Monday, December 24, 2007

Quick! Santa's Looking!

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I just finished wrapping the last of the presents. Woohoo! Somehow this year, even though I knew the big 2-5 has been pressing on us, I didn't wrap the gifts until this morning. I've been gift wrapping on and off all day. Oh the INSANITY! Hubby took the kids to go see the lights in town a little while ago so I could run around like a mad woman, hair flying, tape stuck here and everywhere, to finish the last of the presents.

At any rate, I've now finished, fixed myself a Diet Dr. Pepper with ice, and am waiting for them to come back. Whew! I now only have to sit and wait and look forward to the looks on everyone's faces when they open their presents in the morning. ^_^

We spent today at my parent's house, and opened some gifts there. My mom actually bought me a cabbage! ^_^ A cute lil Xmas tree girl named Libby Raina. Hehe! She usually skips this kind of gift when shopping for me, so that makes it all the more memorable.

Tomorrow the parents come over for lunch/dinner. We're having ham and mustard potatoe salad, rolls, left over pecan pie, and a spinach salad. If anyone at all is reading this post, I'd love to hear what's on the menu at your house this holiday season.

Well, that's it for me. I need to go and finish preparing the house for Santa. He should be here to drop gifts under the tree not long after Mini hits the sack. ;-)

Happy Christmas!


  1. Hope you and your family has a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. Happy Christmas to you and yours as well, Crystal. :)


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