Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Death of a Legend

First thing out of bed this morning, I learned Maila Nurmi, aka Vampira, passed away a few days ago on the 10th. She was 85 years old. I'm rarely moved by celebrity news, but hearing of her death feels like one of those great things that influenced my teen years has been torn away.

In high school, when I really started getting into B-movies and was big into the Misfits, I discovered Vampira for myself and - wow! She had the coolest Lily Munster dress - pre-Lily, of course - and who didn't want that micro waistline? A friend of a friend who was a film student in college managed to get his hands on bootleg copies of movies like Eraserhead and Plan 9 From Outer Space - easy to find titles now, but they weren't in the 80s. My BFF at the time and I borrowed them, and used to sit around her house while her mom and sister were gone and quote the reeally bad lines. We gave ourselves Vampira eyebrows - which I must say do NOT translate into a good thing off the silver screen - and we did so many situps in a futile attempt to get that wasp waist it's a miracle we both don't have back problems now.

Needless to say, I'm saddened to hear of her loss. She's one of those true, under the radar film and television personalities that was truly unique. IMO, there will never be another that can take her place. Rest in piece, Vampira.


I printed up the India story this morning and I'm giving it the red pen treatment. It's almost ready to go out, I think. I'd planned to do a second story after this one, something based on an old wip I'd stored away from years ago, but I'm debating whether to drag that old thing out again. It's complete, but I am almost afraid to check how much editing and rewriting it would need to make it passable for publication.

I still have to scrape out the remaining old tile from the bathroom before I can start putting down the new. There is a bit left near the water heater, and some behind the toilet. ARG! I wish I could just blink my eyes and it would be finished. I need to get the pieces up carefully from around the base of the toilet so I can make a pattern on the tiles so I can cut them to fit. What a pain! Hubby is back to work today, or I'd have him help me with it.

Tonight I've got to get around work on my edits a bit, and come up with a 30 word tag for Twilight. Arg, it's already noon, and I haven't done half what I intended. Is it just me, or are there not enough hours in the day?


  1. No, there isn't enough hours in a day! Sometimes I feel like i'm being pushed and pulled in so many directions, it's unreal....Good luck with the tile work. Being a plumbers daughter, I know how time consuming AND messy that can be.

    Hope you get everything you wanted to get finished done;0)

  2. I could use a good 6 extra hours everyday. Hm... think of all the things we could get done with 6 hours! :)

  3. Is that with or without the kiddos??? Stick those 6 hours in extra for them to be in school and it may just work!!;)

  4. Aw, crud. Didn't hear about her passing. So sad.

  5. After I posted, Crystal, I thought the same thing - better make those 6 kid-free hours, otherwise I don't think the time would make very much difference. :P

  6. I only heard yesterday, Z. The news is a few days old. There wasn't very much coverage on it, apparently. :*(


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