Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Aromatherapy Wednesday

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I got the 2008 La Tech Spring classes guide in the mail yesterday, and while sorting through the Continuing Education classes (like sewing, digital photography, flower arranging, etc.) I saw they had a novel writing class going on from mid February to March. The class fee is really low, so I'm thinking about taking it just to see what it's about. (If I can somehow find the time to do it.) Sometimes those classes and workshops can be really motivational. *pondering*

I've printed up the India story again, and once I got through with a post draft for the MMC, I sat down and red penned it while Mini had lunch. Boy that wip looks like someone dropped a red bomb on it. Yikes!

I've also started working here and there on the vampires again. They aren't being too friendly with me right now - I guess they're still miffed at me for putting them aside to finish my edits. Pesky vampires. You'd think if you'd show them a little neck they'd come running, but nooooo.... :P

I started reading a new book yesterday: Retrieval, by Jeanie London. (TOR Paranormal Romance) I haven't read enough to really tell what is going on, but the heroine Nina apparently had some gift in life that allowed her to see which souls go to heaven, and which souls go to hell. So, in the afterlife, it's her job to escort souls along The Passage to Purgatory. However, the forces of good and evil are now battling for control over the passage, and Nina is about to find herself stuck in the thick of it - which sexy (newly dead) Soul Retreival Unit officer Roman. I'll post more about it one I've read the book. *thumbs up*

Only two more days until it's Friday, so hang in there, ya'll! I hope you have a great Wednesday! ~_^

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  1. YEs, you do need to tell us how you liked that book! I saw it the last time I was in the bookstore but couldn't get it. I already had FIVE books and well...I'm trying to keep myself on a book budget. Damn, it's hard! You see all these wonderful books..and in my mind if I don't get them they'll be GONE by the next time I go! Sheesh! I have such the imagination...

    Hope you have more luck with the vampires, throw a werewolf or two at em to wake them up! Or a vampire hunter! Have a good rest of the day;)


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