Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to The Pit

Now that the holidays are over, and hubby is back at work, it's time to step back into the writing pit. It's been impossible to work with everyone at home and so much to do, I've let duties fall by the wayside.

This year I decided to do something a bit different than I've done in the past. I typically go through my manuscripts, find one to work on - usually with the result of it being set aside and later put in to the "at home slush pile". Not this year. Last night I stayed up very late organizing my laptop, deleting outmoded ideas, starter files that I had toyed with an know I'll never come back to. This morning I did a similar thing with paper: I cleaned out my writing desk. All the old manuscripts, those previously submitted and not, those already published and not, were boxed up and hauled out to the storage shed. Fare the well. For 2008 I'll be starting fresh.

I started a new story this morning, this one a horror story instead of romance, but it is very much paranormal. I had a rough outline for it saved, now that I've begun working on it, I have plans where it will go once it's finished. I love it when I know where a story will be going. That's one less thing to worry about.

I've also got a new romance idea on the hook, so after the horror - a new romance? We'll see where things lead. Good things, I hope.

Mom got word this morning the house deal may close early. Woot! That would be awesome if they had the keys in hand before their anniversary. Mom and dad already went out to the house, with permission of the realtor, and tore that skank carpet out of the front room. Can I admit I'm glad I didn't have to deal with a cat pissy carpet? Does that make me a bad daughter? :*>

Now... a question for anyone that visits here. Do you have left overs from New Years dinner? Are you doing anything special with them? Left over casarole? I checked our freezer this morning and with all three locusts males home over the holidays, it's empty! Seriously. Bald empty. As in ice cubes only. We do have a big pot of peas left. Hmm... Is this a sign I need to run to the grocery store? *crickets*

Well, I was going to say "Have a great Monday!" but then I dropped by the MMC, saw today's sexy hunk posted, and realized it's Wednesday. *_* When the hell did that happen?! I go to sleep for a few hours last night and wake up to find it's Wednesday. Incredible! Happy hump day, folks!


  1. First of all, can I say a HUGE welcome back to the writing pit. You've been missed. ;)

    Secondly, I kept thinking it was Thursday. ROFL. We're just a mess, aren't we? ;)

    The only thing left in my fridge is liquor. Mostly because my friends' eyes are bigger than their stomachs (an alcohol tolerance level). Did I mention they all crashed on my couch/floor/room, while I finished working on my manuscript Monday/Tuesday? ROFL. Argh. I kept hearing, 'is she done yet?' I wanted to throw my shoe at them.

    And thanks for the sweet, sweet comment over at my blog! *smooch* 2008 is going to be a great year for us! Put on that seatbelt Cora, I intend to make it a really fun ride. :D

  2. Ah, getting back in a routine...nice, isn't it?! I can't wait till the kids start back to school. They can't either!

    I just ordered a new laptop that should get her sometime next week, I have my desk ready but I want to do a re-arranging or the room. Every couple of months I get tired of how all the furniture is so I HAVE to move it. It'll drive me nuts until I do it too. That's the plan for this weekend.

    A paranormal horror story huh? Sounds interesting! Werewolves? Or are you going with something else? Will all the stories you write stay paranormal? Not complaining AT ALL!!! Just curious...

    We have gobs of left overs, from Christmas and New Years...Mom made Turkey Tettrazinni (SP?) and we pigged out on that. For New Years though, dad cooked cheese sausage on the pit with brocilli and a cheese dip, also strawberries, cantalope and whip cream....YUM!! There were no left overs...

  3. Wow, sounds very industrious! You've inspired me. When I finished this latest round of edits from hell, which will hopefully be later tonight, I think I'll reorganize my laptop. I've noticed it's become a mess lately. :P

    Happy New Year!

  4. Woot! Sounds like a plan, Isabelle. ^_^ Got my seatbelt on - count me in!

  5. You and me both, Crystal! Oldest goes back on Monday. I'm ready to get some of my quiet time back. Usually I try to have "me time" while Mini is napping, but that's been all but gone since the holidays.

    Ooh, a new laptop! That's one of the best things ever - taking a new laptop out of the box. Muahahahaha! Have fun rearranging that furniture too. Are you going to make a computer friendly area?

    Yep, I'm working on a paranormal horror type thing right now that's due in April. It takes place in 1940s Istanbul, in the desert, but I can't tell too much without blowing the plot. But I will say it's not werewolves. My next release won't be werewolves either, but faeries. I'm not sure when that's coming out tho. As for the other question, I'm not sure if everything I do will be paranormal - I'm still kind of learning my writing limits, so it's hard to say.

    Gosh, reading about your New Years food has made me hungry. LOL! Cheese sausage is one of my favorite foods! *_*

  6. Thanks, Samantha. I guess time will tell if it does me any good. But I felt it was time to ditch those old stories in stead of trying to push stuff that isn't working. I have a bad habit of doing that! Here's hoping I won't have so many false starts in 08!


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