Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Christmas Vacation

It's official! My family and I have survived yet another holiday together! ^_^

Late last night while hubby snored on the couch and the boys snoozed in their rooms, I snuck into my cabbage room office, brought out all the presents and put them under our tree. Around 3 AM, I could hear hubby stirring around, but I was far too tired to get up with him, so I let him suffer wondering what was under the tree a little longer and slept in.

Around seven this morning, Mini woke up and I asked him, "Do you want to go see what Santa left under the tree?" His reply: Nope. (He thinks Santa is a bit shady, so he said on Xmas Eve Santa should just leave some candy and take a hike. But I digress...)

I finally manage to talk Mini Bear into climbing out of bed, and when we come through to the den, there is Oldest sitting on the edge of the couch. "Geez, I thought you guys would never wake up." Heh.

So, we all made it over to the tree, and after Mini opened his first present (a GoBot), he didn't want to open anything else. While Hubby opened his car stereo, Season 1 and 2 of Carnivale on DVD, and I tried to get everything passed out to everyone, Mini goes about checking the rooms looking for people, wondering where the heck all the presents came from. "Maw maw, Paw paw, are you here?" After all, someone had to bring all this stuff, and that Santa guy just can't be trusted.

To try and get Mini interested in his other presents, Oldest reached over and tapped a whole into the wrapping of one gift. "Look, Mini. Open it." Well, since his brother asked him too... Mini opened the gift and it was a Dirt Track Lightning McQueen race car. WOW! MiniBear thought that was pretty snazzy. However, we still couldn't get him to open his presents. Sooo, we dragged out another, and Oldest poked a whole in it. When Mini opened this one, he nearly fell out. It's an enormous Grave Digger Monster Truck!

This thing is big enough for Mini to sit on and ride around the house. Okay. That did it. That got Mini's attention. Monster trucks tend to do that. After opening that, the hesitation went out the window, and he went on an acute present opening rampage. He grabbed the closest present he could find - one of hubby's and began ripping the bows off.

"No, Mini, wait!" We quickly gave him his last present. It's a remote control Jeep Rubicon - however, no one thought to check it. We had to charge the darn batteries for 8 hours before it would work. (We have been living with the aggravation of this all day.)

Me, on the otherhand, I opened my present last. There was only one under the tree. What was it? Why, my wonderful, sugarliscious, sweetie pie husband *cough* Santa, gave me the gift of torment. Of eternal, parental paparazzi privileges... I opened my giftbag to find a new Fuji FinePix digicam.

Oh yeah... it's on now. NO ONE IS SAFE!!!!


This is after presents today. Mini is snuggling his favorite "bear" Gizmo. Not long after I took this piccy, my parents arrived with kibbles. :9 I made the ham and potato salad. We also had green beans and left over cake. Mom brought a chocolate pie, which I for one, ate entirely too much of. The pie is completely gone now. (And for the record, no, I did not eat it all by myself.) ^_^

This pic of mom was taken before our dinner/lunch. Dad was talking to her about something, I can't remember what. I was tinkering with my new camera. Teehee! I took this pic of her, and couldn't help thinking she has that look like she is hearing, but not really interpreting anything at all being said to her at that moment. "Blah, blah, blah... blah, blah, blah, blah..." *snort*

Here, hubby is sacked out on the couch checking out his new DVDs. He has been subjecting us to the first season of Carnivale for most of the day. LOL! Actually, I'm just saying that incase he comes in later and reads my blog. I like the series too, and wish HBO had stuck with it a little longer if for no other reason but to give the story some closure. But that's a whole 'nother topic...

This is shortly before dinner... Oldest in the fungus cave, aka, the teenage bedroom. He got a new CD/DVD organizer from Santa, and so he has all his DVDs and such scattered out and is deboxing them.

Next up, a picture of my dad. He has the same type camera that I do, so we talked a lot of shop over the course of their visit. Hmm... Now that I think about it, maybe that is why mom looks like she is, but isn't really paying attention in that picture above. Maybe she was listening to us talk about cameras... ^_^

Our inside Ye Olde Man Dog, Chancellor Boudreaux snoozed on his pallet in the hallway through most of the festivities. At least he did until the ham came out of the oven...

After my parents went home, the family sort of went to our separate corners of the house. I went around with my tool of agony and annoyance and snapped pictures of everyone until I became repeatedly threatened with bodily harm. :P I figured I'd give them all a rest so their food could settle. Besides, if they know I have the camera in hand, I'll be less likely to catch those candid shots. Muahahahaha! *cough, cough*

I think we all had a very good holiday. Tonight I have reserved for candles and meditation time. A perfect way to round out the day. :) Before I close for today, one more shot of Mini: this one with his GoBot. Mini is by far my favorite paparazzi style photo target - he doesn't yet consider the novelty of having his picture taken an annoyance. He'll actually smile and come running to the camera. *squee!* Oh, little man, just keep that attitude at least til you hit about eight or so. (Around the age camera phobia hits.) I'll have tons of family books filled by then. Hehehe! *snap, snap, flash*

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


  1. Merry Christmas Cora! Love the present you got - the pictures are great! I love the little ones for picture taking too! =)


  2. Merry Christmas to you too, Cole! :)

  3. I LOVE all the pics Cora! Seems you had a very good holiday! I can't believe "Gremlins" are even still around, I use to love the movies and truth be known, I had a gremlin too;)

  4. Glad you like them, Crystal. ^_^

    Oh gosh, Gremlins! Gizmo is Mini's favorite "bear", and it's one of the vintage ones from the 80s. I'm not sure if they actually still make them or not. ;)

    Hubby bought the movie and sat to watch it, letting Mini see a few of the safe, non-violent scenes. While he was goo-gooing over how cute the "bear" on the show was, I remembered I had an old Gizmo in a tupperware container in the office so I went and rescued it.

    Mini went completely bonkers when he the saw the plush, and has been toting him around ever since. LOL! ^_^

  5. Is it awful that I'm terribly happy you've got a new camera?! Ha ha. Because reading your comments and seeing your pics just completely made my day. And if it takes repeated amounts of torture, ahem, picture taking, to make you so glowingly happy, I say DO IT! ;)


  6. LOL...the fungus cave...

    my mother used to call my bedroom "the crackhouse" or "the cave."

    Irony...I was a drug-free kid.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  7. I'm glad you like the pics, Isabelle. I've had a lot of fun chasing family around with the cam. :)

  8. Merry Christmas, Jenji! ^_^


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