Wednesday, January 09, 2008

And on the 9th day...

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I stayed up until well after midnight last night listening to the vampires. I wrote down as much as I could, about four pages, then gave it up for the "day" and tweaked on my India story a bit. The India/horror piece is coming along nicely, but still it needs more polishing. I'm planning to rewrite a big chunk of it today and see if that tightens it up a bit.

After last night's writing session (and cabbage patch hunt, since the new edition kids are finally up on the dot com!), it was very hard for me to crawl out of bed this morning. Around seven Mini wanted a strawberry milk so we got up and I went to fetch it. I tinkered around on the net a few minutes, ordered copies of Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2 for Hubby's birthday, which is coming up at the end of this month and did a recipe hunt. I'm planning to make him a carb legit cake with homemade cream cheese frosting for his special day, since should be out of induction by that time.

Speaking of diets and weight, I'm down 5 pounds. Woot! I've been trying to get back on the Atkins' bandwagon with hubby, but oy, it's been hard going. I've been doing a modified induction, allowing myself whole grain, sugar free, low carb bread. So I guess mine has been more of a South Beach type thing. I tried that diet once before, but after three days I went down like the Titanic. I remember telling hubby if I didn't get a pizza with Candian bacon and black olives on it pronto I was gonna go homicidal. :*> Thusly I did fail. The pizza was yummy tho. :P

It's a week now since I started the induction phase, now if I can just last another week. Last time I did induction (which was the year I got pregnant with Mini) I lost 9 pounds the first 2 weeks. Here's hoping I can mirror those results. It would be really encouraging if I could.

So I mentioned before that I've been reading Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser. Surprise, surprise, it's actually a pretty good book! The book takes a look at every aspect of the fast food industry, from the marketing, the making of, the politics behind it, and everything between and beyond. He looks at the way companies work to build a friendly image to lure in diners, and how it both helps and hinders communities on all fronts: everything from adding jobs (albeit low paying), to obesity. The book even tells the way local and broader economies become dependent on the food chains, not just because of the menus put out themselves, but because of the products - everything from beef to lettuce - that are grown locally to make our fast food. You'll find takes on the beef industry, congress, personal attacks on the author himself. It's a non-fiction drama to behold.

The book is intended, I think, to promote an informative, unbiased opinion of the fast food world to the reader, but in my opinion it's written with a bit of a slant toward a sinister underhandedness of the food industry world wide. Well, it's an industry after all, and industry has never made any bones about their goals - money is money. I can't imagine any restaurant making double meat burgers with cheese simply for the greater good of mankind. And Congress being lobbied by the beef industry - that's never been a secret.

I can't vouch for all the statistics, etc., but quite a bit of Schlosser's anecdotes ring true, and while at times the information comes across with a whole conspiracy theory vibe, it's darn interesting. And quite convincing. Not a good book for an alarmist to read, but if you'd just like a little bit of insight into what really goes on behind your Big Mac and Diet Coke, it's a nifty, informative read.

Well, here it is close to 11 am. I better get around the house and do something productive. I hope you all have a happy hump day! And if not, hang in there, Friday's right around the corner. ~_^


  1. Oh, 5 pounds! That's great, hun! I've been bad. I keep saying I'm going to start, and NOTHING. *sigh* I'm such a slacker. I really need to get on it.

    Happy hump day!!

  2. How many rough drafts do you normally write before the final one is done? Just depends on the novel or what you've written? Just curious...

    Starwberyy milk! LOL! My daughter LOVES that! She'll only drink milk that way even now...

    Homemade cream cheese....YUM! Damn girl, I'm hungry now! Good for you and losing 5 pounds!!! WOOHOO! The kind of thing your doing is what I've done. I started out doing Stella Style but changed it up a bit like you have. Did I hear you mention Canadian bacon and black olive pizza??? Girl, I haven't eaten a piece of pizza in about a year! Makes me crave it now!

    I'll be your cheer group to keep you going on the induction phase...GO CORA GO!! YOU CAN DO IT!

    I'll have to check Fast Food Nation out, interesting topics. I'll look it up!!

  3. Isabelle, I just hope I can keep it off. Of course, what does mom bring over today? Doughnuts. :P That woman...

  4. Crystal, it depends on the book and how the smooth the story sounds when I read it aloud. When I wrote Wicked Temptation, it took about 6 months, two entire packs of computer paper, and 5 drafts. But when I did Dominant Territory, it took a little over a month, 2 drafts, and very little paper. Since the India story is really short, I could end up going through quite a few drafts before I'm satisfied with it.

    Canadian bacon and black olive pizza... :9 Now I'm hungry too! ^_^

  5. Okay, I get what your saying...maybe... Is it that, one story may just come easier when written than others. Or is it the world or character building that is more complex just takes longer or do I just need to shut the hell up and just enjoy the stories,LOL!!

    Sorry, I love learning about the process to getting to the final story and It seems every writer is different. That's also why your the talented author and i'm the devoted fan;0)

  6. Crystal, I wish I knew a definite answer. :*( There are definitely some stories that are just harder to write than others, but I'm not sure why that is.

    I probably wouldn't have thought to mention it but you're right - the world building can take up extra time if it's very complex. I hadn't considered it, but Wicked Temptation did have more world building involved.

    But then I think some of my draft issues come from characters not wanting to cooperate with me. :P

    Did I just make this even more confusing than the first post? I hope not!! :*>

  7. Congratulations on your award, Cora! And kudos on your diet! :*)

  8. No you didn't. I know as a writer trying to explain things to someone that isn't familiar it can get complicated to answer in a way I can understand, but I do really get what your saying;0)

    Thank you for explaining and hope your having a good Thursday!

  9. Hi Demon! Thanks bunches. :) I haven't seen you around the blogs in a while. How've you been?

  10. I'm glad I made some sense. :*> It's this ick I've caught. I'm all mud brained right now...

  11. I'm doing great, Cora. I've just been so busy working, going to a ridiculous amount of weddings, and writing. I am in the middle of a very time-consuming edit and I hope that it lands me an agent. Feel free to visit me as well! ;*)

  12. I usually walk the trails around the farm about every other day. If I really want a workout, I can walk to the creek and back. It's all down hill and it's a two-mile walk. Missed it yesterday because I got wrapped up in writing and some edits that I had to do too. Later, when the kids came home, one of the middle ones kept bugging me to go to the waterfall. I thought okay, I'll go down on the 4-wheeler because I'd been in the house all day. Little did I know that I'd end up climbing over the damn hill and under the waterfall too. Lord, what a climb back! That should be good for at least three days of walks, right? Right???


  13. I'm glad to hear you're doing well, Demon! Oh, and I paid you a visit! ;)

  14. LOLOL!! Z, I'm not going to argue with that! Nope, not one bit. I tell you, I'd be so sore you'd have to wheelbarrow me around if I'd done all the climbing.

    Last time I did serious walking - I'm talking 2 miles +, etc. - was the last time Hubby and I went to New Orleans. My poor thighs were killing me when we made it back home. Is Cora out of shape much? ROFL! :D


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