Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Already?

Somehow this week I missed the Friday countdown. I could've stayed in bed all day yesterday, but Mini did so well til about 8 AM I wasn't going to push my luck. I got a call Wednesday evening from Mom, who just wanted to let me know my aunt was staying one extra day before heading home to TX. Since I felt well enough to actually stumble out of bed and make my own coffee Thursday morning, I told her I'd pull everything together, check to make sure Mini isn't running a fever and we'd come to see her.

That was the grand plan anyway. First order of business: a shower. No way I could leave the house with dirty hair. All in all this sounds like a simple thing, but with Mini it's a two step process. I have to freeze myself to death with an open door shower so I can keep an eye on him while I'm in there, and then I have to put him in once I get out because he is determined it's "his turn". :P

Surprisingly enough, I had Mini in and out of the tub in no time flat. He's also acting perky, no fever, though he still looks pale and a bit weak eyed. You can tell by looking that he's sick, or more like he's getting over being sick. I get him dried, in a fresh outfit, shoes on...voila! There's my Mini Prince! Now, I just need to dry my hair and we can go.

Now this is the true act of congress: drying the hair. Mini is terrified of the hair dryer. I send him to the living room where he wails the whole time I'm drying. Afterward, to make me feel even worse, when I shut the dryer off Mini shouts through the house at me in his little quivery toddler voice, "Good job, Mimi!" *sigh*

I tame my hair into something other than a frizz ball, put my boots on, and come into the dining where I down the last of my coffee. I'm about ready to go at this point. I grab my cell phone to put it in my purse when suddenly Mini comes walking out of the den. "Mimi, I'm sick!"



He freezes. Eyes locked dead on with mine, he takes a deep breath, wails, and promptly barfs again. Oh, jeez...

I crouch in front of him, take him by the arms and hold him upright while he makes a puddle at my feet. Oy. Thank goodness for Doc Martens. Out of date, perhaps, but the hard leather protects! My sneaks couldn't have withstood Toddler Pukefest 2008. After that mess, I'd have tossed them in the trash. Seriously.

By some miracle of fate, Mini didn't get any yuck on himself - only me. I quickly wash him down with baby wipes: face, hands, tips of his shoes, and carry him off to the den. At this point, I'm thinking: No grandma's house today. Mini, I'm not sure if he sensed what I was thinking or what, but he started crying for "gramma's house!" This goes on the entire time I'm going over the floors with towel, mop, and Swiffer.

After I get everything settled (including my nerves) I walk around with Mini patting his back. It seems like after he did his thing he's feeling tons better. *_* I keep an eye on him for a short while after that, and since he's still expecting to go bye bye, I change clothes and decide to chance the trip to Mom's.

Granted, Mom lives 20 minutes away, but I truly thought Mini would hurl in the Jeep because of all the twisting roads. He surprised me. Second time that morning. He got to Mom's, warily eyed my Auntie who he decided must be a Gramma too, and went about the house like he owned the place. Two minutes into his expedition, he means to step around a cluster of paint cans and promptly knocks his cheekbone against the edge of the bathroom cabinet. *chaos* *bedlam* *hen frenzy* *sigh*

By 10:30 AM already I felt like I'd run a marathon. Once we got Mini calm, Mom and Auntie dragged me around the house to look at the gorgeous paint work they'd done in the bedrooms - it truly does look fantastic! - and mom couldn't wait to show off her new furniture and appliances. The place is finally starting to look like a home, and boy - it looks so much cleaner and fresher now that they've had their hand in it.

After going on the grand tour, I plunk down at mom's new dining table, and sit there in a semi-coma state while Auntie and Mom tell me about the curtains - which are gorgeous! - and my Aunt's enchanted discovery of the discount store FRED's. ^_^

Auntie bought mom an alarming number of house warming gifts at Fred's, which I thought was very sweet of her. I'm listening to her tell me about this canister set, and something to do with mini-blinds and a cake serving dish (?) when suddenly she looks at mom and says, "We have to make another trip there before I head home. I want to go back and pick up a few things for myself." Yikes! I hear her credit card groaning already. *lol* If there's any genetic trait I've taken from my Auntie, it's her insatiable drive to shop!

It was a nice visit, and I'd anticipated Mini having a cow on me when it was time to leave. Surprise #3 for the day. I asked him if he was ready to go, and he says, "Yep, go home." He shouts a quick "Bye, gram!" to mom, and another "Bye Gram!" to my Aunt, then I'm chasing him before he can run out the front door on his own.

I gave him a few baked chips to snack on during the ride back to our house, and by the time we'd cleared the train tracks marking the exit from Mom's community, I can't hear Mini munching anymore. I glance back and he's fallen asleep in the car seat. Poor lil beast. He looked completely exhausted. I swear he had purplish shadows under his eyes.

I felt so drained the rest of the day.... I put Mini to bed when we got home, and after I went through the house, turned on heaters, picked up this and that, I went to take a nap with him. I betcha I snored the house down. :P

Today I have to run to the post and take care of weekly errands. *groan* At some point I hope to write something - a paragraph even! I don't even care if the resulting paragraph sucks a big one, I just need to write something before I have a wip withdrawal meltdown. (Is there such a thing?)

Well, it's 2AM and my Alkaseltzer Cold Plus is kicking in. Heh. I better get to bed before hubby wakes up in an hour and finds me face down on the keyboard. :P He'd probably take pictures of me or something...

Here's to Friday! *cheers* I hope you all have a great day!


  1. Oh, poor mini. I hope he's feeling better. And I hope you get a chance to write today. It's Friday. Yay! Have a great weekend (I'll be working).

  2. Girl, LOL! William use to be terrified of the vacuum cleaner because of the noise...shakes head...At least you'll have something to laugh about when he gets older, that is IF he gets over his fear of the blow dryer;) Glad everyone is getting back to normal. Have a relaxing and non-sick weekend!


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