and I can't seem to grasp my original focus on this wip. Too many toppings. Too many details. Sooo...I'm on with the vampires and Serge's story.

In Wicked Temptation, Serge was a bored bystander at the Vampire debutante ball. He stood around chatting with Dominic Lisandro until he found something pretty to chase around the party. You get the idea of his character from that. He likes "pretty", but he gets bored easily. There's nothing quite so moody and spoiled as a 500 year old playboy. Now pair him with a human who is very good at playing hard to get...

The story should be interesting if nothing else. ~_^

On another note: a bit of friendly promo! Be sure to set your calendars.

Starting early Friday February 22, 2008, authors Zinnia Hope, Adelle Laudan, and M.E Ellis will be chatting throughout Saturday the 23rd until whenever they decide to stop the party. The chat will take place at Zinnia’s Yahoo group. To join, please visit her blog:

Prizes will be given away, excerpts posted, and they will chat about their writing, their ideas, their new releases, past titles, and answer questions about their careers in publishing.

Come and join in!

Sounds like lots of fun. :)

I should really get back to the vampires while they're still talking to me. (They don't wait around!) Whatever you're doing, I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. All this talk about whipped cream, ice cream, cones, vampires and thundering rain...Sheesh! I'm ready to go home, get a good book, big bowl of ice cream and have at it!!

    Cora, I can't wait until you finish that vampire book! Sounds like a good one!!!

  2. Your vampires sound wonderful. :)

    We're due for rain all this weekend. Blech.

  3. LOL! I didn't mean to tempt you, Crystal, hehehehehe! Although I have to admit ice cream, vampires, and a read on the couch is sounding pretty good about now... ^_^

  4. We're due for more rain this weekend too, Karen... Seems like its never going to stop. :(

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  6. Ohhh... Serge sounds wicked (in that totally yummy way)! :D Your story sounds great, I can't wait. I'm very excited! ;)Keep up the great work, Cora!

  7. It never even occurred to me to put whip cream ON an ice cream cone.

    Although it's undeniably frigid in the land of jenji (meteorologically speaking), I'm still most curious to try this whip topped ice cream cone you speak of.

    cora zane-->Instigator of the Lactose Laden Kind!

    have a great Friday!


  8. Thanks bunches, Isabelle! :) ((hugs))

  9. Jenji, Jenji... I do hope you'll try the ice cream cone with whip cream. Messy is so gooood!

    (You can even add chopped pecans or sprinkles on top. Yum!) :9

    Happy Friday to you too!


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