Sunday, January 27, 2008

Candles and Balloons

Happy Birthday, Hubby! *big kiss*

Mr. Hubby turned the grand ol' age of 35 today. :) We celebrated with an oreo cake, and by watching him open presents. He got his #1 gift request - Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2 (among a few other things) - so, as you can imagine, we've been watching Kill Bill all evening. Hehehe! What can I say? If hubby's happy, I'm happy. ~_^

Now the day is winding to a close and the house is a mess. Mini is still looking for "his" presents. (Sorry Mini!) And Oldest is whining because I'm making him go take a bath. :P Tomorrow I have mega cleaning to do, (which will have to wait until I bring Mini bear home from the doctor) but the upside is my edits for Twilight are finished - YAY! So, while I'm working on all my chores tomorrow, I'm going to carry a notepad around the house and start scribbling new story ideas as they come to me. *evil grin*

Hope you all had a snazzy Sunday! ^_^


  1. Happy Bday Hubby!

    Kill Bill Vol.2... instructional film about how to open THE biggest can of whoop ass known to man at a board room meeting, compliments of Lucy Liu.

    That was some good stuff right there! Great taste, hubby!


  2. OH MAN!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY!!! What's an Oreo cake and how come there's no pictures????HHHMMMM??? I like pictures of FOOD!LOL!

    Let us know what the doc says about Mini bear!!And don't work too hard today;o)

  3. It sounds like a very happy day, but what is it with boys and baths? I swear my 13 year old would trade his kidneys to never have to bathe again if he could.

  4. Thanks for the hubby birthday wishes, ladies. He's doing much better with the age thing now that the actual day has passed. LOL!

    Samantha, I don't know what it is about teenage boys! Oldest you have to threaten him with a wire brush to get him in the tub. LOL!


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