Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Resting on Wednesday

I decided not to brave any after holiday sales this year. I shopped Black Friday, so I figure that gives me an out. ^_^ Hubby on the other hand had to make a return, poor fella. Mom and dad bought him a small shelf stereo, but it wouldn't recognize the CDs when he put them in the carousel. The tray would just keep turning and turning like nothing was in there. Our old stereo did the same thing right before it gave out. I hope he can find something up there to replace it. He was looking forward to a stereo in the den again.

As for the rest of us, Oldest isn't out of bed yet, and Mini is playing at my feet with the gigantor monster truck. (see previous post for pic) I don't have any real plans today, but I need to get the house tidied up, and maybe I'll get a chance to read a bit. I'm currently reading The Big Book of Near Death Experiences, by P.M.H. Atwater. Interesting stuff! Ooh, just remembered... I do want to make it up to town to catch some shots of the light displays while they're still up. Too, it will give me a chance to check out the shutter speed settings, etc. Woot!

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. I hope you all have a fun, post-holiday Wednesday!


  1. I'm just cooling it today. I love Christmas, but man, it's exhausting.

  2. I'm back at work, just to get some peace and quiet...I ate too much and the kids WOULD NOT go to sleep until after 10pm they were so wired!

    Nice and quite here at work though!!

  3. I hear you on that, Lucinda. Today has been very calming after all the excitement, I'm glad to say. :)

  4. LOL! Sounds like the kids had a fun Christmas! *ducks incase you toss a boot at me* ^_^ Seriously, glad you're getting a moment's peace.

    We all ate a bit too much here. (Me especially, eek!)And it's a good thing my mom's chocolate pie is gone, otherwise, I'd still be going at it. :S

  5. I may be weird, but I love the post holiday lethargy. :) I just love everything about the entire season. :)

    Merry Christmas, Cora


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