Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bring On New Years Eve!

Hubby and I had planned to have "a date" yesterday, but our plans fell through. There was too much wrangling and foo fooing over the time needed to get to the theater and back, and hubby's reaction to it totally killed any desire I had to be stuck in a car with him for a forty-five minute drive oneway, so I called the whole thing off. Mom called me three times to make different arrangements, but after the initial pow wow, it kind of ruined it for me. I told hubby I'll just wait for I Am Legend to come out on DVD.

Since those plans were shot in the arm, I decided to go on another cleaning rampage. I dug through more closets and tossed out more junk. I now only have Oldest's room left to go before I can claim a complete and total closet culling, and if Oldest doesn't get to his own closets, I plan to do it for him - I think the threat I will do his cleaning will be enough incentive for him to do it himself though. I pretty much just put everything I haven't seen in six months or more into a box and toss it out. :P Merciless, I know, but effective.

It was not the best day overall, hubby stayed miffed at me through most of the day, and by dark I'd had enough. I decided to go check out the Xmas lights, and dressed Mini for the trip. Although I've driven on the edges of town since the lights went up, I haven't gone down the main strip, and since I have a decent camera now, I decided to get some pics of the lights. At the last minute, hubby decided he wanted to go too, so Hubby, Mini, and I took about three hours to wandering around in the cold.

Yay! We actually managed to get a pic of Mini with Santa this year! At the start of December, I took him to have his pic taken with Santa and he wasn't having it. He took one look at Santa and latched onto me with a death grip. No way was I getting him to sit on Santa's lap. Sooo... last night, I found a standup at the Xmas light maze, and thusly we haveth a Mini and Santa pic. ^_~

Here is a pic of a somewhat less grumbly Hubby, and Mini Bear in the tunnel of lights - a kind of no maze, maze that leads to Santa's shack. Santa, of course, is back at the North Pole post-Dec 25th, so the shack sat empty when we went through it. :P

A carousel of lights in Santa's Square. There is a big long fairway full of this kind of stuff. I took pictures of Mini in one of the red sleighs, (it's a plywood cutout) but the flash illuminated the inside of the sleigh - and I didn't realize how ICK GROSS those things were inside until I saw the shot!

This is the courthouse downtown. It's lit up all the way around and it looks really cool from the down the street. I tried to get a snap of the building from further down the block, but there was a huge honkin' tree in the way - rats!

This is one of the shots I took from down the block. Behind the white trees there, you can see the tree on the courthouse lawn from the other picture. I'm glad I got up there and got a few shots before they pull the plug in January.

Tomorrow is the last day of December - WOW!! I can't get over how fast this year has gone by. I have to admit I'm ready to ring in the New Year though. Bring on 2008!


  1. Love the pics! I love Christmas lights but I'm not sad to be taking mine down soon...


  2. Ok, those are really neat looking! I particularly love the walkway. That's so pretty.

    Glad that Hubby was feeling better once you guys left the house. Christmas lights tend to have that effect. LOL

  3. Love the pics sweet! I bet the kids had fun, hope mommy and daddy did too;)

    As for cleaning out the kids stuff, I do the same thing. If I know they havent used something in a couple of months, in the bag it goes and out the door. Half the time they don't ever miss what i've cleaned out...Tells me they have too much stuff...

  4. In Wheeling, WV, there is the Festival of Lights that is quite impressive. It gets bigger every year.

    I AM LEGEND sounds so good, but a couple online pals of mine didn't care for it. I read the book about 15 years ago and it involves vampires, but from what I understand, the movie producers changed them into some sort of zombie-like creature. If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it, and it's not very long either.

  5. Cora, I just talked to a friend of mine and she stated she went to watch I Am Legend. And all I will say is that it TICKED HER OFF!

    Zinnia is right, I thought they were vampires and was looking forward to the movie as well but they aren't and the friend said the whole theater was ticked about the ending. I think i'd be interested in the book just to see what all the differences are.

  6. Hi Karen! I took down most of my decorations the day after Boxing Day. Our tree lights went out a week or so before Xmas so I didn't see the point in leaving up a dark tree. ^_^ I always miss the lights after the season, though.

  7. The tunnel is my favorite thing too, Isabelle. They have a lot of the carousel type things, a train and stuff like that in lights when you get to the otherside of the tunnel. There is also a larger tunnel with colored lights - I think mostly red and blue - but it's for the horse-drawn carriage light tours.

  8. Thanks, Crystal. :) I think we all had a good time. As for the kids and cleaning - Oldest panics when I hit his room. I think it's because even HE doesn't know what all is in there. LOL! ^_^ He's in there cleaning things out as I'm typing...

  9. That sounds really cool, Zinnia! We have Wonderland in the Pines here, it's pretty much a small lights festival with a booth where they sell mugs and Tshirt. But down the road a few miles over in Natchitoches they have a really big light festival on the riverfront - gorgeous stuff! The streets are usually packed for the initial lighting night. Fun stuff!

    Thanks for the tip on I Am Legend. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews online and from friends. I haven't read the book yet, but I really, really want to... I plan to order it off Amazon once I see the movie. Maybe if I watch the movie first, it won't seem as bad? Or would that make the book seem worse? *_* Now I'm not sure what I want to do. LOL!

  10. Crystal! Oh gosh... that makes another one that didn't like the movie. :S Now I'm really curious to see the movie, just to see if the ending works for me! I'm gonna have to read the book to compare as well.

  11. Yes, I'd see the movie first, then read the book, that way you won't be so shocked by how the movie producers changed things.

    Yanno, I still can't find my hardback of that darn book. Bet that it was one of many things my psycho ex kept for whatever reason when I moved out. I have so many books, but more paperbacks than hardbacks so I know that my hardback of I Am Legend is nowhere in this house.

    Either that or one of my kids ate it.


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