Monday, January 07, 2008

covers n more

Woot! Here it is, fresh from my editor, the cover for the upcoming faerie anthology, In the Gloaming.

Since the official blurb for In the Gloaming hasn't been released yet, here's the one from my story called At the Edge of Twilight:

Colleen O’Shea returns to her childhood home, sure now that her aunt has passed away, the magic of the small woodland cottage is forever gone. However, as the day fades to night, and the world slips into a realm that is neither light nor darkness, the woods come alive with lusty flora and fauna. Eyes watch her from every corner. Whispers call her at the turn of a leaf.

In the gated garden behind the house, she hears the sound of panpipes and discovers a man full of secrets. His name is Rowain, and there is something otherworldly about him that she can’t quite put her finger on. He speaks in riddles, and can make her heart race with just a look. It isn’t long before Colleen finds herself falling in love with Rowain. But love has a price. Rowain has determined that she should stay with him forever, locked in his world at the edge of twilight.

I'm very excited about this anth, and I look forward to its release. As soon as I have a tentative date, I'll be sure to add it to my blog and website. If you don't drop in regularly, but are interested in knowing when the book comes out, sign up for one of my newsletters - there are sign up boxes on the sidebar of my blog. Just scroll down. ~_^ I'll be posting news about the book, release dates, chats, giveaways, etc. over the next few months.

On another note, still in the realm of writing, I got word today that my latest werewolf novella, Dominant Territory, was the top selling ebook at Cobblestone Press for 2007. Woot! Many thanks to everyone who has read, reviewed, promo'ed with me, and supported me over the past year. I appreciate you very much!

I didn't get much writing done over the weekend, I've been battling a killer sinus infection - which doesn't sound like much on its own but oy, trying to sleep with your nose stuffed up... *_* Tonight I plan to take a little Nyquil and hit the pillows early, because tomorrow I'm bound and determined to finish up the first draft of my horror/paranormal "India" story (the setting has changed since I last posted). I need to get as much done as possible because I got word my faerie edits are in the works now, and next week mom and I will be going over to the new house to paint and clean. They close on the house this coming Thursday - hurray! So...gotta get on the ball so I'll have time to finish my own things!

Aside from all this, it's been an okay weekend - rainy and muggy, with a little sick tossed in, but okay. :P I started reading Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser on Friday. I'll let you all know how it turns out once I've finished!

Hope you all have a calm, productive Monday!


  1. I'm so sorry to see that you're sick. I think my cold has developed into a sinus infection as well. My blog about such may interest and/or amuse you. Feel free to check it out, Cora.

    The Title is
    "Stop Sneezing on the Strawberries"

    Be well and feel better soon, Cora.


  2. AHHH!!! How awesomely exciting your news is!! :D So happy for you sweetie. I'm so excited about the faerie anthology. I knew the minute Faith mentioned it that it was going to draw some great writers.

    I hope you feel better. Those infections are killer. :-\ Take care, get some rest if you can. *HUGS*

  3. Oh, I can't WAIT! Congratulations on both Cora! Hope you get to feeling better so you can REALLY celabrate!! Get to feeling better sweet;0)

  4. I paid you a visit, Jenji! Thanks bunches for the get well wishes. I hope you are feeling better soon, too. :)

  5. Aw, thanks bunches, Isabelle. That means a lot. ((hugs))

  6. Hey, Crystal! I was just on my way over to pay you a visit.

    I'm feeling a bit better this afternoon - I can actually breathe. ^_^

  7. Cora! That's awesome about both the anthology and having the bestselling ebook. Congrats!
    I hope you start feeling better (if you don't- go to the doctor, you might need antibiotics). Sinus infections suck. Have a good week.
    (Tomorrow's recipe is Spaghetti sauce).

  8. Ann, thank you for the kind words. I've been hoping you'd stop by; I wanted to tell you that over the weeked, hubby and I did the rib recipe you posted. Gosh, it was so easy, and it turned out great! :9

  9. Aren't they too yummy for words? Glad you liked them.

  10. Very lovely! I'm a purple freak, lol. And congrats!!!


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