Sunday, December 09, 2007

So I swore I wouldn't do it...

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I actually ran out of things to do yesterday - massive shock - so I started working on a new short story. Just a little romance pieces that's neither here nor there. If it turns out especially bad, I'll shelve it and never look back. I know I promised myself no more writing til after the holidays, but I guess that was just wishful thinking. :S I can't stay away from the keyboard long enough to stick to my own wishes.

Today hubby and Oldest took the rest of the stuff from our bedroom out to the storage shed. Wow! We have closet space now! I spent the afternoon freshing up the closet, and tomorrow I'll start adding in hubby's things. I'll put mine in last - believe it or not, I need less space. Next up will be my office, but first I have to get the old desk top comp dismantled, and everything on the old desk put away. I feel sorry for the poor soul who ends up moving that thing out of there - I can't do it because it's too heavy. And if I remember right, I think I had to actually assemble the desk in that room in order to fit it in there. Oh yeah, that should be interesting, getting it out.

Ooh... I finished up shopping for my mom's presents today, and on my way out what do I see? A copy of Skinwalkers! I had no idea the movie was out! I only had the vaguest notion the movie was about shapeshifters, but thought the trailer was really cool so of course I had to see it. It's actually a werewolf movie - rather than all around different breeds of shapeshifters, like I had suspected. And it revolves around this 10 year old boy who has a werewolf father and human mother who is prophecied to put an end to all Skinwalkers. I can't go too in depth without spoiling the movie, but I will say that despite the poor reviews the movie received, I thought it was pretty good. And it wasn't so bad I couldn't watch it with Mini in the room. A few times I had to cover his eyes, but hey... not so much throat ripping out as I anticipated. Not family friendly, exactly. But more tame than most. I'll definitely be watching it again to insure I didn't miss little nuances here and there.

So there it is, my weekend. Calm, peaceful. *sigh* If only they could all be like this... ^_^

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  1. Girl, I am ALL ABOUT werewolf movies! I hadn't heard about Skinwalkers, i'll have to check that out ASAP! Thanks for posting about it.

    Hope your short story pans out and you end up publishing it. Heres positive vibes coming your way!!

    How come men always have more stuff in the closet? I totally agree with that statement!;)

    Good luck moving that desk. I did that once with bunk beds. Lets just say after I moved them and then reassembled them. I had both kids sleep on the bottom bunk...


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